10 Cute props used for Bengali pre-wedding photography in India

Pre-wedding photography in India has become popular in this generation. Couples spend a huge amount of money to make the photos more quirky and filmy. But there are various ways to make your pre-wedding photoshoot adorable without spending lots of money. One of the ways is to use simple but cute props. Here’re 10 amazing pre-wedding photography props that you should not miss.

1. Use colourful balloons:

Balloons are definitely great props as they can make photoshoots colourful and lively. Fill the balloons with confetti, it has become a trend nowadays. Red heart-shaped balloons can be used to convey the message of the love. In fact, it is considered as a timeless symbol used to express the emotion of love. Golden “love” balloons also look absolutely gorgeous!

Diamond ring balloons are totally cool! There are a lot of variations of this one. “I do” is written in some of the balloons and in some others, “marry me” is written. You can propose your partner again using this fun prop and trust me, she will be really satisfied with this huge diamond ring.

2. Beautiful flower petals:

If you want to create a romantic setting at the time of pre-wedding photo session, use flower petals. It will give your photos even more romantic effect than the bouquets and your photos will look classy too.

Red roses have always been the symbol of love, so the usage of red rose petals is common for a pre-wedding photoshoot. But you can also choose orchid, tulip or hydrangeas if you want to break the tradition


  1. Pose with your pet:

    Why don’t you give your pet a chance to be your photo partner? After all, pets are not less important than your family members. The presence of your pet will make your pre-wedding photos extra cute.

    As you love your pet, you will feel comfortable around it at the time of the pre-wedding photo session. The photos will look really fun if you dress up your furry friend and play with it.
    4. Use smoke bombs:

    Smoke bombs are one of the most interesting props used for pre-wedding photography in India. Couples are absolutely loving this new trend and it is considered as a must-have prop by many of them. Roam around with a smoke stick in your hand and the amazing twirls of colours from them will make your photos look magical.

    These props are not at all expensive and you can buy them from online stores. Your professional photographer can also arrange the props for you if you want them to do so. A smoke stick generally burns for almost one minute. So, it provides a photographer plenty of time to click amazing, lively photographs.

    5. Throw Holi powder on each other:

    Holi is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. What can be a more colourful prop than Holi powder for a photoshoot? The colours of Holi powder creates fun-filled, vivacious and beautiful photographs. Wear white clothes and bring an adequate amount of Holi powder to throw on each other.

    6. Blow cute bubbles:

    Bubbles can be really fun as a prop! Blow bubbles on each other or towards the camera. You can also ask someone else to blow bubbles towards you and your partner and it will create a dreamy effect. The most amazing fact about this particular prop is they are easily available and they are the cheapest props for the pre-wedding photoshoot.

    7. Include your favourite romantic books:

    If you love reading books, it would be a great idea to use books as props in your pre-wedding photoshoot. You can include your favourite romantic book to give your photos a romantic feel. Books with beautiful colours and hardcovers can be the most fantastic props.


  1. Use the basket for picnic theme:

    If you are planning for a casual pre-wedding photo shoot, a picnic theme would be a good idea. You will like this theme if you enjoy picnic dates with your partner. The best part is that you will get an opportunity to eat good food in this photo sessions. Put paper plates, picnic mats and food items in your colourful baskets. Those cute, colourful picnic baskets will take your photos to some other level.

    9. Play musical instrument:

Bring your favourite musical instrument in the photoshoot session and use it as a prop. It is a unique pre-wedding prop that will give your photos a romantic feel. Usage of violin or flute can be a great idea as these musical instruments have always been associated with romance. If you have any personal preference like electric guitar, make sure to dress up like a rockstar. Your friends will be amazed to see those photos on social media.

10. Choose chalkboard signs to convey your message:

Chalkboard signs are really versatile props used for pre-wedding photo sessions. You will be able to change the captions or you can use colours at the time of creating captions. Show your funny side with humourous poses or quotes. You can also create “save the date” captions by writing the wedding date on the chalkboard.

Innovative ideas can make your pre-wedding photoshoot stand out! Invest a lot of time researching the pre-wedding props. Check posts of Instagram accounts or Pinterest to get inspiration.



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