10 Important Before And After Eyebrow Waxing Tips

Eyebrow hair can have a mind of its own. The strands that go here and there need to be tamed. And that means trips to the salon regularly. Have you given any thought to waxing eyebrows at home?

I envy my close friend; she has the most beautiful naturally-shaped eyebrows. She has never ever needed to pluck a single strand of hair from her face. And then there is me, with eyebrows growing in all possible directions. A trip to the salon every 2-3 weeks is a must, with in-between days taken care of with tweezers.

But with busy schedules and other things, it gets easy to not make that appointment to the salon. And the result is a wild, untamed creature.

Someone then told me about eyebrow waxing. I was a bit sceptical at first, but I tried it a few times. And now I am never going back to the salon for a tiny thing like eyebrow grooming.

Eyebrow waxing at home might sound like a risky idea, but believe me it’s not. Read on to know a few before and after tips on waxing eyebrows at home. And yes, there’s a little section on making your own wax at home too.

  1. Make sure you have enough hair to wax off. A minimum length of 1/4″ is a must.
  2. Choose the shape of your brows.
  3. Check if you need to trim your eyebrows. Keep a brow brush handy just for this. Brush upwards and see if any strands are longer than the rest. Use eyebrow scissors to trim them. I rely on the Braun Face 810 – Facial Epilator & Facial Cleansing Brush With Micro-Oscillations for this.
  4. Make sure your hair is pinned out of the way. You need clear working space and you don’t want to get any of the wax into your hair.
  5. Clean the area around the eyebrow with a pre-wax cleanser. Wipe off any excess with cotton.
  6. Lightly dust baby powder on the eyebrow. Just a little; don’t turn your eyebrow white.
  7. Apply the wax evenly in the direction of hair growth. Don’t take a lot or you’ll get wax on hair that is not to be removed. Remember to wax in a well-lit room, while standing in front of the mirror.
  8. Place a small strip, press down and pull in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  9. After you’re done waxing, look for missed hair and pluck them with tweezers to get the right shape.
  10. Remove any residue with natural oil. You can soothe your skin with an aloe-based gel.

Now that you know how to wax eyebrows at home, let’s talk about making your own wax.

You will need:

-Fresh lemon juice – 2 tablespoons

-Raw sugar – 1 cup

-Water – 2 tablespoons

-A medium sized cooking pot

-Stainless steel box

Making the wax:

-Add lemon juice, sugar and water to the pot and slowly bring to a boil.

Image result for Making the wax

-Reduce the heat and let it simmer.

-It should become smooth and turn golden in colour.

-Turn off the heat and pour it into the stainless steel bowl.

-Let it cool a bit. Don’t worry if it turns darker.

-Use it while it is warm.

 Now that you know how to shape your eyebrows at home, how soon are you going to try this technique? Let us know how your first experience was in the comments below.

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