10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine to Have Ageless Skin

10 step korean skin care

Korean women’s beauty secrets are making the world wonder how can they look that beautiful? You will find them have flawless skin and beauty that never fades away. If you watch some programs on TV, then you must have seen how ageless their beauty is. You’ll notice them skillfully hide their age under the skin, without using much makeup. Korean women simply attain this by the 10 step Korean skin care routine. If you’re wanting to get flawless skin too, we have got you the mystery you need to know about.

10 step Korean skin care routine

Follow the 10 step Korean skin care routine below, and give your skin the look you were always craving for. Soon you’ll get the desirable results that you were longing for all this while:

Double Cleansing

The most important step among the 10 step Korean skin care routine is to cleanse your face. You need to clean your face twice. Wondering how? Don’t worry! We’ll give you a complete guide. First, you need to use an oil to clean your face and then a nice foaming wash. Soon you’ll find all the dirt and hidden crud to come off from your skin.

If your someone who has oily skin then you may not like using an oil. But the process is important as you need to remove all the impurities that are oil-based like pollutants, SPF, sebum, and many more. The oil cleansing fails against sweat and dirt, which makes the second step of cleaning is essential.

You can always add another step once in a while to your 10 step Korean skin care routine. Korean women love face massages and try this very often. You can always use this step to massage your skin to open up your pores. This step eventually prepares your skin to the products that you will apply further in the routine.

Now you just need to wash away the cleanser with warm water and dry your face with a clean face towel. You’ll find your skin to be fresh already.

An important thing, you need to remember while buying the second cleansing product. It has to be low in pH levels. You will notice cleansers that very foamy are high in pH levels, so you need to buy the one with a lesser pH level. If the pH levels increase your skin may feel tight and can also bring up unwanted blemishes. So, make sure you end up buying the face wash that has the right pH balance.


American women always address toners as caustic which removes crud from the skin and harms the skin. But in the Koreans skin care, they think a bit differently. By adding a toner to the 10 step Korean skin care routine, you’re giving a base of moisturizer to your skin and even balancing the pH levels. It also pacifies your skin.

All the Korean toners come in different consistencies. They vary from being quite thin and slimy too. Some ingredients actively present are BHA and AHA, which cures your skin of acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and premature aging.

American toners are a lot more acidic than the Korean toners. The toners Koreans use consist of botanical components that enrich your skin. You can always apply the toners with the tips of fingers or some cotton pads. This completes the second step of the 10 step Korean skin care routine.


The essence is an integral and essential part of the 10 step Korean skin care routine. You need to follow this step for a lovely glow. Don’t you wonder how do they have such a glow on their faces? It’s because of this step. Korean skin care doesn’t really depend on thick salves. They love to just layer their skin with multiple products. Their belief is that the skin needs to breathe and one should not clog up the pores.

You can always take the skin toning to be the first skin layering, and essence to be the next. The essence is just like the toner, thin and watery, which goes quite deep into the skin pores. It even helps you absorb further products better.


If you’re looking for the ‘glass skin’, this step makes sure of this. If you simply ignore this step, you may end up having a breakout or acne, which you would definitely want to prevent yourself from. You’ll be using a product here that’ll add a very high level of H2O to your skin. It’ll take just another 30 seconds to do this process.

The product you will be using for this is a little more viscous than the previous ones. It’ll give your skin the shine, that you’ll get a reflection of in the final outcome. The product you use here has essential ingredients like botanical extracts and more.

But you must always remember that different skin types require different amounts of moisturization. For instance, if your skin is quite oily, the emulsion layer may feel greasy. But if you have dry skin, no matter how many moisture layers you add, your skin will still feel dry. It’s always best you choose the correct emulsion product for your skin because it makes the skin very plump and hydrated. So, be sure of the product your buying.


None of you must be an alien to a facial serum. It’s the 5th step of the 10 step Korean skin care routine. Now you need to use face serums or ampoules. You can skip this step if your skin is getting glow and hydration already. But many Korean women who are very strict on the process may disagree. But it’s important you know your skin well, and do whatever suits you best.

Facial serums and ampoules have a nice and thick consistency. If you’re thinking what ampoules are? They are just another version of any regular facial serums that a few companies produce. But you may not find the authentic ampoule and so you can always choose a regular facial serum.

Facial serums give your skin a smooth and a nice thick layer. You’ll feel your skin nice and smooth. If you’re focusing on the flawless Korean skin, just don’t miss out on this step.

Sheet mask

You will love this step the most amongst all the 10 step Korean skin care routine. These products are cheap and you’ll get them even for a dollar. But if you’re able to spare a few dollars more, you’ll get a better one.

You’ll need to leave your sheet mask on for around twenty minutes. If you’ve had a tiring day, you can always use a sheet mask to give yourself an instant glow. You can use a sheet mask as many times as you want to.

But in the Korean skin care routine, sheet mask enhances your serums of the fifth layer. You must always choose a moisture-retaining sheet mask when using for the 10 step Korean skin routine.

Eye cream

If you’re not yet in your 40s or above, it may be tough to be at the eye cream. But it’s the key part, and you need to take close care of the super-thin eye skin. The ultra-thin skin may develop fines line and crow’s feet, and you won’t want that! Young Korean girls use eye cream every day and have followed every step meticulously.

But you must know the correct movements of using an eye cream. Several tutorials online will teach you, how exactly you need to apply the cream, with correct pressure levels too. The eye area is extremely sensitive and you must follow the steps well.

Korean celebrities always use an eye cream to moisturize their entire face every night. You can always try this trick out and it’ll give results instantly. So, replace your night cream with an eye cream now!

Eye cream primers are the ones Korean women love, rather than the regular ones. Keep in mind to buy the ones having camellia oil, camellia flower extract, coconut oil as their key ingredients. These contents are the best for you.


If you’re wondering how much more moisturizing does your skin need? Well, there is no end to how much moisture your skin requires. Even though you may or not need to do this step, but you must know what it actually is all about.

The 10 step Korean skin care routine traditionally suggests, to give you skin a final layer. Just as you make a lovely soup, and lid the pot to allow the flavors to merge into the other ingredients. This is exactly what you give your skin, the final lid allowing the other products to work beautifully inside your skin. The final thick and smooth salve acts as an ultimate layer, allowing your skin to absorb every bit of care your skin got till now.

American moisturizers are quite similar to Korean creams when you’re talking about the texture and thicknesses. But an oily-skinned woman would find it difficult to try this step. So, be careful when you choose your moisturizer. Always use the one that suits your skin type well.


Are you thinking sunscreens are only to use when you go out? You’re absolutely wrong on this! You need to use a sunscreen every day, as you just cannot allow the UV rays directly touching you. Asian sunscreens have great potentiality and are proven better than many US sun lotions.

Originally, Japan made sunscreens with a high level of SPF. Almost all Asian sunscreens swear by protecting you from the harmful sun rays, that many American products lack.

Now that you’re knowing about sunscreens, you must be aware that makeup products do not have the SPF content they promise. You’ll just simply need to re-apply them for effective results.

You need to know several kinds of sunscreens to use it in the best way possible. Sunscreens are of 2 kinds- physical and chemical. Physical sunscreens are mineral-content, which usually give you a whiter tint when you apply it. Whereas, the chemical ones get into your skin just well enough, and still protects you. You can try applying makeup after using a chemical sunscreen.

If your skin is sensitive, be choosy about the sunscreen you purchase. A lot of sunscreens can give you breakouts. Try doing some search online to get the Korean sunscreens, but remember to check the reviews well.

Sleeping mask

Do you feel like an upside-down pineapple layer cake now? But your skin repair mode is on, and your skin’s healing completely. This brings us to the last step of the 10 step Korean skin care routine, and you’re now ready to apply the sleeping mask.

You can call this special facial treatment or night cream. But this is also another layer of moisture that your skin gets. This mask seals your skin completely and gives your skin rest. You should always select the mask wisely to fulfill the purpose.

Korean markets are the best for sleeping masks. The products you’ll find there aren’t fragranced and serve the real purpose. Sleeping masks is an expensive product, and you need to spend a little more than any regular mask you buy.

How Korean Skin Care works?

Korean skin care can beat any other skin care regime, with the time it requires. But the effect of is extraordinary, and the outcome can beat any skin routine. The 10 step Korean skin care routine, nourishes every layer of your skin.

The deep nourishment this skin care gives you is long-lasting and rejuvenates it completely. You’ll get back your glow and get even more flawless skin. You’re just another step away from looking gorgeous as the Korean celebrities.

But you must choose the products correctly and follow the steps well. Even the cosmetic surgeries in Korea are world-famous, and the results will definitely not disappoint you. But before anything, try out this skin care, and get beautiful ageless beauty.

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