5 Fashion Tips: What to wear on Eid Al Adha

So Eid Al Adha is here again, with all the blessings and cheerfulness of the month. Since, the occasion of Eid Al Adha is celebrated with friends and families, having reunion parties with lunches and dinners, the same questions must be popping in your head, that what to wear on this beautiful occasion. Deciding the right outfit can be a tricky job, especially if you want to go with your same hijab looks but with different hijab design styles.

However, if this one is your biggest concern, then get rid of this tension. Bokitta offers its Éthéré collection for all the hijabis out there. Beautifully designed hijabs are there in order to fulfil your Eid Al Adha outfit needs. Hurry up! Grab your favorite hijab and accessorize to make your this Eid even more colorful.

 Best Éthéré collection looks for Eid Al Adha

  1. Fierce Navy evening look:

If you want a party attire for your bright evening, then you must choose this style. Fierce navy evening look offers you a navy blue colored hijab. This pinless hijab offers beautiful printing, and it is the best one for Eid Al Adha night celebrations. Obviously, there are a number of things that can be added to make your navy look even fiercer.

For an even more appealing look, you can choose a glittered upper that will look even brighter in the evening. Shimmery top with a navy blue hijab makes up an excellent combination. Plus, pick the same navy blue colored pants or trousers.


Moreover, you must be aware of the fact that Eid outfits without proper accessories look boring. In other words, we can say that the use of accessories adds towards a perfect Eid look. Choosing the right accessory can be a bit tough.

For a fierce navy evening look, pick a grey silver small-sized clutch that comes with a short chain. Moreover, you must select your shoes wisely too; for Eid-appropriate look, it is better to go with silver heels. Undoubtedly, to achieve the fierce navy evening look, nothing could be more appropriate than the combination of silver with navy blue.

  1. Vista Rose Evening look:

Not choosing a bright color for your Eid outfit is totally fine, since light colors also have the tendency to give a glamorous look and this is what the Vista Rose evening look has to offer. Know that the most-unique combinations are the ones that are a blend of light and dark colors.

So, this hijab is the prettiest among other pinless hijabs from this collection; light rose pink colored hijab, you can complete your outfit with a navy blue shirt or top. As far as the pants are concerned, they must be of the same pink color as the hijab; this will enable you to keep pace with color contrasts.


A curvy open pant of pink color, made of silky material would be the best choice. However, for accessories, you can choose a beautiful clutch of light rosy color. Moreover, black heels would be ideal with such an outfit for a rosy evening look on Eid Al Adha.

  1. Grace Lilac Evening look:

If you are looking for a wild yet graceful evening look, then this is something you need to focus on. Printed purple hijab gives a tremendous look when tied with a black shirt at the body area. This combination is suitable if you do not want to go for an effortless Eid look, nor are you interested in glittery looks.


In order to achieve a complete outfit, you can use wide pants or culottes having the lightest shade of purple or even grey. For accessory, you can use a black leather bag with stripes so that the combo goes well. Finally, for shoes, you can use small purple heel shoes having a narrow top.

  1. Parity blue casual look:

If you are among those ladies, who prefer to go with sophisticated outfits on Eid rather than shimmered and dark ones, then this look is for you. Printed hijab having a blue and pink color with blue jacket and pink for the body looks really appealing.


You can also choose a brown color for your flats as well as the bag. The classy pink-and-blue hijab along with a pink dress and blue jacket gives a super gorgeous look for any celebration on Eid Al Adha.

  1. Fierce Taupe casual look:

Here is another one for all the casual look seekers, but this time the casual comes up with some fierceness within. What makes the style fierce, is its exceptional color combination. A grey-brown printed hijab with red as a contrast. To keep in accordance with Eid Al Adha celebratory trend, a dark red stylish shirt along with modish grey pants would be best.

Moreover, for the accessories part, you can choose beautifully designed brown heels along with a plain brown bag. The contrast will definitely do justice to give a stunning look by just wearing a casual outfit.

So rise and shine on this Eid Al Adha with Éthéré collection from Bokitta.





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