5 home remedies to get rid of warts

How to remove warts

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Dealing with warts on your body, that too unsuccessfully? Well, fret not for you can easily get rid of those small, rough, and hard lumps that are caused by infection with a type of human papillomavirus. Various factors like use of public showers, working with meat and a low immune system might lead to these warts but they can be easily dealt with, thanks to some home remedies. Here’s a look at five of them.

Apple cider vinegar

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Since it has a high acid content, apple cider vinegar can naturally burn the wart and destroy its growth. All you need to do is soak a cotton swab in the vinegar and place it over the wart. Now, wrap it in a bandage overnight. Repeat this for five days and you will get rid of the wart by the fifth day.

Aloe vera

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The malic acid in aloe vera is the perfect way to deal with these infectious warts. Also, since its known to have antibiotic properties, it can heal the wart in no time. Just cut open a leaf of aloe vera plant simply apply the gel directly onto the affected area. The wart will soon dry up and peel off on its own.

Baking powder

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Apply a mixture of baking powder and castor oil on the affected area and cover it with a bandage. Now, leave it overnight. Repeat this for two-three days and watch the wart disappear.

Banana peel

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Love eating bananas? Well, it’s time to save the peel. The enzymes in banana peels are known to heal the skin. All you need to do is rub a banana peel on the wart daily, till you notice that the wart starts to disappear.


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Garlic is the perfect remedy to treat skin diseases. Since it contains allicin and strong antimicrobial activity against a wide range of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites, it’s best to fight warts. Just peel a garlic pod and crush a few cloves of garlic, now rub the mashed garlic on the affected area. This will heal the wart and kill the virus that has caused the warts.

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