5 Ways To Attract Clients If You’re a Nail Stylist

When future nail artists pass their licensing exam, they expect to finally get the job of their dream. However, not everyone turns out to be that lucky. Although working as a nail tech today pays very well, lots of beauticians don’t not go even half the way having to regretfully return to their previous jobs after receiving a dose of disappointment. High competition and shortage of clients are the main reasons why a nail stylist give up and abandon their dream.

Many tips for attracting customers come down to a popular belief – you can’t make a lot of money without investing it first. However there are situations when the amount of money to be invested is limited or there’s no money at all. If that’s your case, FineAdviser.com surely knows how to help!

Ways To Attract Clients

1)   Make a Statement at FineAdviser.com

We highly recommend you to create a service provider page at FineAdviser.com. It’s an online platform that brings beauty professionals and potential clients from all over the world together. Your Fine Adviser profile will give you the opportunity to manage your page for free and greatly stand out among other nail stylists.

  •     Add pictures to the catalog https://fineadviser.com/en/w/pedicure and showcase your work so that people from all over the world could get to see your talent.
  •     Update information so people can find you.
  •     Automate your records and manage your customer base.

2)   Internet

If you don’t have funds to invest in promotion, you will have to find another way to promote your services. The Internet is definitely the best place for that:

  •     A personal website containing some basic info about you and your services is the easiest way to attract new clients, especially nowadays when you can create it yourself using free hosting services;
  •     Thanks to social networks, you can become famous only by posting the pictures of your works, as well as running contests;
  •     A personal blog can give you an opportunity to share photos and videos there, as well as post useful info on the latest trends of the season and most recent news;
  •     FineAdviser.com is a specialized online platform based on smart beautician, salon & services search technology, and used by plenty of beauty experts and ordinary people. The best works by beauticians from all over the world are gathered there. The catalog and search filters are expanding day by day, which makes it easier to select a beautician or a salon in a particular city.

3)   Feedback and recommendations

Recommendations and advertising are quite the same things, both helping to attract new customers. While positive reviews can increase profits, negative ones help to identify shortcomings and ways to fix them. Positive reviews are certainly something every top specialist can boast.

4)   Cooperate with other beauticians

Do not miss out on the opportunity to collaborate with other beauty industry experts: cosmetologists, hairdressers, beauty stylists, lash techs, or makeup artists. Mutual assistance and recommendations will definitely be a benefit for both of you.

5)   Good Service

Things a really good service usually includes:

  •     for the working area – a comfortable pedicure chair, preferably with an electric drive or hydraulics;
  •     cute interior;
  •     high-quality consumables and tools;
  •     coffee, tea, biscuits, drinking water;
  •     calm music or a movie in the background;
  •     impeccable dress code for the a better image;

·      maximum politeness and active listening skills.

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