5 Ways to Balance your Hormone Naturally

Balance your Hormone

Hormones have a strong effect on your physical, mental and emotional health. Your body secretes hormones and has a greater effect on your physical, mental and emotional health. Your body secretes approximately 50 hormones that control your metabolism, body temperature, mood swings, sexual activity etc. An imbalance in the hormone is caused when there is too much or too little hormone present in the bloodstream. There is more than one reason that leads to hormonal imbalance and stress if one of the most common one. Other reasons for an imbalance in the hormone are an underactive or overactive gland (such as thyroid), not eating a nutritious diet, overweight or obesity and exposure to other toxic substances. While these are the causes of a hormonal imbalance, there are some common symptoms that you may tend to ignore but cause an adverse effect on the body. For example, lack of sleep, fatigue, changes in the sex drive, mood changes, appetite change etc. If you have been ignoring these symptoms for too long, it’s time to bring attention to them. Some hormones are also related to age and cannot be completely controlled. A lot of women stick to hormone supplements, but hormones can also be balanced with a balanced diet and some exercises. A change in the lifestyle can also help to balance your hormone in your bloodstream so that you live a very healthy life. 

  1. Reduce or Eliminate Sugar from your Diet

Excess sugar keeps insulin elevated in your blood. And, this hormone doesn’t function in a vacuum. An imbalance in insulin affects other hormones in your body, paving the way for insulin resistance. Research shows that eliminating sugar from your diet will keep your insulin level in control and will not lead to diabetes. Some women also go for the best hormone balance supplements, along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you have a diabetic member in your family, you must keep checking your blood sugar levels regularly. 

2. Include Enough Protein in your Diet

Try to include enough protein in your meal portions and cut down on the sugars. Consuming protein every day helps in producing amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own. A good amount of protein also helps to maintain the bone, muscle and skin health. Research also shows that having protein decreases the hunger hormone and keeps you full and satiated for long. This avoids binge eating and digging into unhealthy food at odd hours. If you are love to dig into junk food and wondering why you can’t lose weight, it could be because of a hormonal imbalance in your bloodstream. You must eat a lot of eggs, seafood and meat. 

3. Manage your Stress

One of the most common reasons for hormonal imbalance is stress. When you are too stressed, your adrenaline and cortisol level rises, and it can affect the rest of the hormones as well. Even a little amount of stress can affect your endocrine system and the way it responds to your overall functioning of the body. But, sometimes stress could enter the bloodstream unknowingly and could be the cause of mood swings, depression and anxiety. Therefore, you must look for ways to reduce stress. There will be stress at work, in personal life or at the social level, but that doesn’t mean there is absolutely no solution. There are lots of yoga programs and meditation groups that you can join and feel a deeper connection within yourself. There are some more ways to manage your stress like picking up a hobby, art therapy, music and dance. 

4. Stick to an Exercise Routine

Following an exercise routine can help to make balance your hormone. When you exercise regularly, it helps to lower your insulin level, which is responsible for converting the sugar and amino acids present in your blood into energy. If insulin is not kept under control, it could lead to several diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, inflammation and cancer—strength training and other aerobic workout help to reduce your insulin levels and improve insulin sensitivity as well. Apart from insulin, staying fit and active also helps in better functioning of the muscles and improve the overall production of the hormones. 

5. Get Enough Sleep

The odd working hours, longer commute time and the busy schedules have left us no time to relax and unwind. The increasing screen time has also lead to a rise in the stress and anxiety levels. The result is lack of sleep or in extreme cases, lead to insomnia and other health issues. When there is stress and lack of sleep, the hormones are imbalanced and could affect the entire functioning of the body. You must try to limit your screen time, avoid caffeine before bed and read a book to fall asleep faster. 


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