7 Most Exclusive Gifting Ideas For Newly Wed Couple 2020

7 Most Exclusive Gifting Ideas For Newly Wed Couple

The wedding season brings in lots of fun, dressing up and seeing lovely couples vowing to spend their whole life together. However, one of the significant parts of being invited to a wedding is deciding what to gift the couple on their special day. The worry mainly comes in when you are uninvited to a wedding of someone very close to your heart. In such scenarios, you cannot just gift them something normal. You strive to find a gift which they would love and would also portray your good wishes for them. If you are worried about the budget and practicality of the present, then you have come to the right place. Below are some fantastic gift ideas that you can use for any wedding invitation this year for the special and loving newlyweds.

Personalized Cutting Boards

Personalized gifts are always better than any other gift ideas. This is because there is a personal touch, and the receiver understands the thoughtfulness behind the gift. If the couple loves to cook then gifting them personalized cutting boards can be a great idea. You can find different variety of cutting boards that are made of high-quality bamboo and looks amazing. You can get the name of the couple or the date of their wedding illustrated on the board. Not only can the couple use it during cooking, but many people may even keep this as a decorative item in their house.

Personalized Drinks Glasses

Drinks Glasses

A nice set of wine or whiskey glasses are a must-have for most homes. Buy some designer glass sets and personalize them with the initials or the name of the couple. The newlyweds will remember you very fondly every time they use these glasses for any occasion. A set of four antique or designed whiskey or wine glasses would be the perfect gift for the fun-loving couple. They would love to show off this amazing gift to their other friends whenever they have a party at their home. To add more exclusivity to your gift,you can also give them a Frangelico liqueur gift pack instead of just the glass sets.   

Tea Serving Set

Tea Serving Set

A designer tea serving set is the perfect gift for a couple who loves to have family and friends over on their house. You can decide upon a set with a kettle and 6 or 4 cups. The design is the main focus of this serving set. If you have seen the house of the newlyweds then you can always find a serving set that will complement the interior of the house. On the other hand, the antique tea set is the best bet when you are confused about what to choose. Antique gift items have a classy and regal quality that would be loved by any person.

Couple’s Journal

Couple’s Journal

Everyone loves making new memories and keeping them saved so that they can relish it at a later stage in their life. In the era of technology, it has become quite easy to save our memories. However, for couples who still find love in handwritten notes and physical photographs, one of the best gifts would be to gift a couple’s journal. Here they would be able to write about their special memories and also paste pictures according to their will. This would be a very romantic gift and help to strengthen the bond between the couple as well.



Many couples believe in the proverb, couples who cook together stay together. A cookbook is the most appropriate wedding gift for a couple who shares this ideology. You will be able to find cookbooks for many different cuisines. If you know about the cuisines that the couple likes, then you can gift the couple a book related to the same. If not, you can always gift them some recipes which they have never tried before. The couple would be able to spend more time together and enjoy many romantic meals.

Vintage Vase

Vintage Vase

One of the most remarkable gifts when it comes to decorative items is a vase. You can find modern designer vases or vintage vases. The majority of the time, antiques look very well with any interior decoration. If you are unsure of what the inside of the newlywed’s house looks like, then you can go for a vintage wedding vase. This is one piece of item that you can never go wrong with. A person cannot have enough vases in their house if they are fond of decorating their house.

Personalized Coasters

Personalized Coaster

Coasters are supposedly one of the most underrated gifts ideas ever. You would never have thought of gifting coasters to someone, especially as their wedding gift. However, this is a necessary item that is used in every household. For the couple who are building their new home or starting a new life together, coasters would be something that they would need. You can gift personalized designer coasters which would have their names of wedding date engraved in it. Not only would they be useful but they can also use it as a decorative piece in their house.

These are some of the exclusive wedding gifts that you can choose for the lovely couple who are about to take a step forward together. You can also brainstorm some other amazing ideas that you think would be loved by the couple. No matter what gift you choose, do not forget to give your heartiest wishes to the love duo for the new journey!

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