80s Makeup History and How to Try the Trends Now?

80s makeup

You might think that the 80s makeup trends are outdated, but don’t they always keep coming back? Don’t the classic just remain? Well, some 80s makeups are either still in style or never went out of style!

When we say 80s makeup, we mean vibrant and heavily jester-like paint. The famous Hollywood actresses and singers started this trend by presenting themselves with this exaggerated makeup trend. This inspired so many girls of that time to borrow a page from their books.

Modern-day girls will want to know each detail about how the celebrities of that time liked to present themselves. Though some might not like this exaggeration and using makeup with all available resources, it is still discussed. Take some time to think how it will look if you create a fusion with 80s makeup and present-day trends.

80s makeup tradition

Nearly every woman of the 1980s silently screamed, ” I need all the help I can get.” That means the more makeup items you can use, the better makeover you can get. Not to mention the hair accessories were colorful, just like the outfits.

Blue and pink were predominant colors that were trending from the 1970s. Some fan-favorite TV shows were also responsible for inspiring how to do a makeover. Blushers, eyeshadows, and deep red lipsticks were the most necessary makeup items.

We can assure you that 80s makeup was many things, but it was not tricky or deceptive.

80s makeup trends to try today

Like we said earlier, some might consider 80s makeup much more intense than contemporary makeup. But here you have an option. You can adapt some ideas from the 80s makeup and convert them into trendy looks:

The eye makeup

80s makeup was about color, color, and only color. In place of previously trending colors like yellow, pink, and green, the deep shades came to conquer the fashion industry. So if you decide to mix up the past with the present, you need to look for certain makeup items.

You have to choose some intense shades, which are relatively easy to apply, but ultimately provide a dramatic effect.

You can always take a page from the 80s makeup books and paint your eyes like a pro. But again, make sure to choose some down-to-earth colors like pearl, charcoal, or chocolate brown.

What if you are attending a get-together and the theme is retro? Then you can go all the way. But in a general get-together, just put a coat or two more to get the intense effect.

When it comes to attractive eye makeup, we need to thank the 80s era. We bet that you adore the cat’s eye look, which is originally from the 1980s. It is that kind of look that was everyone’s favorite at that time, and it is still like that even today.

One thing you need to keep in mind. While applying the makeup, don’t forget to use them evenly and jumble all the shades.

80s Makeup History and How to Try the Trends Now?

Makeup on cheekbones

An essential characteristic of 80s makeup is that they didn’t blend the blush, which was apparent in every photo. The trend was to concentrate on the cheekbones so that they stood out. So basically, the cheekbones were the center of attraction.

So, which shades should you choose? You can pick bronzer, peach, or natural shadow. But to get the magic done in the 21st century, you need to blend the blush rather than just put it on.

The magic is in the lips

Hopefully, by now, you know that 80s makeup was unusually unnatural. So definitely, the lip colors would also be uncommon, like orange, purple, red, fuchsia, and many more.

Besides the lipsticks, girls used to put on lip glosses that were readily available and low cost. After some time, the trend shifted to dark lip colors like brown and burgundy.

Create a makeup fusion

Let’s say that yoi like 80s makeup and love its style. But to enjoy it is not enough. What you need to do is to take inspiration from it and match it with modern-day style.

You can try all the makeup inspiration including the rainbow eyeshadow idea. However, you might want to avoid any usual makeup or glossy paints. That way, you can have the balance between the 1980s and today’s date.

80s makeup history

Popstars Madonna and Cyndi Lauper are the ones responsible for the immense popularity of 80s makeup. Grace Jones and Boy George also had something important to do with the latest trends. Smokey eye makeup, two or three coats of foundation, deep blusher were the main attraction of this makeup.

The women of that time were not afraid to experiment with their makeup. The slogan was “the more the merrier.” The makeup brands also helped by inventing more intense colored makeup items.

Before the 1980s, face makeup was plain and not so heavy. But the 80s era was different from the earlier years in many aspects. Multiple layers of foundation perfectly settled by compact powder were the center of attraction.

But the most important feature was the use of a blusher. Heavy blush like red or coral was the most preferably used. Not to mention the preferred density in their eyebrows rather than the thinner ones.

Women liked to concentrate on their eye makeup, and this part was appreciated. A glittering eye with rainbow-like features was very much in trend.

80s Makeup History and How to Try the Trends Now?

80s makeup products

Well, it’s been years since the 1980s passed on and never came back. But the 80s makeup trends and the products have not been forgotten at all. If you are one of the 80s kids, you can relate very well:

1. Clairol Benders

When it comes to hairstyling, the 1980s brought a revolution. Hair curling became quite popular, and everyone was willing to do that. The hair stylers before this era were so simple and not so attractive. Because of this, new and innovative hair curlers came to markets and started to conquer.

2. Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson

A trendy cologne by Debbie Gibson was bound to act like a charm. She created a new album called Electric Youth and invented a cologne by a similar name.

3. Fazz

This is one of the essential makeup items in the 1980s. You may think that you can use Fazz only as lipgloss, eyeshadow it blushes, but you’re mistaken. You can also wear them as bracelets or hairpins.

4. Salon Selectives

Some of you may still remember this television advertisement where they said that you could claim that some ladies have just been through a beauty salon. But actually, they are not. They are just regular users of Salon Selectives items.

5. Sea Breeze

When they made an advertisement for Sea Breeze, they claimed that whenever you apply this toner on your face, there will be an immense freshness. But again, they are just advertisements. It is better not to look for actual truth in there.

6. Obsession by Calvin Klein

Even if you are not an 80s kid and don’t know about that era, you are familiar with it. That’s because it is pretty famous even today. But most of the 1980s people remember it because of its weirdo advertisement.

7. Well Balsam

The craze for Brooklyn Shields was immensely heightened in the 1980s. Everyone was so eager to get her hair. That’s why they hired her to shoot an advertisement for Well Balsam to enhance their shampoo sales.

8. Jhirmack

The name of this haircare item is quite weird, and the pronunciation is also quite tricky. But in reality, it is nothing like the name. It is that kind of product which has nationwide popularity.

80s makeup brands

Gloomy and concentrated makeup was an immensely important part of the 80s women’s daily life. It was also a way for them as a medium of their expressions. Several of those trends faded and faded with time.

But again, some of those characteristics are still not outdated. In this section, we will talk about some of the famous 80s makeup brands. The beauty items of these brands were always present inside the bags of nearly every woman.

1. Cover Girl

Back in the 1980s, Cover Girl had launched a lot of beauty items. You could never think of a thing which they didn’t have. Be it foundation, lipstick, or mascara, and you get exactly what you want.

And also they had a variety of colors. You can have neon or natural according to your choice.

This particular brand named Cover Girl was established in 1961 in Maryland, and the owner was Noxzema Chemical Company. Then in 1989, the ownership shifted to Procter and Gamble. After that, in 2016, Coty, Inc bought it.

Their technique was to convince the celebrities who previously featured in their magazine cover. Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres, Zendaya, Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah, Pink, Rihanna, Janelle Monae are the most mentionable names.

2. Revlon

They called it Revlon’s Natural Wonder Cosmetics though there was nothing natural in those beauty items. You might not think those yellow eyeshadows teaming up with deep red lipsticks are natural.  Regardless, this trend was loved by all.

Natural Wonder Cosmetics is teamed up with CVC Capital Partner. Between 1963 to 2000, Revlon Consumers Product Corporation owned it.

One significant advantage of using their item was they were not that expensive. Debbie Gibson was one of the leading ladies who were promoting their products.

3. Maybelline

Nowadays, Maybelline’s items are not as intense as they used to be back in the 1980s. Be it lipsticks, eyeshadows, or foundations, every kind of beauty item was available. The Kissing Potion, which was the name of a trendy lip gloss, had a sweet taste.

The other famous product was Kissing Koolers, which had a pleasant fragrance and were also tasty. They all were so flavored like Peppermint Twist, Watermelon Swirl, Cherry Cola, or Strawberry Fizz.

Great Lash Mascara was that kind of product which was famous then and famous now. And why not? Everyone wants lengthy eyelashes, and it has all the abilities to transform the entire look of the eyes.

4. Max Factor Cosmetics

Nail polishes, Mascaras, foundations, eyeshadows, lip glosses, lipsticks, lip liners. You could get each item you wanted if you decided to buy Max Factor Cosmetics. This particular brand was first introduced in 1909 under Max Factor and Company by Maksymillian Fatorowicz, a Polish Stylist.

5. Coty Makeup

Now, Coty was that kind of contemporary brand, yet stand out from the other leading brands of the 1980s. They didn’t concentrate on creating unnatural or exaggerated products like the others. That’s because very few people were there who didn’t like the regular 80s makeup.

They had everything to offer, like lipsticks, eyeshadows, lip glosses, and so on.

6. Lip Smackers

Lip Smackers was a flavoury brand that has a variety of nicely smelled items. Pina Colada and Meet Passion Fruit are the ones launched in the 1980s. Later they widened their horizon by launching the products in Europe and Australia.

Their main target was the young generation who were quite eager to give themselves a makeover. Soon the teenagers of that time immensely used lip balms. Some of the products are present in the stores today’s date.

7. Salon Selectives Shampoo and Conditioner

If anyone wanted to get a salon-like experience in the comfort of their homes, they used Salon Selectives Shampoo and Conditioner. They had solutions for all kinds of hair problems. People also purchase these products in the present day.

Final thoughts

Now it’s time to wrap things up. If you are too an 80s kid, we also want to hear which products you used back in the day. If you are not from the 1980s, it’s time for you to experiment with 80s makeup.

So, quit thinking anymore and start the experiment already.

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