Top 8 Avril Lavigne No Makeup Looks That Are Simply Beautiful

avril lavigne no makeup

Avril Lavigne no makeup looks come like a breath of fresh air at a time when people are so consumed by the concept of makeup!

Don’t get me wrong; I am not dissing the idea of doing makeup. Makeup is a way of expression that represents who you are and what you feel about yourself.

Again, there are times when we have to admit that painting ourselves with chemicals regularly brings us closer to aging signs. Moreover, no matter how expensive our beauty products are, they damage our skin.

Why Avril Lavigne does her makeup?

In March 2020, Avril revealed why she often wears bare makeup when stepping out. She also said that the authentic Avril Lavigne makeup is done by herself and not by a makeup artist.

Lavigne is 38 years old, and you often find her eyes filled with kohl. To many, she oozes out a goth vibe because of the kohl and dark eye shadows. Her smudged eyeliner is a cool addition that describes her makeup style.

Avril Lavigne would instead do her makeup alone as she feels she cannot explain how she wants it to look. She has often done the base makeup herself and asked for a touch-up by an artist. However, the results often do not match how she likes to keep them.

Most artists like to use different products because they know what would look the best on a celebrity. However, Avril’s taste is unique and she likes to keep it low.

She also doesn’t like sitting idle for hours to see someone did her makeup not how she wanted it to be. Avril said it takes her a couple of minutes to do a smoky eye, and she loves how it makes her look.

So, one common reason you might have seen Avril Lavigne without makeup is that she detests others doing it. Whenever she goes, she likes to do her makeup independently and said that her makeup is a part of her morning bathroom schedule. Once she cleans her face in the morning, she does her makeup. She loves the eyes and keeps them for last.

One of the staples in the Avril Lavigne makeup list is the Mac Smolder eyeliner. She has been using it for over 20 years and swears by it.

Avril says that while colors like grey and brown are nice to play with, it is tough to pull off a black correctly while doing the makeup. The singer has constantly been doing her makeup and improving her techniques.

Lavigne will use a liquid liner if she wants to glam up. She said it took her about a year to do her liner accurately. She now aces the style and is happy to do it all herself.

Avril is her boss when it comes to decking up. She loves to pick up her outfits rather than depending on a stylist to do them for her. However, she admits to making some funny choices, but that didn’t stop her from going all in for her rock (genre) styles.

Avril Lavigne no makeup looks

So Avril is the girl who could do her makeup or go without makeup. Let us check out some instances where the paparazzi have caught her with little or no makeup!

Avril Lavigne no makeup 2015

Avril Lavigne No Makeup Looks That Are Simply Beautiful

The picture below expresses how seriously she takes her eye makeup. She is always on point with a subtle and non-expressive face. She looks directly into your eyes with confidence and experience. Lavigne often likes to keep her wavy natural hair as it is than styling it conventionally. Her pretty face and fantastic voice are what steal the show every time!

Some candid shots are perfect because admit it, it is tough to find a gleefully smiling Avril. The picture above shows her smiling as she gets into her car. She is makeup-free and wearing a casual sky-blue tee like a girl next door!

No, make the party look

If there is one celebrity who can attend events and parties without makeup, it is none other than Avril! Look at how she is smiling at the camera with her glossy lips and eyes shining with the natural blue hue. Her eyes are the most attractive features that have kohl just how she likes it.

avril Lavigne no makeup

Avril no makeup no BS

Avril’s personality and attitude are known to the industry, representing her confidence as a public figure. Here is one glimpse captured by the paps when she was walking out of her car wearing a simple black outfit. Her hair is tied in a ponytail while the layers fly in the wind. This look is absolutely without any makeup and represents how pale yet beautiful she can look.

No makeup photoshoots

Avril’s no-makeup look is also typical for photoshoots, something most celebrities wouldn’t dare. Even if she works on her hair, she still likes to keep it wavy, unlike her early 20s when she brought the straight hair look into trend.

Her natural face in the picture below only has a tint of peach on the lips and eye makeup. Her soft bangs amplify her look here and doing the work right for her.

Straight hair, no makeup look

If you remember the famous song Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne, you would know why straight hair became quite a thing. Everybody wanted to steal their crushes after that song was released in 2007. Her hair in that song was straight, and she flaunted her goth inclination regarding makeup.

The picture below reminds us of that time when Avril wanted to be a ‘Girlfriend’ and yet chose to have little makeup to make her way through it!

Masculine energy

Everybody possesses both masculine and feminine energies, and one dominates the other. Avril is a total badass; her vibe oozes out her masculine energy. The picture below shows an angry Avril looking at the paps taking candid photos while she is blocking the sun with her uber-cool hat and going no makeup as usual!

avril Lavigne no makeup

Final thoughts

Avril Lavigne, without makeup, keeps inspiring other women to flaunt their natural beauty, and if you’re still doubtful, it is time to let the guard down. Try out a no-makeup look and let your natural beauty outshine all the makeup brands in the world!

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