Back Tattoos for Women Pictures, Ideas, and Recommendations

Back tattoos for women are not just sexy; they are also convenient! Why? Because the back area is where it hurts the least when doing a tattoo.

Tattoos are a great way of expressing love one has for art. What could be a better way other than embracing art on your own body and flaunting it for the world to see?

Without a doubt, back tattoos are for everyone who wants to make a statement. Moreover, it gives you reasons to go backless more often!

This is certainly due to the reason that the canvas that the back portion of a person provides to the tattoo artist is huge. As a result, it leaves the tattoo artist with a wide array of options they can artistify. The creativity that the artist can apply when it comes to painting this canvas is enormous.

Even though back tattoos are popular for everyone, women like to do them more often. Imagine wearing a backless summer dress and flaunting your gorgeous back tattoo. This seems like the best thing, right? It is also not difficult to hide the back tattoo in a professional space. One can wear a high neck top and hide the tattoo from the world.

Are you looking forward to some cool, quirky, or subtle back tattoos for women? We have got you covered. Below, we have jotted down a list of certain sexy back tattoos for women for you to choose from. Keep on reading to know what they are.

Upper Back Tattoos for Women

Ask a tattoo artist, and they would say that the upper back is one of their favorite body parts to make a tattoo. The reason is extremely simple. The upper back portion is one of the widest areas of the human body. This leaves the tattoo artist with much scope to unleash their creativity and add intricate details to the tattoo they are making.

As for us, this area is one of the best areas to get a tattoo on, considering how less painful it would be. However, areas closer to the spine would, of course, hurt. But, the areas beside it are thick and thus hurt less. Additionally, it is comparatively easier to hide the tattoos of this portion.

Below is a list of some of the sexiest upper back tattoos for women that you can choose from to leave a long-lasting impression.

Leafy Tattoo

Back Tattoos for Women

The tattoo that you choose to embrace largely reflects your personality. If you want to leave an impression with a subtle tattoo that is neither too big nor too small, then this leafy tattoo for the upper back is a great idea. If you wish to, you can use some colors to balance the monochrome. However, keep your mind prepared to bear a little pain since the tattoo is on top of the spine line.

Floral Tattoos

Back Tattoos for Women

Floral tattoos are one of the most practiced tattoos amongst women. Apart from the mix of colors making the tattoos pop and thus are extremely attention-grabbing, floral tattoos also have inner meanings attached to them.

For some people, a floral tattoo can represent healing and blooming. The choices of floral you can get tattooed on your back vary. The color palette is wide, and you can go with the one you relate to the most. Additionally, you can also go for a mix of multiple colors.

Alphabetical Tattoos

Back Tattoos for Women

The next tattoo idea for upper back tattoos for women is an alphabetical tattoo. One can also go with alphabetical that besides choosing traditional florals and abstracts.

You could either choose to put a favorite memory or a date that you forever want to be sketched on your body, or you can also go with an inspiring quote or word. In both ways, the upper back portion of your body is one of the best areas to get this tattoo done.

The alphabetic tattoo could either be a small one or can even consume a lot of space. Put just a date, or club it with an alphabet or a symbol of any language you wish and let it leave an impression of its own.

Artistic Mandala Tattoos

Classic Mandala Tattoos are for everyone who loves art and fears not when it comes to embracing it. There are a couple of places where you can choose to get a mandala tattoo. However, the upper back of your body is where the tattoo artist can let their imaginations flow. This is primarily due to the reason that the canvas that they get to unleash their creativity on is huge.

No person can deny that Mandala tattoos are extremely eye-catchy and attractive, especially when they come in a burst of colors. However,  if you are counting the reasons for getting a Mandala tattoo, this certainly is not one.

Mandala tattoos also symbolize a list of impactful things. Mandala represents balance, perfection, and spirituality. It is a symbol of self-love and growth. Along with that, they also represent the afterlife and rebirth. Hence, Mandalas carry many inner meanings and are not just eye candies.

Butterfly Tattoos

When we talk about back tattoos for women, butterfly tattoos are the ones that cannot be left behind. These are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after tattoo choices there are.

If one is to explain, the popularity it holds is certainly because they carry a feminine factor. Adding on to that, these tattoos come in an array of pretty color tones that turns them to be extremely attention-grabbing and help them pop up.

However, apart from being extremely graceful, they also carry various inner meanings attached to them. Butterfly tattoos are a symbol of natural beauty and grace.

The fact that butterflies transform themselves from mere caterpillars to incredibly beautiful pieces of art is something that makes them a symbol of epitome transformation.

In addition to this, they also represent freedom and faith. Butterflies are also often connected with love and femininity. All these reasons club together to make them one of the women’s most popular tattoo choices.

When it comes to a butterfly tattoo, you can make it big and look grand, like the way the woman in the picture above. Apart from this, if you do not wish it to be on the face of others, you can also choose to make it small and subtle. In both ways, butterfly tattoos are sure to add the zing factor to the look that you seek.

Geometric Floral Tattoos

A Geometric Floral Tattoo is one of the most seamless ways of sprucing up your ordinary and common floral designs. The diamond-shaped abstract design adds a zing factor that would make people stop and stare.

It is always amazing not to go for monochromes and add some colors to your florals to make your tattoo pop and grab attention. However, if you are looking forward to keeping it a little bit more on the subtle side, then the best advice would be to choose monochromes and let the fine lines of the designs do all the talking. Either way, this tattoo design is surely a yes from us.

Lower Back Tattoos for Women

The lower back is undoubtedly one of the most sensual and desirable places to get a back tattoo for women. This area is amazing for putting on a cute or sexy crop top and pairing it with a low waist bottom. Also, hiding this tattoo is not a huge task to perform.

Below are some of women’s most popular back tattoos for lower back ideas.

Celtic Back Tattoos

There are different designs that you can choose from when it comes to Celtic lower back tattoos. All of these designs represent the Celtic heritage and represent strength and power. These tattoo designs are subtle, artistic, and bound to leave a long-lasting impression on everyone who comes across them.

Apart from Celtic tattoos, there are also a couple of other options you can choose to do regarding lower back tattoos for women. To mention some of them are sugar skull tattoos, butterfly tattoos, angel wings tattoos, snake tattoos, floral tattoos, and mandala tattoos, amongst others.

Irrespective of the tattoo designs you choose for yourself, lower back tattoos are incredibly sensual and work wonders to boost a person’s confidence.

The size of your lower back tattoo could be customized as you want it. The best of these all is that hiding a lower back tattoo is not a task at all. Just wear mid or high-waisted pants or a skirt, and you are good to go.

Full Back Tattoos for Women

Last but not least, our back tattoo designs for women are full back tattoos for women.

Are you one of those people who cannot have enough tattoos and cannot seem to settle for a little one at the upper back or the lower back? In that case, a full-back tattoo is the one to go for.

It is obvious now that the entire back portion of your body provides the tattoo artist with a huge canvas. They can unleash their creativity and keep a note of the minute details to create a masterpiece that you can flaunt till your last breath, thus leaving a legacy behind.

Keep reading if you are looking for some crazy ideas for full-back tattoos for women.

Single Line ArtisticTattoo

Single Line artistic Tattoo is the one for you if you want to go for something subtly impactful and aesthetically covers your back. Single-line tattoo is best known as one-line tattoos.

They represent tattoos made on one-liner without picking the tattoo pen up even for once. That means the complete one-line tattoo is connected without a single break in the pattern.

However, you can also choose not to follow the single-line connected pattern and break the flow like in the picture above. However, when you choose to get this tattoo done, keep yourself mentally prepared for how painful it will be.

Single-line artistic tattoos are made right above the spine bone. This would cause you to bear some pain. For us tattoo freaks, the pain is nothing in front of the art that we get to embrace throughout our lives.

Sugar Skull Tattoos

Do you want to cover every skin on the back of your body and turn it into a magnificent piece of art? In that case, a sugar skull tattoo paired with intricate floral designs is the one that you must choose to get.

Along with the addition of colors making the tattoo pop and leave a long-lasting impression, these tattoos also carry deep meaning with them. Sugar skull tattoos were initially done as a tribute to the ancestors and a symbol of hope for their afterlife. Additionally, these tattoos also represent well over evil.

Final thoughts

A tattoo is not just some random lines drawn on the body. They carry tons of inner meaning with them. Each tattoo design has its tales to tell. Truth be told, tattoos are a medium of expressing the universe they carry within their heads. Their inner soul is put into some lines, made into art for the world to know and see.

And hence, choosing the perfect design that matches what you want to convey to the world is a huge task. Above were some of the best and most popular back tattoos for women that are not just attractive but are also meaningful enough to carry for years to come.

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