Benefits of Applying Egg on Hair and How to Apply

Benefits of Applying Egg on Hair

From exposure to the sun and pollution to the damage caused by chemical-based products and hair straighteners – your hair goes through a lot. So, dullness, dryness, split ends, and hair fall are some of the common hair problems. One simple ingredient available in your kitchen can make your hair strong, shiny, and smooth again. Yes, we are talking about eggs, and you’ll be surprised to know the benefits of applying egg on hair.

Is egg white good for hair?

Your hair health is directly linked to your lifestyle and diet.

If you have several hair issues, an unbalanced diet devoid of the key nutrients or frequent chemical treatments could be the cause.

Environmental damage is another thing that gets rid of the moisture, protein, and minerals naturally produced in your hair.

As an outcome, your hair turns frizzy, dry, and breaks easily. What should you do to bring your hair back to life?

Eggs are superfoods loaded with nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin E, folate, biotin, etc.

Studies have revealed that all these nutrients play a role in keeping hair lustrous and thick.

The yolk is an incredible source of healthy fats and it replenishes moisture to make dull strands appear shiny and sleek.

And since 80% of your hair is protein, any protein-rich ingredient is your hair’s best friend.

So, all the protein that your hair has lost through ruthless styling can be restored by nurturing them with eggs.

Eggs will prove advantageous not just for your hair but also for the scalp.

If you apply them directly to hair roots, the hair follicles will be infused with minerals and vitamins.

eggs for hair health

Benefits of applying egg on hair

Fried, boiled, poached, and scrambled – eggs are yummy in every form.

Packed with protein, they are a nutritious supplement for fitness enthusiasts. But when it comes to using eggs to achieve beauty goals, they are among the most underrated ingredients.

That’s because most people don’t know how effective they are in treating a range of issues.

So, scroll down as we will tell you everything about the benefits of applying egg on hair.

Promotes hair growth

Want long and voluminous hair like celebrities? If your hair does not grow fast, you don’t need to book an appointment with a reputed hair salon.

According to beauticians, applying eggs to your hair regularly will make your hair grow faster.

Both the egg yolk and the white portion of the egg contain nourishing agents. So, your hair will get the food it needs and increase in length quicker than you’ve imagined.

Sulfur, one of the main elements present in eggs, does this magic. Every 100 grams of yolk has nearly 164.5 mg of sulfur.

Reduces hair fall

Do you notice hair everywhere from the sink to the pillow covers?

Then it is clear that you have extreme hair fall and you must do something immediately.

Just like your nails and bones, your hair also craves protein.

So, start applying eggs if you don’t want to waste large sums of money on expensive protein treatments.

Your hair roots will become strong and you will notice less hair fall.

Your hair will also become less brittle when you pamper the scalp with eggs. And when the hair does not fall now and then, it will get thicker eventually.

However, there is little evidence to prove that the application of eggs can stimulate new hair growth in bald areas of the head.

If you have baldness, it can be because of genetic reasons and home remedies won’t be effective.

Gives moisture to dry hair

As mentioned already, protein is one of the main elements found in egg yolks.

26.54 grams of fat is present in 100 grams of egg yolk.

Yolks are a source of fat and that explains why egg application will make your hair 10x softer.

So, your hair will have a wonderful shine that everyone will admire.

Soothes flaky scalp

Is your scalp itchy and flaky? People who use eggs repeatedly also say that it combats conditions like flaky scalp.

If it’s winter and you have dandruff problems, you should do this at least once a week.

Your scalp will automatically become clean and you won’t have to hesitate while wearing a black dress.

How to apply eggs on your hair?

Now that we have shared the benefits of applying egg white on hair, you must be wondering what’s the best way of doing it.

The easiest way of using eggs is by slathering raw eggs in the hair and that’s what most people do.

However, for the desired outcome, you also need to double your efforts. So, try combining eggs with other hair-friendly ingredients like essential oils, aloe vera, lemon juice, and so on.

For superb results, you should pick the ingredients based on your specific hair woes and your hair type.

You must also ensure that the eggs you are using are organic and of good quality.

Now refer to this step-by-step guide curated by hair experts to maximize the benefits of applying egg white on hair:

Prepare the mixture

If you have long and curly hair, you will require two eggs. For straight and short hair, one egg will suffice.

Crack the egg into a clean bowl and beat until the white and the yolk get mixed.

According to your hair goals, you can add other ingredients like yogurt, coconut oil, honey, aloe vera, etc.

Irrespective of the items you use, mix everything well to have a smooth and thick paste.

Apply systematically

Before you start applying, note that your hair should not be messy. Comb and divide the hair into two sections to save time.

Place a cotton cloth or towel on the shoulder or else the mixture will drip on your dress.

Take hair clips for securing each section and apply with the help of a brush.

Comb through and let the mask sit

When you have applied all the mixture, take a wide-toothed comb. Comb slowly so that the product gets distributed evenly and reaches every part of your hair.

This step is significant as it will detangle the hair strands and each hair will be coated with the mixture.

Another advantage of combing through is that your hair won’t break at the time of washing.

Wash, wash, wash

The last step involves washing your hair and it will take some time.

As the egg will dry completely and become stickier, you have to keep washing until there is no trace of eggs.

Use cold water as hot water can cause damage to your hair.

Note that water alone won’t be enough to remove the odor.

So, use a gentle shampoo followed by a conditioner to feel fresh.

Side effects of applying egg on hair

A common side effect of treating your hair with an egg-enriched mask is the lingering smell. If you don’t rinse out the egg thoroughly, your head will stink.

This isn’t a major drawback as you can use a scented shampoo while washing your hair. You can also combine essential oils with eggs before application as these oils have a refreshing aroma.

Other than the bad smell, using egg for your hair is one of the most low-risk treatments. However, if you are allergic to eggs, then your scalp might itch.

It will be better if you consult your dermatologist before topical application. In case you experience skin irritation, rinse your head immediately.

Final Thoughts

So, to enhance the beauty of your hair, you do not always have to invest in costly treatments. Rely on the centuries-old practice of applying raw eggs to the scalp and hair to have gorgeous hair.

Yes, applying raw eggs to your scalp and hair can be messy. To get rid of the unpleasant smell, you have to shampoo properly. But now that we’ve shared the benefits of applying eggs on hair, you have to agree that it’s worth the trouble.

Note that it is a home remedy and therefore, all your hair problems won’t disappear overnight. You need to be patient and use eggs consistently for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many eggs a day for hair growth?

If you want to witness amazing hair growth, consumption of 3-4 eggs per week will be wise. The folic acid, vitamins, and fats present in eggs boost hair growth. So, you shouldn’t just include them in your diet but also apply them directly to your hair.

2. How long do I keep egg in my hair?

If you are applying an egg mask, you don’t need to wait more than 20-30 minutes. By this time, the egg mixture will dry up completely, and then, rinse with shampoo.

3. Is applying egg good for hair?

As eggs have healthy fats, both men and women use eggs to bid adieu to hair problems. If your hair appears damaged, eggs help dull and frizzy hair regain moisture. It will also make your hair glossy by replenishing your hair’s lost protein.

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