Benefits of Steaming Face and Why You Should Do It Regularly

Benefits of Steaming Face and Why You Should Do It Regularly

The benefits of steaming face are immensely powerful. You can easily not break the bank to take your skincare routine to the next level and yet get glowing skin in no time. Today we will talk about how to steam face, its benefits, and much more! So, if you are interested in taking your skincare routine to the next level, start reading our blog!

Benefits of Steaming Face

Steaming your face has several benefits. You can avail all of them by trying the different techniques we have spoken about below. But before we get into the details of how to try out face steaming, let us check out its benefits. Here are the following:

Steaming face helps in deep cleansing

The benefits of steaming face are immensely effective. It helps in cleansing your face deeply. When you steam, the pores of your face open up. So, it helps in loosening the dirt buildup, which helps in deep cleansing. More so, it also softens the blackheads, which makes them easy for you to remove.

Steaming face helps in blood circulation

Apart from opening up the pores of your skin, steaming also enhances blood circulation. That is because the warm steam helps in increasing your perspiration. All of which helps in dilating your blood vessels, which in turn increases the blood flow. When you have a proper blood flow, your skin gets nourished and also delivers oxygen. As a result, you get naturally glowing and healthy skin after steaming.

Steaming helps acne-causing cells and bacteria release

When you open the pores of your skin, the bacteria, dead cells, and many more impurities start to release. All of this contributes to you getting acne. So, the benefits of steaming face for acne are effective and extremely powerful.

Helps release trapped sebum

When you steam your face, it releases the trapped sebum present beneath the surface of your skin. All of which lubricates your hair and skin. When the sebum is trapped beneath your skin, it allows bacteria to grow, causing blackheads and acne.

Steaming face helps in hydration

When you steam, your skin begins to hydrate. All of which increases the production of oil that helps in moisturizing your face naturally.

Steaming helps the skin absorb any skincare product better

When you steam your face, it increases the permeability of your skin. All of which helps in absorbing the topical salves more efficiently. So, it implies that the benefits of steaming face increase the efficiency of the skincare products you use.

Steaming the face help in promoting elastin and collagen

When you steam the face, you increase the blood circulation of your skin. All of which boosts elastin and collagen production. So, you are sure to have more supple and firm skin when you steam your face regularly.

Steaming helps you soothe skin

Steaming works effectively to relax your face. You can increase the relaxing properties of steam by adding some essential oils or herbs. So, after a hectic day at work, you don’t have to work much to pamper your tired self.

Steaming helps in reducing sinus congestion

The benefits of steaming face are vast. It not only improves the quality of your skin but also helps in reducing sinus congestion. You can opt for steam and relieve your aching head in no time. A few essential oils can also help in boosting the effect of reducing headaches and sinus congestion.

Steaming is convenient and cheap

You do not have to break the bank in order to steam your face. It is a cheap and convenient way to improve your skin health without even spending much.

Do you think we have come to an end? Well, there is much more! Hang in there to know more about steaming your face!

Benefits of Steaming Face and Why You Should Do It Regularly

Simple steaming techniques

Now that you know the benefits of steaming face are immensely potent, it is natural that you would want to try it at home. So, we thought of giving you a brief of the simple steaming techniques you can try at home. Check out the step-by-step guide below:

Steaming face over a sink or bowl

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Take a soft towel and select a suitable spot. The key to having a great steaming session is to be comfortable. If you are using the sink, then take a stool or chair that sets you at a convenient height. But if you prefer using a bowl, try to sit on your dining table for the perfect height balance.
  • Tie your hair properly so that it does not fall on your face. Then, use a cleanser of your choice and clean your face and neck.
  • Once you finish, take around four to six glasses of water in a pan or kettle. Please bring it to a boil. Always remember the amount of water depends a lot on the bowl or sink size.
  • Once the water comes to a boil, add the preferred herbs. Don’t forget to stir it well.
  • The moment the mixture comes to a boil, turn the heat low. Cover it on low heat for around two to three minutes. If you wish to add some more essential oils, this is the right time to put it.
  • Empty out the water in a bowl or sink. Then, sit down and put a towel over the head. Try to keep your face around six to seven inches above the water.
  • If you find the space suffocating, you can take a rest for a few seconds and go back.
  • The benefits of steaming face reflect only when you try out this method for around 10 minutes.

Steaming face using warm towels

Not everyone is comfortable using hot water. Nevertheless, steaming your face can easily be done using warm towels. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Take one hand towel that is soft and made with good fabric. Then, store hot water in a sink or bowl. It is best you take adequate water to allow the towel to soak itself. Finally, add the herbs.
  • Tie up your hair so it does not fall on your face. Use a cleanser to gently cleanse your neck and face.
  • Once the towel is soaked, wring out the towel. But let it be damp.
  • Choose a comfortable chair, or you can lie on your bed comfortably. Then, put the towel onto your face gently. Try to hold the corners so that they can touch your forehead.
  • You can also try adjusting the damp towel in a way it covers your face and leaves your nose peeking out. Relax for about five minutes and remove.

Benefits of Steaming Face and Why You Should Do It Regularly

Steaming your face using a facial steamer

Apart from using the above instructions, many people prefer getting a home facial steamer. So, if you have one, here’s what you need to do:

  • Firstly, read all the instructions present in the box of the home facial steamer. Then, place the steamer on the table and place it in a way you can easily plug it in. After few minutes of turning it on, the steamer will start to emit steam.
  • Tie your hair up so that it remains off the face. Use a mild cleanser to wipe your face and neck.
  • Choose a comfortable spot, and place your face where the manual instructs you.
  • Start steaming your face for around two to three minutes. Take your face off and wait for one more minute to know if it’s comfortable or not.

Always keep in mind that facial steams emit more steam than the other home techniques.

Choosing preferable bases

Steam for face glow is always effective. But some other bases you choose do have more perks. So, if you want to change your base once in a while, here are some options you can choose from:

Tap water

One of the easiest ways to avail the benefits of steaming face is to use tap water. You can avail it easily, and you can never go wrong with it.

Spring or distilled water

Apart from tap water, you can also choose spring or distilled water. Even though you may not find any evidential study that suggests distilled or spring water is better than tap water.


Certain teas do show benefits for your health that reflect internally and externally. Most teas also help to release your toxins. Research showed that green tea contains polyphenols that provide you benefits when it is topically applied. So, if you want to avail its benefits on your skin, you can use green tea as your base.

Variety of essential oils and herbs to add to your base

When you add essential oils and herbs, you can avail more benefits of steaming face. More so, studies show that few herbs benefit several skin types. Additionally, adding herbs and essential oils can give you an invigorating and calming effect. So, let us check out some options you can try out:


Here are the herbs you can try using:


Studies show that you can use chamomile to reduce inflammation. More so, it also helps with dermatitis. And it can be used on people with any skin type, including people who have sensitive skin.


Rosemary can be a great option if you are looking for a soothing aroma. However, this herb proves to be beneficial for oily skin too.

Essential Oils

Here are the following oils you can try to use:


You can use this essential oil to reduce eczema and dry skin. More so, its aroma works well as a therapy too.


You get geranium essential oil from its flower. It naturally has astringent properties that help in toning and tightening your skin.


If you suffer from sinus congestion, this eucalyptus is a great choice. Plus, you will notice eucalyptus essential oil to benefit people having acne.


Apart from using orange essential oil as aromatherapy, you can remove your blocked pores. It also helps in improving dull complexion.

essential oils

How often to steam?

It is essential you keep certain things in mind when you are thinking about steaming. Steam burn can be worse than burns caused by boiling water. So, it is crucial you be extra careful while steaming your face.

You can avoid steam burns by not going near the steam. It is best to start a distance and then begin going closer as you get comfortable. Always keep in mind that the base has to warm and not boiling hot.

If you are wondering how often to steam face, well then, it is best to try it out once a week. If you wish to avoid skin irritation, it is best to limit steaming your face for around 10 minutes.

What to do after steaming face?

Are you wondering what to do after steaming face? Well, scroll down, and we will tell you. Check out the following:

Wash face using lukewarm water

Once you finish steaming your face, rinse using lukewarm water. Then, use a soft towel to pat dry your face. Avoid rubbing your face with the towel.

Apply a suitable serum or cream according to your skin type

Once you steam, your pores open up. So, use the opportunity to give yourself the perfect nourishment. Pat dry your face and gently apply the salve that suits your skin type.

Try massaging your face using light strokes

After you apply the salve, try to use light strokes to massage your face. Move your fingers towards your cheeks, neck, nose sides, and forehead. But do not vigorously rub your face.

Disadvantages of steaming face

Apart from all the massive benefits, there are few disadvantages of steaming face too. If you are not careful, it might cause burns. So, when you are using a towel to steam your face, always be sure the water is not hot.

Also, if you suffer from problems like rosacea, avoid steaming face. It will increase the redness of your face.

Additionally, people suffering from eczema and extra dry skin should be careful while using steam. It is best to limit the sessions.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the benefits of steaming face are powerful, no one can stop from taking your skincare routine to the next level. But keep the disadvantages in mind to avoid any adverse effects.

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