Best New Men’s Hairstyles in 2019

Men’s hairstyle trends change slowly until new trends emerge. Slick backed hair became matte and messy, tapers are taking on fades, and the European hair trends has brought textured styling to all kinds of looks. This year has seen quite a shift. There are the best new men’s hairstyles of 2018 that will still be going strong in 2019.

 best men's hairstyles for 2019

We’ve gathered some of the most popular, original, and unexpected men’s hair of the year. It’s exciting to see all the new looks barbers are coming up. If you like any of these looks but they are for a different hair type or not quite right, show your barber a picture anyway. They can create a unique version for you.

Some of these hairstyles are on trend like short haircuts, spiky styles, textured crops, and messy looks. For some never before seen looks, we have new hairstyles for men, shaved lines all over, and modern mullets and mohawks.

All of these hairstyles need some type of product for hold. Of course, that product varies depending on hair type and hairstyle. Check out this product guide to find a recommendation for your needs. Now, on to the best men’s hairstyles for 2018 plus loosk you will see in 2019.

Short Haircuts for Men

1. Short Textured Haircut

Short Textured Haircut

This ultra short textured haircut balances a clean cut finish with on trend style.

2. Textured Haircut with Fringe

Textured Haircut with Fringe

Textured Haircut with Fringe

A slightly longer crop haircut can have forward fringe cut blunt across, on the diagonal, or in this case jagged fringe that comes to a point on side.

3. Short Haircut with Shorter Sides

3. Short Haircut with Shorter Sides

The short textured crop can also be spiked up into a loose pomp.

4. Short Curly Haircut + Shaved Line

Short Curly Haircut + Shaved Line

A textured crop lightens up thick hair while making the most of natural texture. This cool look highlights a drop fade with a shaved line

Spiky Hair

Spikes are back. They take the 2018 texture trend to the next level, just add some volume. Spiky styles can make fine hair appear fuller or highlight thick hair. Here are 5 different ways to wear spiky hair for the new year

5. Spiky Quiff

 Spiky Quiff

This spiky quiff is a cool look on it’s own but gets extra interest from a burst fade, horizontal neckline, and slash behind the ear.

6. Thick Spikes

Thick Spikes

Full spikes worn on the diagonal is a modern way to wear spiky hair.

7. Fine Spikes

Fine Spikes

More textured than spiky, this version beefs up the appearance of fine or thin hair with style. Get the look with a medium to strong hold pomade with a matte finish. Another fantastic hair product for fine hair is styling powder for hold without weight.

8. Short Fade Haircut

Short Fade Haircut

This crop haircut is worked up into vertical spikes at the hairline that lie flatter towards the back of the head.

Crop Haircuts

These short haircuts with layering and texture are a huge trend that started in Europe and have hit the US in a big way. It can be customized for your hair type, face shape, and sense of style. Here are just a few ways to wear these textured haircuts for men.

9. Short Haircut + High Fade

Short Haircut + High Fade

Short Haircut + High Fade

One of the shortest crop haircuts, this version has a high fade accented by a horizontal shaved line on one side.

10. Crop + Bangs

Crop + Bangs

For guys with long faces or high foreheads, a touch of fringe is flattering. This jagged texture creates in interesting toothed line and makes the face appear shorter.

11. Layered Blunt Bangs

Layered Blunt Bangs

This fresh style is more about layering than texture. The light fringe works really well for Asian menor anyone with thick hair.

12. Curly Crop Haircut

Curly Crop Haircut

Wavy or curly hair adds natural volume and texture to the textured crop haircut while a low fade cleans up the edges.

New Hairstyles for Men

Barbers are using all their creativity and skill to take men’s hair to new places. Check out these unexpected new hairstyles for men.

13. Diagonal Bangs

Diagonal Bangs

This bold angled fringe works for guys to highlight a defined jaw or provide a contrasting angle to a round face. Mix it up by adding texture to bangs or spiking hair up.

14. Blunt Bangs + Teeth

Blunt Bangs + Teeth

Blunt or jagged bangs would be eye-catching on their own but are even more substantial worn together.

15. Side Part + Reverse Fade

Side Part + Reverse Fade


This fresh version of a classic men’s style features 3 parallel angles in the side part, beard, and sideburn. It’s attention to detail that makes the magic happen.

16. Messy Crop + Temple Fade

 Messy Crop + Temple Fade

This modern Caesar haircut features texture all over and a temple fade with a slash through it.

17. Jagged Bangs

Jagged Bangs

Use the forehead as a canvas for creative fringe. Jagged bangs extend the textured hairstyle and adds something extra with a subtle crossed over X.

Shaved Lines

Hair design and shaved lines are nothing new. They are, however, showing up in new ways and places. Add a short or long line anywhere on the head. For something extra, a line can continue from hair into an eyebrow or facial hair.

18. Neckline Slash

Neckline Slash

Necklines are getting interesting this year. This fade with a slash combination is subtle but bold at the same time.

19. Taper Haircut with  a Slash

Taper Haircut with  a Slash

This fresh look juxtaposes a taper haircut with shaggy edges with a shaved line behind the ear.

20. Eyebrow Cuts

 Eyebrow Cuts

 Eyebrow Cuts

For dramatic effect, continue one or two shaved lines in the eyebrow.


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