Hairstyles Ideas With Braids for Men With Long Hair

Braids for Men

Braids for men have become the new cool for the past few years. Whether you have short or long hair making man braids look trendy. Just like man buns, the braids can also be of several styles. It includes a messy one, a sleek braid, a down-the-back or double-sided cornrow, box braids, and more.

In this post, let’s discuss some of the most trending braids for men and how you can take care of them.

Can you make braids for men with short hair?

While it is possible to make braids for men with short hair, it is best to have a particular length for a better look. Another reason is that it is always easier to make a braid when the hair is longer. Therefore, to ensure that your braid is intact for a longer time, you should have at least a few inches of hair.

There’s also good news for the ones who want to check out braids for men with short hair patterns. You can create certain hairstyles even if you have just three to four inches of locks.

Do braids for men last for a long time?

Braids for men can last up to a month with proper care. Moreover, man braids are more likely to remain in place if they are tighter. Cornrow braids for men are one of the best ideas if you want a long-lasting hairstyle. However, they are more complicated and take more upkeep, so you should consult a professional for braiding if you want this look.

Whatever braid style you decide, don’t forget to apply hair oil and serums to the braids. To maintain the braids, pat shampoo onto your head and massage your scalp as you wash your hair. You may also wear a hairnet to lessen the likelihood of unintentionally undoing the braid.

Just keep in mind to remove your man braids when they feel comfortable. Avoid pulling your hair or applying excessive pressure on the hair follicles.

So, which braids are ideal for men? There are countless options for man-braid styles, so pick the one you like. The best styles for man-braids include box braids for men, single braids, French braids, and more.

Check out the next section to choose from an array of hairstyles that look good on almost every hair type. The best part is that you can sport braided locks irrespective of the occasion.

What are the most stylish braids for men?

Style depends on your choice, with some inspiration from what is trending. Here is a list of braids for men that are incredibly stylish and ensure a perfect look:

Cornrow braids for men

One of the most common hairstyles is the cornrow braids for men. With the proper maintenance, cornrow hairstyles, which are braided close to the scalp in various forms and patterns, look fantastic and stay intact for weeks.

Men’s cornrows are stylish that exhibit fashion with personality. Cornrows are a distinctive form of braiding that employ an underhand method. They are also cane rows popularly common in Jamaica and Africa.

Guys’ cornrows come in various shapes, from straightforward looks that go back in rows to artistic hairstyles. While the cornrow is one of the most common braids for black men, millennials consider this ‘sick’ due to the fashionable appearance.

Braids for Men

Single braids for men

You can improve almost all long hairstyles with single braids for men. Are you looking for something eye-catchy and high-contrast? Choose a hairstyle with a single braid that is undercut. You decide the pattern. However, you will need to find a barber with a steady hand if you are leaning towards something complex.

Here are some variations of the single man-braid style:

Single box braids for men

Single box braids for men can be made in a variety of ways. Instead of cutting your hair into square parts, make them triangular. You may arrange the triangles into squares or boxes to maintain the elegance of the original single braids men’s style. However, this is optional because you will ultimately select how you want your hair to look.

Skinny undercut braids for men

Thin single braids are the way to go if you have adequate patience and want an exquisite braided hairstyle. Although a lot of work goes into them, the end product is so powerful that it is worth the time.

Guys with extremely long single braids may appear heavy-handed and bulky. But don’t worry because your failsafe way out is a fade undercut. The high-top single braids become the focal point of the ensemble because they remove a significant amount of hair from the sides.

Beaded man-braids

Undoubtedly, there are only so many braids and hairstyles for guys that don’t support a variety of hair accessories. As a result, you may always add beads to your guys’ single braids. Several possibilities are available, including glass, plastic, wooden, and metal beads. Your unique tastes and sense of style will determine your pick.

French braids for men

A French braid is a traditional hairstyle that has been popular for many years. French braids for men’s hairstyles include plaits to keep hair out of the way and a standard french braid along the hairline. It can be pulled into plaited ponytails, left sloppy and unstyled, or made smooth and neat with gel or hairspray.

The French braid is still regarded as one of the most sophisticated and elegant hairstyles. As a result, most men with long hair try these haircuts to feel desired.

You can quickly display your gorgeous hairline or sculpted jawline. Furthermore, there is no need for any other style when wearing this particular haircut because of its attractiveness and adaptability.

Here are some variations of the French man-braid style:

Symmetrical French braid

One of the most iconic haircuts is the French cut, which features a side part and a lengthy center part. This hairstyle has been around for centuries and the term comes down from sailors who used to braid their hair in this way to ensure zero distractions while sailing. Even now, stars like Kanye West can be seen sporting this hairdo. The look has evolved as numerous iterations have been introduced for various situations.

Messy French cut

Go for this men’s haircut if you want to appear to be sporting a very refined, smooth, and clean hairstyle. They fashion their hair in a stylish yet understated French braid. You can still wear this fashion when traveling without using a blow dryer or flat iron. It is also effortless to maintain one of the best-looking braids in recent years.

French bun-braid

A braid in a bun is one of the best hairstyles for men who want to seem dapper. You can wear this style as long as your hair is shoulder-length or longer. Just create an elastic or French braid to conceal hair on the back of your head. Then, put an elastic at the root of the hair and create a bun out of it.

Braids for Men

Side braid style

It is one of the best hairstyles for men who want to look more incredible than fantastic if they have short hair on the sides. French braid the hair, starting at the outer edge of the forehead and ending just in front of the earlobe. Make another braid that will go around the outer edge of the hairline after placing the grip to keep it in place. Use the grip to attach it, ensuring no gaps between the two braids.

Sleeky French style

A sleek French braid is ideal for men who wish to add flair to their professional outfits. Use a comb or your fingers to tease your hair to the proper length to achieve this look.

As you move toward the back of your head, where the hair is tighter, braid your hair in three sections to the right side of your face. Secure with an elastic band, tucking the ends under for a seamless appearance.

French updo style

A French braid is a wise choice if you want a hairstyle that will last. Three strands of hair are used for a French braid, created by removing the two outer strands and fastening them with an elastic.

The two center strands will then be crossed, and to make a braid, you will loop them around the two outside strands. Finally, take an elastic at the base and fasten it all in place to complete these hairstyles.

Double braided look

Two French braids can be a straightforward and timeless hairstyle to obtain. This hairdo is ideal for practice if you’re new to braiding. Two elastic headbands or hair elastics are all that is required. First, make a side parting in your hair, then braid it so that half is covered. Once you’re done, secure it with an elastic and carry out the same steps on the opposite side.

Full head braids

Wearing it up in a bun can be a terrific option if you have thick hair. All hair from the back of your head will remain intact and look decent with a full French braid. If you want to step it up, consider braiding your hair in a wide braid and adding an elastic band for more rigidity.

Braids for Men

Braids with faded sides

If you have thick hair, you would be unsure about what style of haircut will look best on you. Because it skillfully combines heavy hair with a French braid, this hairstyle can help you. As the name implies, fade sides complement this style wonderfully. Get a fade haircut and then braid your hair into a French knot to wear it pulled back.

How to take care of your braids?

A healthy scalp is the foundation of beautiful hair. Like every other style, you must take good care of braids too. You cannot maintain great hair follicles if they grow from an uncared-for scalp. The foundation from which hair grows forms the basis of healthy hair.

It applies to almost all hairstyles. However, braids have particular requirements. The likelihood of hair issues is high if the scalp has any injuries. If you don’t take care of it, unpleasant outcomes are likely.

While braids significantly increase the protection of the hair strands, maintaining a healthy scalp requires regular upkeep. Consider a shampoo without any dangerous ingredients that might injure your scalp. It works wonders as a pre-braid cleanser and can also clean while braids are in place. The manner you apply shampoo differs in some crucial ways.

In terms of application, you want to keep your hair cool when you have braids. One use of shampoo every week is a fair general rule. More importantly, you want to apply it sparingly.

Consider employing a gentle tapping or massaging motion around the braids with the shampoo lathered up. Next, rinse. The roots are under a lot of tension when wearing braids. Therefore, it’s essential to work on them on time. Dry the braids and scalp area carefully after rinsing. Avoid touching the parts together as you methodically squeeze out the extra water.

Final thoughts

Now that you have so many braids for men ideas, it is time to sum up, your haircare routine. For the maintenance of your beautifully braided hair, make sure that you apply moisturizers and conditioners regularly. Moreover, you should do a hair wash once every week and dry it properly. Lastly, cover your hair with soft fabric while sleeping to avoid damage.

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