Brazilian Wax After 2 Weeks and When to Do It Next

Brazilian wax after 2 weeks

What happens to the Brazilian wax after 2 weeks is one of the common questions that are asked by people. And why not? To get a Brazilian wax done is no easy job. It is undoubtedly one of the most painful experiences you would likely come across.

Imagine the tiny hair of your pubic area, butt hole, and the surrounding areas getting ripped off in a millisecond. That sounds painful, does it not? It is the same pain when you are getting it done in real, or maybe more.

But then, the feeling of the smooth and slippery skin that a person gets just after getting the Brazilian wax done too remains unmatched. It is also one of the most hygienic things that you can do to yourself. For the same reason, even though getting a Brazilian wax done is painful, people still do the same.

Hence, in this article, we have discussed what happens to the Brazilian wax after 2 weeks, how long does a bikini wax last, the various stages of regrowth after a wax, and everything else you might want to know about it. Therefore, keep on reading to know them all.

What is a Brazilian wax

Before we hop on to know what happens to a Brazilian wax after 2 weeks, let us first get an insight into what a Brazilian wax is.

A Brazilian wax is a hair removal technique wherein the hair of the intimate areas of a person is removed. These areas include the upper thighs, pubic mound, butt crack, and genitalia.

There is no denying that Brazilian wax is still a taboo, too, to a large extent. Therefore, questions like how long Brazilian waxes last are still not something people are comfortable with asking in the open.

It is very natural for people to regrow their hair. However, the rate at which the hair would grow back depends on a couple of factors. Let us have a look at what they are.

Brazilian wax after 2 weeks

What are the factors on which hair growth rate depends?

The answer to how long does Brazilian wax last depends largely on the hair regrowth rate of a person.

If you have noticed, there are people whose hair grows at a faster rate when compared to the others and vice versa. Now, that might have made you question why the same, did it not?

Hence, let us look at some of the reasons the hair growth rate depends.


Age plays one of the most important factors in hair regrowth. As people age, their hair regrowth rate also tends to decrease significantly.


Hair regrowth largely depends on the kind of foods you provide your body with. A good diet that contains proper nutrients acts as a stimulant for hair growth. Hence, if your diet includes a lot of fruits, fish, and vegetables, it might lead to faster hair growth. Food rich in vitamins, iron, zinc, minerals, etc., can also lead to faster hair regrowth.


The math is quite simple, if you have a balanced hormone, your chances of regrowth of hair are higher when compared to the others. Hormones play a very important role in the regrowth and shedding of hair. Hence, the answer to what happens to the Brazilian wax after 2 weeks depends largely on how balanced your hormones are.

The hormones responsible for good hair health are estrogen, testosterone, and thyroid. When these are not balanced, your hair regrowth rate might be slower when compared to the others.


Your hair regrowth rate also largely depends on how you live your daily life. Maintaining a proper and healthy lifestyle can boost your hair health.

Hence, you would then have a higher hair regrowth rate. On the contrary, if you do not follow a good and healthy lifestyle, it is very likely for you to have a hair regrowth rate that is slower when compared to the other.

It is seen that people who smoke and drink at a higher rate have gone through their hair line declining and hair thinning from all areas faster than the others.

DNA and Genes

Last but not least, the factors on which hair growth rate depends are genes or DNA. If you belong to a family that does not have a history of good, long, and healthy hair, you are very likely not to have the same.

It is a proven fact that hair loss is somewhat stimulated through genes. Hence, your genetics would play a large role in the state of a Brazilian wax after 2 weeks.

What are the emotional stages of regrowth of Brazilian wax?

Getting a Brazilian wax done is not as easy as they say. It is one of the most painful things you can do to feel good and hygienic. But, at the same time, the feeling right after getting a Brazilian wax done remains unmatched. You feel fresh, hygienic, and extremely confident (especially when it comes to sharing an intimate moment with your partner).

However, the sad part kicks in again when you start to regrow your hair down there. This stage is sad and certainly extremely emotional as well. When you ask some people who get the Brazilian wax done, you would know how there are various emotional stages that you would come across when you start regrowing.

Therefore, let us look at some of the stages you would certainly feel emotional while regrowing your hair.

Brazilian wax after 2 weeks

The first itch

The first emotional stage when regrowing hair after a Brazilian wax is when you the first itch. This feeling comes around a week and a half later after you get a Brazilian wax done. This is the stage when tiny hair starts to appear on the skin’s surface.

It is very likely for you to wake up in the morning and assume that you have full-grown hair on your intimate areas again. But, this is a false alarm. Once you do a check, you will notice that your skin is still buttery soft.

When you refuse to accept

Let us now cut to how you are likely to feel about your Brazilian wax after 2 weeks. This is the stage where your state of denial kicks in. It is extremely likely for you to feel the way because, hey, by this time, you have become accustomed to your intimate areas feeling soft, fresh, and buttery smooth, have you not? Hence, at this stage, it is very likely for you to convince your mind about how great your skin still feels. But, we are sure it is not that great.

Lots of scratching

This is probably when you have started to accept that your buttery soft, and fresh skin is sadly gone. Your skin now would be surrounded by tiny hair.

The sad part does not just end there; what you would also probably find yourself doing mindfully and unmindfully is stretching the flesh out of your skin. That is right. Small hair might feel terrible on your skin.

You would get relief only when you scratch it. Well, just the moments when you do. This is because after the perfect scratch, what you are going to feel is a lot of burning sensation.

The feeling of desperation and frustration

You might be wondering what we mean when we say desperation, right? Well, you would know once you get the Brazilain wax done. All the hair you so mercilessly ripped off has come on board again, but with a lot of vengeance.

Do not be confused if you rush to the washroom for a scratch break. Trust us when we tell you this, it is going to be that bad. The skin surface of your intimate areas that otherwise have felt so smooth and soft all these days will again hop back to being filled with tiny hair.

You can get some relief by putting ice or maybe applying some salicylic acid. But, the sad and brutally honest thing is that it will not be of any help.

This is also probably the stage where the feeling of frustration and regret would kick in. Do not be amazed if you find yourself questioning your decision to get a Brazilian wax done in the first place. You might also swear never to get it done again. That is understandable as well. This is because the constant itching and all the burn and acne can leave you frustrated for sure.

All ready for your next Brazilian wax session

This is the stage where it is probably around a month since you have got your last Brazilian wax done. Your hair in the intimate areas is now all full-grown, and you do not feel the need to itch or scratch anymore.

But, the same feeling has now been replaced with getting annoyed and uncomfortable with all your full-frown hair in your intimate areas. We are very sure that you would not feel so hygienic anymore. In most cases, you are also sure to miss the feeling of having a buttery soft, and smooth skin down your pants.

This is the stage where you prepare yourself for another session of a Brazilian wax. Well, why not? As we have already mentioned, Brazilian wax might hurt a little or too much, but it leaves you with a refreshing feeling and super soft skin.

And, who would not want to have something as beautiful as that, right? That is when you would be ready to visit the parlor to get yourself a Brazilain wax done yet again. Sure this sounds like a loop, does it not?

Brazilian wax for men

How long does a Brazilian wax take?

Now that we know what happens to the Brazilian wax after 2 weeks, let us hop on our next most asked question. How long does it take to get a Brazilian wax done?

Brazilian wax ensures that you are completely hair-free on your bottom area. This includes your front portion, back portion, and also your middle portions. Thus, the Brazilian wax covers a large portion rather. Hence, it might take the specialist around 15 to 20 minutes to cleanse all the hair.

However, it is important to know that the time does not stay the same in the case of all clients. It might take a shorter period for some clients, and for others, it might take longer.

Well, the time taken depends on a few factors. Firstly, it depends on the hair density, which differs from one client to the other. Some clients might have a thin density, and others might have it thick. Secondly, the time depends on the length of the hair of the client.

How long does a wax last?

Now we come to the last on our list of the most asked questions about knowing Brazilian wax after 2 weeks. Which is how long does a wax last. Exactly, Brazilian wax may last somewhere between 3 weeks to 6 weeks. This depends on the hair growth rate of every client.

Final Thoughts

It is slowly but steadily that Brazilian wax is becoming a common thing to talk about. Hence, many people are now concerned about what happens to the Brazilian wax after 2 weeks. Therefore, before fixing an appointment, go through this blog once. You can also send this to someone who wants to go for a wax for the first time.

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