Buccal Fat Removal Before and After and Impact it Causes

Buccal fat removal before and after

Buccal fat removal before and after images gives you a sigh of relief as it ensures how the shape of your face can change. But before going for this cosmetic procedure, you must know what is ahead.

The size of the buccal fat affects the features of your face. For some, it doesn’t matter, while for some, it may be a reason for their biggest worries. Of course, if you are searching for buccal fat removal before and after pictures, indeed, you are interested in the process of getting that perfect jawline.

There aren’t many ways to get rid of buccal fat. Even if you get a zero figure, you will still have that buccal fat because weight loss hardly affects your facial features. The only effective option you have is to go for surgery.

A plastic surgeon cuts your cheeks from the inside of your mouth and removes the excess fat. Nothing happens on your face, so there are no chances for marks that mess up your look.

But it’s not as simple as it sounds. Every surgery has pros and cons, complications, and side effects. You might suffer from poor quality of work from your surgeon, and so on.

We have included the entire process with all benefits and losses; if you are looking for Buccal fat removal before and after guide, then it’s the best resource to gain all information at once.

What is buccal fat?

Buccal fat is the excess fat beneath your cheeks that gives your face a bumpy look, with fat cheeks that hide your jawline. It is a rounded form in your cheek; this pad is typically found between your face muscles in that empty area underneath your cheekbone. If its size is bigger, it will affect your face’s shape.

We all have buccal fat; however, the size can vary, and having a large pad is why you search for Buccal fat removal before and after. If you have a larger buccal fat pad, you might feel like your face is too round or full and different from the perfect shape.

There is no problem with buccal fat or bigger cheeks, and you will never face complications because of this condition. But suppose you want to make them smaller for a perfect face and a fantastic look. In that case, surgeons can perform a simple one-hour surgery called buccal fat removal or buccal lipectomy.

You see benefits after the months of surgery but not every time! Continue reading for the complete process of buccal fat removal before and after.

Buccal fat removal before and after

Is it possible to remove the buccal fat naturally?

Sadly, the natural ways of losing weight don’t work on your cheeks. The excess weight loss does affect your physical shape but hardly impacts the fat on your cheeks. Even a strict diet, eating chewing gums all day, or having a gym routine will not help you with buccal fat removal.

The buccal fat doesn’t interfere with age or gender. If you think your kid’s buccal fat will go away with the expansion of face because of the age growth, then you are completely wrong, and it will stay with him forever.

Buccal fat is a normal condition that mostly happens because of heredity and can appear in any gender. Again, the removal is not compulsory, but it may give you a perfect jawline if perfectly done.

Who can go for a buccal fat removal?

Surgery is not for everyone, and various factors depend on being an ideal candidate. Check the points mentioned below to figure out if you are an ideal candidate for a buccal removal surgery or not

You can undergo buccal removal surgery

  • If you have perfect health and weight with no complicated medical conditions like diabetes or something else
  • When your face is round, and you don’t like the fullness of your face
  • You don’t smoke and have some realistic expectations from the surgery
  • Like the surgeon is not going to do magic with your face
  • It might look much different from buccal fat removal before and after images on the internet
  • A pseudogenization is a plus point; the rounded fat in the cheeks appears because of the weak buccal fat.

Buccal fat removal is not for you if

  • Your face is already narrow, and there is no space to pull the fat out
  • Performing surgery with such a condition might leave you with sunken cheeks with age, and that doesn’t look very nice
  • If you are older, it’s not suggested to undergo this surgery because you naturally lose fat on your face, and the surgery might highlight other signs of aging.

Still confused about being an eligible candidate, don’t give up on your own. Connect with your doctor because he is the best person to give you the right advice.

Every human body is different, and it’s impossible to mention the eligibility for each face type. So, if you are serious about the surgery, then meet your surgeon for the best advice.

Buccal fat removal cost

It depends on the country you are going to have the surgery in. Normally, in the United States, a buccal fat removal surgery costs anywhere between $3000 to $5000, but in India, you can get the same surgery for $350 to $550.

Consider another cost of medicines and after procedures. The overall budget may increase at the last moment, so ensure you save enough to fund your treatment afterward. Otherwise, it will hit your budget.

The buccal fat removal process

Here is the most important and interesting part. After watching the “Buccal fat removal before and after” pictures on the internet, you might wonder how that is possible. So, here it’s how exactly it works. We have divided the process into three stages.

1. Before the surgery

It would help if you asked certain questions to your surgeon, who will also advise you about the following. This step is more about the preparation for the surgery:

  • Discuss your expectations from the surgery and what you want to achieve.
  • Clear your medical conditions and the vitamins or supplements you are taking, and disclose everything
  • Do you have allergies? Please share them with your surgeon
  • Mention your drug, alcohol, or tobacco use
  • Make sure you let your surgeons know about your past surgeries

This information will help the plastic surgeon to identify the best surgical approach he can use on your body and identify the possible or unknown risks that might get overlooked easily. Also, they might suggest you stop your medications for the blood test or other procedures.

Your surgeon will identify your facial structures by taking pictures and finally prepare the surgery plan.

2. During the surgery

It’s just a small one-hour surgery in a hospital or the doctor’s clinic. Here is how exactly it goes:

  • First, the surgeon will give you local anesthesia to numb the facial part of your body so that you don’t feel any pain when he cuts to remove the buccal fat.
  • The surgeon might give you general anesthesia if you receive more than one surgery, but that’s pretty uncommon these days
  • Once the portion for the surgery is numb, he will make an incision inside the cheek. Further applying pressure from outside will expose the buccal fat.
  • At last, the surgeon will cut and remove the excess fat from your cheeks to get you a perfect jawline
  • He will close the wound using dissolvable stitches.

That’s it! Your surgery is completed, but some after-surgery procedures are still left.

3. After the surgery

Soon after the surgery, they will provide you with a special mouthwash that prevents infection inside your mouth. Also, your surgeon will explain the care of the incision inside your mouth.

You cannot have a regular diet with a cut in your mouth. So, initially, they will ask you have a soft or liquid diet for a few days, mostly juices. You will experience face swelling and bruising, but it goes away within some days as you heal. A full recovery will take around three weeks.

Make sure you precisely follow the directions mentioned by the doctors and show up on every appointment date if you want to save yourself from complications. It would help if you waited several months for the perfect shape because your cheeks will take time to fit into their new shape.

Finally, it’s time to compare your “buccal fat removal before and after” and flaunt your new look!

Complications from buccal fat removal

We hope everything goes as per your plan, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore the complications. Here are some issues that might appear during the treatment:

  • Poor results because of improper procedures followed
  • Anesthesia might negatively react to your body
  • Salivary gland or facial nerve damage
  • Infections or lockjaw
  • Face asymmetry because of excess removal of fat
  • Cardiac side effects
  • Seroma or deep vein thrombosis

Most of these complications are uncommon, but there is a slight possibility of them arising after the surgery. You will need another surgery to overcome these complications.

Buccal fat removal before and after

Buccal fat removal plastic surgeon

Watching those “buccal fat removal before and after” pictures on the internet and getting excited is good but make sure you research before confirming the best surgeon to operate on your face.

A little mistake might leave you with a sour face for life. Ask these questions to identify the best surgeon for yourself:

  • How many years of experience with pictures of provided clients?
  • How, when, and where will you perform the surgery?
  • Are you precisely trained to conduct plastic surgery?
  • How do I get prepared for the surgery?
  • What risks, complications, and side-offside effects much time will the healing process take?

You can always add more questions based on your doubts but make sure to clear everything before you confirm the surgeon to operate on your face.

Buccal fat removal smile after the surgery

You will not notice the perfect smile immediately after the surgery, as your cheeks would be swollen because of the incision and pressure used during surgery. Also, your cheeks will take time to adjust to the new shape.

The healing will happen within 2-3 weeks, but you must wait for 7 to 8 months to get those perfect buccal fat removal cheeks. It might take more time if you face any complications during the surgery.

Buccal fat removal ten years later

Many people who have undergone buccal removal surgery say it’s better to leave your cheeks as they are. You might get that perfect smile for the time-bound, but as time passes, it appears to look worse, and you regret your decision.

There are mixed reviews, and we cannot claim if it happens to everyone. You may check the reviews posted online but don’t get carried away with what happened on others’ bodies.

Take your decisions by consulting experts and people with knowledge in the field. However, don’t forget to check the Buccal fat removal before and after images on the internet.

Buccal fat removal before and after

Can buccal fat grow back?

Buccal fat removal surgery is a long-term solution that stays with you for life. Once the fat is removed, it’s less likely to appear back. However, it would help if you kept in mind that it may come back up to some extent because of weight gain in the future.

However, getting a buccal fat back is not a matter of concern; instead, focus on getting it done through a professional surgeon who takes all precautions, helps you to set the right expectations, and makes you aware of the possible complications.

Final thoughts

Getting fascinated after watching those fantastic buccal fat removal before and after images on the internet is good. Still, the surgery is not as easy as it looks in those pictures. Even the after results are not the same for everyone.

If you are willing to undergo surgery, the best way is to ask yourself why you want it. What do you expect after the surgery? Is it important enough to take the risk of complications? Based on these questions, find a surgeon and follow the process mentioned in the article to get the buccal fat removal smile.

Please leave all your questions and doubts in the comments below.

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