Can Cranberries Help In UTI Prevention? (Which Supplement Is Best?)

UTI Prevention

A urinary tract infection (UTI) often impacts the urinary system, bladder, kidneys, or urethra. There are millions of people (both males and females) across the globe suffering from UTI Prevention conditions. The symptoms of UTI include painful urination, frequent urination, traces of blood in the urine, and pelvic pain. Generally, this infection doesn’t last very long, and mostly most patients can self-diagnose it. 

For most people, an easy way to get rid of this condition is to have cranberry juice. However, some recent research suggests that cranberry capsules are a great help. And, cranberry juice is little over than a panacea. 

Have you ever heard that cranberries are useful in preventing UTIs? But are these beneficial for UTIs as their amazing taste? In this article, we share with you the details of the benefits of cranberries for urinary tract infections. So, continue reading to easily find out about its benefits. 

What are Cranberries, and why are they so important, UTI Prevention?

Cranberries are tiny, bright-red, tart berries that are used in desserts or eaten as it is. The best thing about cranberries is that they are jam-packed with antioxidants. Hence, it offers ample health benefits. 

Whether you have it in the form of a juice or supplement, it offers you a lot of benefits, including the prevention of UTIs.

Can cranberries really help prevent UTIs? 

Wondering do these berries have high medicinal value as good as their taste? Well, the research is not very clear. But various studies have observed the remarkable benefits of taking cranberries supplements. One such health benefit includes prevention from UTIs, particularly in women. It’s because women are at higher risk of UTIs. 

However, certain studies have to come to any conclusion. Maybe because cranberries don’t work for everyone. And, these berries cannot treat urinary tract infections that you may have already. 

Nonetheless, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology mentions that unsweetened cranberry juice and supplements are likely to reduce UTI symptoms. However, it’s not clear how much amount to intake and for how long.  

How do they work?

Earlier scientists thought that cranberries prevented UTIs, as they make urine acidic. The acidic condition is not favorable to bacteria, such as Escherichia coli (E. coli), which cause UTIs. 

However, recent researchers have given a different theory. They believe that cranberries don’t allow infection-causing bacteria to live on the urinary tract walls. Probably, it can be due to the nutrients present in cranberries. So, they cannot stick to the walls of the urinary tract. Another possible reason for this could be a slippery coating produced by cranberries on the urinary tract walls. It makes it hard for E. coli to have a good grip to stick to the urinary tract walls. 

Remember- UTI Prevention: 

Due to their acidity, cranberries are difficult to consume for some people. Cranberry juice contains a high amount of salts called oxalate. The oxalate can also increase the chances of getting kidney stones, especially if someone tends to get such stones. 

Even if you’re taking warfarin, the blood-thinning medication, you must avoid consuming cranberry products. It is because warfarin interacts with cranberries, leading to bleeding. 

 If you like cranberry juice, and it does not upset your stomach, your medication, or any other condition, then it’s a great option to prevent UTIs. 

Which cranberry supplement is best for the health of the urinary tract- UTI Prevention?

Cranberry is generally consumed in the form of juices, sauces, jellies, and other foods. As a medication, you can even consume cranberry dried powder that’s best to use in doses of around 250-1500 mg by mouth. It’s best to consume it for up to six months. The extract of cranberry is suggested in doses of around 120-1600 mg for up to 12 weeks. And the juice of cranberry is used in doses of around 120-750 ml daily for around 90 days. 

A study in 2016 determined the effects of cranberry juice intake on a daily basis in 373 women with UTI conditions. It was observed that women who daily drank 240 ml of cranberry juice for up to 24 weeks had fewer urinary tract infections than women in a placebo group. 

The women in the cranberry group were noticed to have around 39 diagnosis with UTIs. On the other hand, women in the placebo group had a total of 67 diagnosed UTI conditions. 

Another great cranberry supplement is in the form of capsules. The cranberry capsules, pills, or tablets are made with powdered, dried cranberries. They offer similar health advantages as fresh cranberries. Some cranberry pills also include various other ingredients, like probiotics or vitamin C. This further enhances their health benefits. 

The specifications may be different as per the brand, but one dose of cranberry pills is equivalent to a 237ml glass of pure cranberry juice. You can get cranberry pills over-the-counter at nearby drugstores or order them online. 

Dose of cranberry supplements

The cranberry supplement’s dose varies as per the ingredients used by various brands. According to research, the doses of cranberry extract may range from 200-500 mg every day. This further helps in reducing any form of UTI in some people. 

Since there are so many types of cranberry supplements available on the market, it’s best to read the directions mentioned on each product for the right dose recommendations. If you are experiencing UTIs frequently and want to use cranberry supplements to reduce them, you need to consult a healthcare professional. 


Cranberry supplements are a good option for people who are looking for the health benefits of cranberries. Using the supplements, you can make cranberry benefits part of your life without having to consume them daily. One such health benefit of cranberry supplements is to decrease the frequency of UTIs in certain people. 

Since cranberries are high in antioxidants, they are great at preventing UTIs in some people. They even improve blood sugar control, promote heart health, boost immunity, as well as prevent cavities, cancer, and stomach ulcers. 

Generally, a dosage of around 1,500 mg is safe per day for most people. However, it’s best to consult a doctor before consuming any cranberry supplement. 


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