Christmas Makeup Looks to Begin Trials for 2022

christmas makeup looks

While Christmas comes once a year, the urge to try bright and gorgeous makeup looks never ends! Christmas makeup looks ideas are here to serve you the inspiration you are looking for.

The word Christmas is enough to lift our otherwise boring mood, all courtesy which goes to our monotonous lives. However, Christmas comes as a breath of fresh air in all of our lives.

Holidays are the best thing that life gifted us with. And why not, because it is loaded with all things fun. The moment we hear of Christmas, we think of the endless parties, gifts, and quality time we get to spend with our friends and families. The holidays include lots of good food, guests, and decking everything up with lights and more.

But it is so much more than just that to some of us, especially the make-up lovers (more importantly, the occasional ones). Christmas is also about finally getting to open that eye shadow palette and make-up brushes and making ourselves look pretty.

We know that there is yet a long time left before Christmas finally knocks on our doors, but hey, it is never too early to start prepping, right? We have jotted down some of the best Christmas makeup looks for the same reason. Whether you want to go all dramatic and bold or simple and elegant, there are options for you to choose from.

Christmas Makeup Looks

Hence, let us read on to take some Christmas makeup looks 2022 inspiration.

Red lips

christmas makeup looks

You can never go wrong with a pair of red lips. It is easy to put on and carry yet has the power to make all the eyes of the room look at you. This hot and sassy look holds the first spot on our list of Christmas makeup looks.

There are essentially two ways in which you can carry red lips. You can pair your red lips with a gorgeous winged eyeliner for the first one. To make the makeup look more attentive, you can also use some highlighter to highlight some of the string parts of your face. This look is sure you all the Christmas princess feels.

But, we are sure that many of us shiver just when we think of getting winged eyeliners. Because come on, it is not as easy to make as it sounds, right? Hence, for us who are not very comfortable with getting ourselves a winged eyeliner, we can go for a natural makeup look with a hot pair of red lips. Either way, a pair of red lips is always a yes.

Wine lips

christmas makeup looks

There are many times that a pair of bright and bold red lips feel a little too on the edgier side. And of course, you just cannot deny on the fact that people love red lips, and thus it is unavoidably one of the most common Christmas makeup look that you would come across. Hence, many people might find it a little monotonous and repetitive.

Those are the times when a pair of wine lips comes to the rescue. Wine lips, too, are extremely easy to wear and carry. Most importantly, this look is effortlessly gorgeous. Also, it is important to consider the fact that many skin tones blend smoothly with a wine shade lipstick.

Here too, there are two ways of carrying a wine lip. You can either pair it with some highlighter (or lots of it. Your choice completely) and winged eyeliner. Or on the contrary, you can also flaunt your wine lips with a rather natural makeup look. Either way, it would look too hot to handle.

Golden Glittery Eye Shadow

christmas makeup looks

Well, lips are fine, but how about adding some sassy drama to your eyelids? Well, we are sure that a shimmy gold eye shadow will seal the deal of being the gorgeous girl at the party for you. If you are an eyeshadow fan, or even if you are not, you will surely love the look.

Hands down, a golden eyeshadow look is one of the most Christmas makeup looks easy that you would come across. It is fit for all the times when you want to add some subtle drama to your eyelids.

If you feel that applying the eyeshadow all over your eyelids might make it look too bold, you can also go for applying it only to the corner of your eyes. No matter what you choose to do, either way, it will make you look sassy and gorgeous.

To pair with the eyes, you can put on some winged eyeliner. Putting the eyeliner on would put your eyes more focused. Thereby, it would help to elevate the complete look.

The golden color suits all skin tones with ease. Hence, you can say that this look is one of the most sought-after Christmas makeup looks that you can go for this holiday.

Brown smoky eyes

Who does not love smoky eyes, right? If there is one thing about smokey eyes, then that is the fact that it is evergreen. Smoky eyes add drama and uplift the eyes like no other. The look is sassy, bold, and downright gorgeous.

However, there are many times people shy away from getting themselves a smokey eye because of the intense drama that it tends to create. Another reason for the same is that almost all live smokey eyes make up lovers. This look is naturally one of the most common looks that you would come across at a Christmas party.

Hence, we have the solution for both problems. And that is a brown smoky eye look to flaunt this Christmas. Brown smoky eyes tend to decrease the drama that usually a black or a smokey grey eye tends to create. This look is comparatively soft and extremely unique.

If you do not want your makeup to be extremely edgy or on the face, then a smokey brown eye is your go-to this holiday season. With the uniqueness it carries, this look will surely make many jealous and how!

Cat Eyes / Winged Eyeliner

Next on our Christmas makeup list comes cat eyes, which we generally know more as winged eyeliner. Well, cat eyes are one of women’s mostly done eye makeup looks. And why not?

It looks nothing less than absolutely stunning if you can do the look properly. But the real deal lies in achieving the perfect winged eyeliner look.

Some people might find it very easy to draw a perfect pair of identical wings on both eyes. However, this is nothing less than a nightmare for some people for sure.

However, if you are one of those who do not know how to proceed with making a perfect pair of wings, there is nothing to worry about. There are numerous YouTube that teaches the same in rather extremely easy steps.

However, once you can ace the winged eyeliner or cat eyes game, you will know that it is, without a doubt, one of the best Christmas makeup looks to wear. The winged look is a classic look that most people wear when they want their eyes to be on focus. To pair with it, you can go for two kinds of lips.

If you want your makeup to be edgier, you can undoubtedly go for some bold lip colors. Some options are red or wine lips as they perfectly depict the Christmas mood. On the other hand, if you want to go a little subtle on the makeup, you can use nude lips and choose neutral colors.

Glam Makeup

No matter what the occasion is, nothing can beat a classic glam makeup look. Glam makeup caters to all your facial features and equally elevates them.

You can choose to work a little on your eyes by applying some eyeliner if you wish to. You can also choose to keep it naked and focus on your eyelashes more, creating some drama and not making your eyes look too plain.

The whole point is to go nude on the lips to create a glamourous understated look. Add on a lot of blush to lift your cheekbones and give it the right amount of attention that it requires. You know what they say; the more the blush is, the better it is.

To add the perfect touch to the complete makeup, highlight the prime points on your face. Finish this Christmas makeup looks with a perfectly done hairdo and make heads turn.

Graphic Liner

In case you are bored with all the basic liner looks but yet want to put it on focus, then graphic liners are your go-to this holiday season. Graphic liners are the new hot one amongst all fashion enthusiasts.

It has been hit, sassy, and topping the currently trending chart for a long time now. The graphic liner look is extremely dramatic. Hence, even though many girls want to rock the look, they cannot see to find the perfect time for the same.

Hence, what could be a better time to try this trend if not at Christmas, isn’t it? Therefore to be on the unique side during this holiday, it is time to ditch all the basic Christmas makeup looks. You can choose to wear the graphic liner with a basic black liner.

Or, on the contrary, you can choose to go a little more dramatic and steal the spotlight with some red or green liners. Since it is Christmas, red and green colors would ooze out the Christmas spirit. However, making the perfect pair of identical wings could be tricky.

Hence, we suggest you grab your liners and some micellar water and start practicing the graphic liners from today. Considering that there is still some time for the holidays to come, you will surely become a pro by then.

Blue Wings

christmas party makeup looks

Last on our list of Christmas makeup look is one of the most in-demand Christmas party makeup looks. It is one of those looks that you must try to stand out from the others. And that is a blue-winged eyeliner. Wings always carry tremendous style along with them. The blue color adds to the whole look, making it an unavoidable in-your-face look.

The look carries a lot of drama and sass that is very difficult not to notice. To ease down the drama, you can choose to shorten the broadness of the wings. On the contrary, you can also fill your eyelids with blue eyeliner, making a bold wing. Keep your lips nude, brown, or rose-colored, considering that your eyelids are already heavy enough for your face. Add some lashes, and you are good to go.

No matter what you choose to do, this look will make you the hot topic of the party.

Final thoughts

Gone are the days when Christmas elf makeup looks or Christmas Santa makeup looks were the unique and dramatic makeup done. The list above contains a mix and match of soft, glam, and dramatic looks that you can try this Christmas.

You can choose the one that best fits you, considering your taste and makeup skills. There is still plenty of time before the holidays come. Hence, if you like these Christmas makeup looks, start practicing from now.

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