Curd Benefits for Health: Why You Should Have It Regularly

curd benefits

Curd is a derivative of milk formed with the help of lactose bacteria, which helps in coagulating the milk, and the name curdling knows this form the curd and this process. In-home we have often seen how curd is being prepared. The science behind this is when milk comes in the contact of any sour substance. Then the molecules start coagulating.

Curd is one of the most common staples which can be found in everyone’s kitchen all over the world. One can have curd with any kind of food, be it your evening snack or lunch. It comes in various consistencies in different countries; for example, the curd available in Europe is exceptionally smooth, whereas curd available in India has a tangy taste and is little watery. Curd, nowadays, is available in different flavors and textures. You can find flavored mango curd, strawberry flavored, and whatnot. It is also available in several varieties like – low fat, fruit-flavored, no fat, whole milk, greek, etc.

Curd is considered to have extraordinary health properties because doctors often advise consuming cud, especially during the hot summers. It is rich in vitamin B2, calcium, vitamin B12, magnesium, potassium, etc. Not only does it has health benefits, but curd also contains some of the incredible beauty benefits that can be enjoyed just with the use of a small bowl of curd. Curd is mostly beneficial for those people who live in tropical countries. In the summers’ scorching heat, the intake of curd can act as a cooling agent in the body and provide relief and comfort.

Also, curd acts as an excellent substitute for those people who do not like consuming milk as milk contains calcium, and so does curd. Thus, you can get all the health benefits of milk by consuming curd.

Why you should have curd regularly?

It is said that curd contains all the nutrients the human body needs in the day to day lives. Below are the reasons which illustrate the reason for considering curd as extremely healthy.

  • One scoop or one serving of curd is filled with lots of nutrients. If you are opting for non-fat Greek curd, you are exposing yourself to around 10 grams of protein.
  • The protein requirement that is fulfilled by curd helps you build muscle, and it helps in your hair growth and blood circulation.
  • It nurtures you with the probiotics present in them. These are the excellent bacterias like your saliva in the morning, killing all the germs present in your body. Probiotics help you to stay healthy and solve your stomach issues.
  • Calcium is very much essential to keep your bones healthy. Milk is the best source of calcium, but many people don’t like milk, so the best option is to opt for milk derivative, which is curd. Curd is tasty, and it has the vitamin C present in them, which helps boost your immune system.
  • For the adults aged above, 30 should consume curd regularly. It is instrumental it took in the empty stomach.
  • Along with vitamin C, one more vitamin, which is vitamin B-12, is present in it, which helps you produce red blood cells (RBC) and help in the synthesis of your DNA.
  • We all know that potassium is very much essential to keep your blood pressure level maintained. The body produces sodium, and excess sodium can be harmful, so it is good to balance it out with sodium consumption; thus, coconut is an excellent source for potassium, and the second option is curd. Curd is readily available and very much cost-effective than a coconut.

Benefits of eating curd in morning

The curd is very filling the one cup of curd that can help you to postpone your main diet for one hour; therefore, it proves to be a great workout meal. You can eat a banana or any protein shake whatever your diet plan is, but curd is lightweight, so it helps you with dealing with bloating if any, and you are good to go.

The best part about curd is it is one of the food items which contains lots of nutrients. We have already shown two vitamins, but studies show that the curd is fulfilled with cobalamin and magnesium. Cobalamin is a human-made vitamin that boosts your metabolism and helps your liver.

You must have curd every morning as breakfast with oats, fruits, and other elements or after lunch. Avoid curd post-sunset as it disrupts the digestive system.

curd benefits

Curd benefits

There are various health benefits of curd, some of which have been mentioned below:

Helps in digestion

Curd is said that curd has amazing digestion properties. It helps to digest the food which you consume quickly. It absorbs the nutrients which are present in the other food items which have been destroyed. The main reason behind its excellent digestion properties is the presence of probiotics, which refers to a type of good bacteria that is very helpful in improving gut activity, curing upset stomach, reducing inflammation in the stomach, etc.

Strengthens immunity

Another public health property of curd is that it can help in boosting one’s immunity power. As mentioned before, curd contains active bacteria; this bacteria can help fight disease-causing germs, which are mostly present in the intestine and digestive tract. Researchers have shown that curd has equivalent fighting abilities to gastrointestinal medicines, which are prescribed by doctors to cure upset stomach or improve the immunity system. It also helps to cure vaginal infections, if any, as it discourages yeast’s growth by producing hydrogen peroxide.

Improves cardiovascular health

Curd can also help in the reduction of risks related to cardiovascular diseases. The reason behind this is, it doesn’t allow the formation of cholesterol in the arterial region, which is the main reason for heart diseases nowadays. Regular intake of curd can also keep problems relating to hypertension miles away.

Curd benefits weight loss

It is a well-known fact that fat tends to accumulate in the lower belly and waist region of a human body. This is mainly due to a hormonal imbalance of cortisol and an inactive lifestyle. Since curd contains a lot of calcium, it produces less cortisol, which ultimately leads to filing full but at the same time consuming fewer calories and thus losing weight. It helps to keep a flat stomach.

Controls blood sugar level

Curd is a food item that can be easily digested. It is said that it helps to regulate the blood sugar level. Greek yogurt, which has become very popular nowadays, allows people to fight diabetes. You just need to stay away from sugar; avoid adding sugar or other sweetened products while consuming curd.

It Good for bones

A bowl of curd is quite rich in calcium. Calcium is essential for the strength of bones.

Curd keeps your bones healthy and helps to maintain a perfect body weight because of the low-calorie content. You can consume curd with some seasonal fruits or flaxseed, which acts as an extra dosage of fiber.

Helps in the release of stress and anxiety

In this fast-paced world, people nowadays often suffer from anxiety and stress, which can lead to extreme fatal medical conditions. Adding curd to your daily diet would make you feel less stressed and less anxious. It can help to regular your brain more healthily by keeping depression and negative emotions away. It is said that flavored yogurt can act as a good mood-lifter.

Beauty Benefits of Curd

Curd not possesses some of the amazing health benefits but also has some great beauty benefits. Having talked about the health benefits, let’s take a look at the beauty benefits of curd.

Curd benefits for skin

Curd is prepared from edible acidic substances like lemon juice, vinegar, etc. As we all know, these substances have incredible power to treat all the fungal and bacterial infections of the skin. Just add some lemon juice to a bowl of curd and apply it to your face. Wash it off after few minutes. This will give a radiant look to your skin and will also keep it healthy and wrinkle-free. The antioxidants present in curd help in the plumping up of leather and prevent a person from premature wrinkles. Not only does it helps to keep lines far away, but it also helps in the reduction of dark spots.

Helps to get rid of dandruff

Curd contains some antifungal properties, and thus, applying a hair mask that has curd in it would surely help you to get rid of stubborn dandruff quickly. It is due to the presence of lactic acid, which has antifungal properties. Lots of compound mixtures are prepared using curd that serves various purposes and thus helps you in several ways.

How Can You Consume Curd In A Tastier Way?

It is quite strange to know that a person who is lactose intolerant cannot consume milk and other dairy products but can most often consume curd. This helps them to get benefited from all the right nutrients of milk, which are essential for a healthy life. Now, people sometimes do not like consuming the simple or the whole milk curd and try to consume it differently. The following are some of the everyday curd recipes which make curd tastier.

Strained or greek yogurt

Greek yogurt refers to a creamier form of curd. In this type, all the water is extracted from the curd, which gives it a smooth texture and can be consumed in the form of dips and smoothies.

Curd Dips

This creamy form of curd can be consumed with peanuts and onions. The dip is quite easy to make and is as healthy as the original form. You can also use it as a salad dressing for starters and lunch.

With Kebabs

This prepared with hung curd where all the excess water from the curd is extracted by handing it in a muslin cloth for a few hours. You can mix the hung curd with cottage cheese, almonds, oats, peanuts, etc. and make delicious kebabs out of it.

Curd Salad and Potato

Mix some mashed potatoes, cumin seeds, whipped yogurt together to make a salad. This is exceptionally delicious and nutritious.

Curd and lamb

You can consume a decent amount of curd with few pieces of fried lamb and some mint leaves for a flavorful taste. This is one of the most typical dishes of Kashmir, India.


This is one of the most popular and delicious desserts among Indians. Just add a bit of cream, milk, cardamom, saffron to a bowl of curd. Mix it all, and there – your Srikhand is ready.


This is again a popular drink in India. People often consume it during the summers as it helps to keep the body temperature down and hence gives a relief in the scorching heat of summer. Whip the curd by adding a bit of water to give a runny consistency to make lassi.

Plane curd

This is an India recipe where you can use sugar and enjoy it with bread, and it can be consumed in your daily meal. The idea is to use it as a pickle.

Masala curd

This serves the purpose of pickle in your meal as it is very mild spicy in taste and free from oil, so it helps you to enjoy your meal, and it is equally healthy, unlike pickle which has preservatives and oil present which can give you acne and other skin related issues.

Final thoughts

Curd is a multipurpose food element. That’s why it is being considered a superfood. It is tasty, rich in nutrients, and it does not need any preparation before consuming it. It is your best travel food, and it does not get spoiled quickly. The curd is very pocket friendly so for around ten bucks you can get 200 grams of curd, which is very good for every class of people and it can be prepared quickly.

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