Curtain Bangs Curly Hair Styles for Medium to Long Length

Curtain Bangs Curly Hair

If there is one hairstyle about to make up a comeback sooner or later, that is curtain bangs curly hair. If you follow the beauty trends, you will notice how this beauty trend of the 60s and the 70s is taking social media a toll.

To look at it in a way, curtain bangs have always been evergreen. Time and again, we have witnessed even many celebrities rocking the look. Take Brigitte Bardot or Farrah Fawcett, for example. These celebrities, along with many others, carried the curtain bangs look with the utmost grace possible. Talking about the current times, take the current icon, Dakota Johnson, as an example. Needless to put it across, she looks stunning with her curtain bangs, does she not?

Hence, we have asked ourselves at least once in our lifetimes if we should also get some curtain bangs done, right? Well, if you are to believe the current searches on TikTok and Instagram, there have been thousands of searches and posts with the hashtag curtain bangs and bangs. We are also starting to notice that the influencers are also beginning to embrace the curtain bangs look.

But, people who have naturally curly hair prefer not to get themselves curtain bangs curly hair. Well, there could be many reasons for not preferring the same. However, the most important one is that many people are not aware of the best styles for curtain bangs curly hair.

Hence, below we have jotted down some of the best styles to go for curtain bangs on curly hair. Could you keep reading to know them all?

Curtain Bangs Curly Hair

One of the most popular questions asked by people who have curly hair is, do curtain bangs look good on curly hair? Well, the answer is a yes.

And this applies to all face shapes. However, how good or bad you look depends largely on how good, or bad your hairstylist is. There is one tip that everyone with curls must follow while getting curly hair curtain bangs. That is to keep a minimum har length at least. This is for the fact that curly hair shrinks. It would look bizarre if you do not allow them to shrink nicely or cut the hair too short.

Here are some of the curtain bangs curly hair looks that are a must-try.

Side Part Curly Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs Curly Hair

If you go by the current trends, you would notice how the youngsters say it is difficult and classy to pull off a mid-part look. However, the fashion lovers out there would beg to disagree. If you go by the latest fashion trends, the side part is already around the corners again.

Hence, this Side Part Curly Hair with Curtain Bangs hairstyle is something you must try. You can keep your hair to your shoulder length. This would, of course, be more manageable. However, if you love to keep your curls long and you know that you would be able to manage them, there is no stopping from going for a longer length.

Color-Accented Loose Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs Curly Hair

Many people opt not to get curtain bangs with curly hair because they feel that the loose curls make them look off. This is mainly because for people who have good voluminous curly hair; the hair often seems to defy gravity.

Hence, people think not to get them done. But what they are unaware of is that the loose curtain bangs for curly hair look no less than absolutely glamorous. The key lies in embracing the curls and being super confident in them. If you get that right, you will make all of the heads turn with awe for sure.

Next, you can color them pretty to make the curtain bangs and the curl stand out and get more attention. You can choose to go for some common shades such as blonde, golden, brown, as shown in the picture. On the contrary, if you are looking forward to adding some quirkiness, you can choose from some bold and funky shades like red. With summer around the corner, it would be extremely fun and frolic.

Curtain Bangs on Curly Short Bob

Bob cut has always been one of the most evergreen cuts ever. It is one of those cuts that looks amazing on all kinds of hair, whether curly, wavy, or straight. When it comes to curtain bangs, curly hair, a bob cut fits amazingly.

People with curls often choose to go for a short hair look.s well, that is mainly because of how manageable it becomes. But the real deal is to find one of such short hair looks that fits great.

One of such amazing looks that every face looks good with is a bob cut with curtain bangs on curly hair. This hairstyle also looks amazing on round-face curtain bangs curly hair. You can go by the Gen Z style and let the bangs fall just above your eyes with ease. Or, you can also choose to play with your look a little and side part your hair to give the correct amount of edgy look. Either way, this look is sure to make heads turn.

Curtain Bangs Wavy Curly Hair

Do curtain bangs suit wavy hair? Hands down, girls who have pretty waves often find themselves asking this question. One strand of hair falls somewhere between straight hair and curly hair. That strand is referred to as wavy hair. You could say that wavy hair is one of the many types of curly hair that are there.

In the above section, we have discussed some of the best styles for curtain bangs curly hair. Let us now look at some of the best curtain bangs hairstyles for wavy curly hair.

Layered Wavy Curls with Side Part Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs Curly Hair

One of the best hairstyles that elevate the look of wavy curly hair is a layered cut. Curtain bangs perfectly balance with a wavy curly layered hair cut. The soft wavy curls fall effortlessly on the shoulders, adding an elegant touch to the whole look. A curtain bang certainly adds elegance by balancing the upper part of the hair perfectly.

You can add an edgy feel to the whole hairstyle by letting us bang hair tips that have their ends facing one particular side. As you can see in the picture, this would look perfect if your bangs fell just above your eyes.

If you want to grab some more eyeballs, you can also choose to highlight some hair strands. The hair strands at the bottom portion slightly become lighter than the portion above in the picture above. This look would add some variety, adding more life to your complete look. Definitely worth a try, is it not?

Curtain Bangs on Wavy Curly Straight Cut Hair

Most of us hardly think of trying out new hairstyles for our wavy curly hair. We girls who have wavy curly hairdos have our own set of reasons for trying to stick to one kind of hairstyle, right? Well, yes.

One of the many reasons is that it is manageable, and we know that a straight-cut hairstyle fits nicely with this kind of hair type.

What we can do to enhance the look is to add a curtain bang to elevate the whole look. If you have a mixture of soft waves and curls, just like the picture above, you can choose to let your bags fall loosely right above your eyes.

You can let your bangs have your natural hair strands if you wish to. Or, you can straighten them just like the girl is wearing them in the picture attached. Straightening your bangs would make them stand out and grab tons of attention. The soft wavy curls perfectly balance the look by offering a classy edge.

For all the fashion police out there, we sure are aware of how this hairstyle was a huge hit back in the years, do we not? As we all know, the fashion of the bygone era tends to come back again. Much like this, Curtain Bangs on Wavy Curly Straight Cut Hair hairstyle is almost returning among many millennials.

How to cut Curtain Bangs on Curly Hair

We have already learned that curtain bangs look amazing on all kinds of hair by now. Be it wavy, curly, or straight hair, these bangs perfectly elevate the look. But, the real deal here is finding out the right way to get them done, especially when it comes to curly hair.

Without proper knowledge and guidance, making curtain bangs on curly hair is a real task. Hence, we have mentioned the easiest steps to get them done yourself below. Read on to know more.

Tip: Before you begin to cut your bangs, there are certain things that you must ensure are kept handy. They are a rattail comb, clips, or rubber bands to ensure the remaining unused hair is in place and hair shears.

Step 1: Keep your hair dry, and style like you do every day

Cutting curly hair is, hands down, extremely tricky. We are sure that professionals make it look like a piece of cake, but it definitely is not for us beginners.

Hence, unlike what they do in the salon, remember to wash your hair properly and let it dry. After that style, it is just the way you do every day. This would help save you from the horror of making your hair too short. Well, curly hair shrinks when it dries up. Styling it the way you carry it every day would help you see when your hair is heading.

Step 2: Make a triangle

The next step is to make a triangle with the first portion of your hair. The three corners of the triangle are the crown of your head and the two corners of your eyes. If you want to make a thicker bang, take more of your hair. And if you want your bangs to be thin, make the triangle smaller.

Step 3: Make the bangs

For the next step, take the clips and the rubber bands and tie the remaining part of the hair tightly. Next, make the triangle part fall loose over your eyes. Begin cutting the hair by taking a hair strand from the middle portion of your head. Cut it to the length you prefer without pulling the hair strand straight. To avoid a bizarre situation, you can also choose to snip the hair a little longer than you usually want.

Now, once the middle hair strand is snipped, repeat this by taking strands from the other parts of the triangle. Remember not to rush and take one hair strand at a time only. Ensure that all the hair strands are equal in length.

Once you are done with cutting your bangs equally, you can see how it has turned out. If you think that the bangs would be better a little shorter, you can again adjust them accordingly.

However, whatever you do, remember that once you chop the hair off, it can’t be undone. Therefore, we suggest you snip small portions of your hair at one time only. You can snip more later according to your preference and wish.

Final Thoughts

Curtain bangs curly hair looks amazing. According to FrameShot Photography, curtain bangs curly hair is also easy to photograph, especially in headshot photography, as the light gets reflected in many interesting shades and patterns. The only trick is to own the look you are carrying. Any hairstyle amps up when it is boosted by confidence. Do you not think the same?

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