Dark Circles Under Eyes Causes: Home Remedies and Medical Treatment

dark circles under eyes causes

The under-eye skin is one of the delicate and thinnest areas within the skin. This fine texture does not have oil glands, and it is the best place for rings, dark circles, and shadows. Having dark circles is a common problem for both man and woman. Dark circles sometimes make you older than you should look! The dark circles under eyes causes are many. Here, we will discuss this in detail and give you permanent solutions too.

Dark circles look like blue, purple, or brown type, and based on your skin tone, you will find them. There are several reasons for that dark circle situated. The dark circles are made due to assorted reasons such as aging, heredity, hormonal changes, and physical stress. And another important reason for a dark circle is lack of sleep.

People should be aware of the dark circles under eyes causes to avoid the spots that make them look dull and gloomy. If you are facing a dark circle problem, then you have to be concern always. If you face a dark circle problem, you have to change your lifestyle and improve your sleep habits.

Causes of dark circles

There are several causes for dark circles, but you have to identify what causes dark circles to happen, and you should make sure that using home remedies, dark circles can be stopped. Once you have a dark circle, that means your health needs to be improved. It is an indicator that you need proper sleep, food, rest to avoid health problems. Following are some of the main causes of the dark circle’s problem.

Lack of sleep

The human body needs proper sleep because due to lack of sleep, dark circle problems may come! Lack of sleep is one of the dark circles under eyes causes. If you do daily deep sleep, only your body can properly repair skin and other tissues. During sleep, blood circulation always focuses on your skin’s cells and tissues to provide your face with a more attractive appearance. If you will not sleep daily properly, it creates health problems and improves the stress problem. When stress increases, then your skin becomes pale, and it creates lots of problems. And due to lack of sleep, then a dark circle will arise.

If you have poor circulation

This is another best cause for a dark circle under the eyes. The skin under the eyes is fragile and weak, and darkness under the eye is the blood flowing with low oxygen in that area. Fully oxygen-related blood is red, but this has low oxygen blood, and for that reason, the areas will always be darkish. Capillaries and veins have blue-hued, deoxygenated blood flow, which is so close to the under-eye area, and this is the main reason for dark circles under the eyes. You have to monitor whether you have a poor circulation problem or not for the dark circle!

Genetic problem

For dark circles, a genetic problem is also significant. If your parents also had a dark circle problem, then you may face that problem from childhood. People belonging to a melanin-rich genetic group also have many chances of having a dark circle problem under the eyes. If you face a dark circle problem from childhood, you must observe your parents whether they have a dark circle problem or not! In most cases, a genetic problem is another best dark circles under eyes causes. It is one of the major problems.

Thyroid problem

Yes, this is another cause of the dark circle. If you have a low thyroid problem, then it creates darkness under the eyes. Remember, the thyroid is one of the master glands in the body, and without a thyroid, none of the other hormones work well. If you have low thyroid, then blood production can be low, and anemia will occur within the body. You will become weak, and your blood circulation flow will gradually reduce due to this dark circle in the eye. So, it needs to check up whether you have normal thyroid or high or low always. This will help to reduce the dark circle.

Smoking is another problem

Yes, if you smoke frequently, it will also reduce the blood flow. Tobacco is injurious to your health. Smoking is another main dark circles under eyes causes. Cigarettes include lots of chemicals and toxins, which is not good for health. And it creates a bad impact on the body. People who smoke frequently tend to dark circles, which create a bad impact on health. So, always try to avoid smoking because if you smoke daily several times, it negatively impacts your body and creates problems.

dark circles under eyes causes


If you love to consume alcohol daily, it creates a bad impact on your body, and it will create a dark circle under the eyes. If you drink too much alcohol, it creates pressure on the liver, and it will decrease the oxygen in the blood and create intoxicating effects on the body. Moreover, if you consume daily huge quantities of alcohol, it will negatively impact health. It creates a bad impact on the liver and skin, and a dark circle will also arise.

It’s always better to avoid alcohol daily because it will damage your skin cells; liver, and it negatively impacts dark circles. If you consume daily alcohol, it negatively impacts the skin, and wrinkles arise much more! Drinking alcohol also means you are taking more sugar, and it will provide an elastic structure, which supports resilient skin and support the pump system. Find the best solution, and stop drinking alcohol daily. Always try to maintain a healthy life because your healthy life makes you happy always. Try to use a healthy and fit life to improve skin condition and remove wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. Choose the best deal and best home remedies that make you healthy.

Remedies for dark circles

Well, remedies for dark circle always depend on the problem you have, and you’re skin tone and other details. Now, if you have a deep dark circle, it’s always better to consult with the doctor and take proper medicines and other home remedies through which within a certain time, the dark circle will light. We every human has a dark circle; some have deep, and some have low dark circles. But you have to understand what type of dark circles affects your body and what type of dark circle is light and not harmful. You can consult with the doctor regarding the dark circle and take advice from them.

There are some home remedies available that help to remove dark circles gradually. There are some common methods which you need to follow to reduce dark circles like –

In this article, we will show you some common remedies you can follow at home. This will help to reduce dark circles and improve body structure.

Need plenty of sleep

If you want to reduce dark circles, then plenty of sleep is essential. Sleep always on time. Don’t waste your time by sleeping late at night. A human body needs a minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep daily. It requires a healthy body! Proper sleep makes you healthy, fit, and strong!

Apply always cold compress

If you use a cold compress, this can reduce the shrink and swelling of dilated blood vessels. This will help to reduce the dark circle gradually. You can do another thing, wrap few ice cubes in a clean cloth, and apply them to your face. You can do it a daily minimum of 15-20 minutes. It helps to circulate the blood properly under the eye and use it. It creates a positive impact on our body and makes our body stress free. Try these home remedies twice daily if you have a dark circle. This is another dark circles under eyes causes and best solutions.

Use tea bags

If you want to reduce the black circle, then you can use cold tea bags in your under eyes. Yes, this is one of the best remedies for dark eye circles. Tea contains antioxidants and caffeine, which stimulates blood circulation, shrinks your blood vessels, and reduces liquid retention. The process is straightforward and easy. Take hot water and soak green tea and black tea bags in hot water for five minutes. After that, please put them in the fridge and keep them for 15 to 20 minutes. Once they become cold, use those bags in the under eyes.

dark circles under eyes causes
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Conceal your dark circle with makeup

Yes, this is another best way to hide dark circles, but it can help camouflage them. Concealer can cover dark marks, and it becomes normal skin colors. However, with any makeup products or topical treatment, use proper makeup! There are some makeups which create a gallery. So, try to use branded and high-quality makeup, which helps to reduce dark circles. You can consult with the cosmetic doctor to understand the problem, and they will also provide proper solutions.

What are the medical remedies?

Well, based on your skin tone and color and effect of the dark circle under the eye, the doctor will checkup. Sometimes, they also provide some examination and analysis of your skin properly. They will provide some medical treatment procedures if required or provide some medicines you need to follow. An always remember dark circle under eyes causes many other problems because it reduces your face beauty and your face look dull. Try to consult with a proper doctor, and they can provide you advice.

Medical remedies

To get a permanent and effective solution, some medical treatment is essential. It helps to reduce dark circle from the eyes and provide you satisfaction.

  • You can try chemical peels for pigmentation. This is a complete medical process, and to know more details, you can consult with your doctor now!
  • Try laser surgery, which increases your skin tightening process and makes your skin beautiful.
  • You can also use medical tattoos that help inject pigment into thin skin areas.
  • You can also try tissue fillers that help conceal and cover blood vessels.
  • Try the fat removal process, which removes excess fat from the skin and body. It will help to make a smoother face surface.

dark circles under eyes causes

To get relief from the dark circle, you have to consult with the doctor. It’s essential and important as well. Several dark circles under eyes causes available, but you have to know what cause is the main for you! Visit the clinic or nearby doctor, tell them about your problem, and get proper solutions. Try some proper solutions for you’re under eye and get details easily. Consult with the doctor and take medical remedies if you wish! Medical consultation and remedies help get better results, but you need to remove dark circles if you follow home remedies.

The dark circle is not a big disease, and for many people, it’s a sign of aging and lack of sleep. There are several home remedies and medical treatments available in the market that help improve your dark color eyes. It will also help reduce under the dark circle. However, if the swelling or discoloration worsens over time, you can make an appointment with a doctor and make sure they will diagnose the problem properly.

Final thoughts

There are several cosmetics and makeup available in the market that claims their products can remove darkness from under the eye, but you have to check reviews and product details before buying! It’s always better to consult with the doctor and try anything you wish directly from the market. Know properly dark circles under eyes causes and use them. For home remedies, some are very effective, and you can try them. Sleep properly, drink water regularly, try to sleep within time, and eat healthy food always.

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