DIY Breastfeeding Jewelry : Preserving Your Motherhood

Breastfeeding Jewelry

Breastfeeding Jewelry is a beautiful way to commemorate the special bond you share with your baby and to show the world what an incredible mother you are.

There is a long history of jewelry honouring mothers and babies, from heirloom blankets and baby teeth to first shoes and other keepsakes. Breast milk jewelry is a beautiful way to memorialize a fleeting time in your life or the life of someone you care about.

It will take you to the great pride moment in making one-of-a-kind, custom pieces that serve as fitting mementos of an equally memorable occasion. You will treasure each one for the rest of your life, and you will be able to give it to your children as a legacy.

The handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings feature resin stones or centerpieces made from your breast milk. Each breastmilk stone, which looks like a white opal, is unique and one-of-a-kind. 

It represents a part of the mother and child’s bond that can never be replaced, and it is a beautiful symbol of the mother’s undying love and devotion.

How Does One Create Breastfeeding Jewelry?

Expertise, tools, the proper curing method, and familiarity with acrylic resin jewelry are prerequisites for producing high-quality breastmilk jewelry.

You can use only the highest quality materials to craft breast milk jewelry that will last a lifetime.

We hope you find beauty in the items you can create for yourself. It reflects on the strength of your motherhood, the selflessness of your sacrifice, the triumph of your accomplishment, and the indestructibility of your bond with your child whenever you look at them.

Make Powder from Your Breast Milk: Step-by-Step Instructions

First, you’ll cure your milk and dry it into powder to make Breastfeeding Jewelry.

Two tablespoons of breast milk are used, and you can add enough preservatives to stop any bacteria or fungi from growing. The breast milk is then slowly reduced until it forms a paste.

After that you can dry out the milk about two weeks after transferring the paste to a sealed, airtight commercial desiccator. Although time-consuming, this drying process is essential for keeping your milk free of bacteria and other contaminants; these would otherwise cause your stone to turn a dark brown and reduce its aesthetic value and durability.

The milk is first allowed to dry into larger flakes, then ground by hand using a mortar and pestle to achieve the fine, powdery consistency required for casting with acrylic resin.

Converting Powdered Breast Milk into Solid Rock

Powdered breast milk is combined with high-quality clear acrylic resin and cast in a silicone mold to create a stone. During the blending process, you can add special touches to your artwork, such as color, shimmer, gold or silver flakes, a lock of your baby’s hair, or even a personalized inscription.

It will take 12 hours to dry and harden your breastmilk stone after it has been cast. After the stone has been extracted from the mould, it undergoes a quality check and is coated with a transparent protective coating to shield it from the sun’s rays.

Depending on the piece of Breastfeeding Jewelry, you can place the finished breastmilk stone into a ring, bail, back, or mount. At last, your unique piece of jewelry undergoes a final quality check before being carefully packaged and delivered to your door.

Crafting Unique Jewelry by Including Your Designs

Breastfeeding Jewelry
Image Credit: The New York Times

You can make your breast milk jewelry even more unique by including small items in the stone. Tints of colour shimmers, shine, flakes of gold or silver, and even a lock of your baby’s hair are all fair game. They are the best way to personalize or DIY Breastfeeding Jewelry, whether you combine several or add one.

1. Childhood Color

In most cases, birthstone colours are the primary inspiration for the birth colour component. Birthstone colours and tints add meaning and beauty to any piece of Breastfeeding Jewelry, from the warm, deep red of garnet (January’s birthstone) to the icy blue of aquamarine (March’s birthstone). It’s also enjoyable to pick a colour at random; popular options include sky blue and blush pink.

2. Flawlessly Shines And Flakes

You could use gold or silver flakes as an alternative if you want to maintain a neutral aesthetic. Gold flakes are a good choice if you favor gold jewelry, while silver flakes are best for those who prefer silver. Gold flakes are available in yellow and rose gold, both of which are made from 24K gold resistant to tarnish and decay.

Your breastmilk stone will take on the milky hue of an opal after being opalized. When viewed in direct sunlight, all the rainbow colours are brought out in beautiful pastel tones as this effect plays on soft dots of colour. There’s no denying that this addition is one of our favourites.

Breastfeeding Jewelry can be given a pearly sheen by adding pearl powder or a pearl-like luster. It’s a beautiful way to highlight the natural appearance of breast milk, and it’s a common choice for pear-shaped stones.

3. Infant Prints

One of the specialties is customizing breastmilk jewelry by including your child’s handprint or footprint as a reminder of how small and precious they once were.

4. Sections Of Hair

Add a special touch by including a lock of your baby’s hair in the design. Just a few strands of this will add a touch of elegance to any necklace, bracelet, or earring.

5. Include The Script

To cap it all off, larger breast milk stones can be personalized with your child’s name, birth date, or a short message in the typeface of your choice. Everything is up for grabs!

In a nutshell, we offer a wide variety of options for customizing and enhancing the meaning of your Breastfeeding Jewelry beyond just the breast milk itself because we understand the significance of such an item to you. 

And it is up to you, the designer, to give form and character to the breastmilk stone that is the finest expression of your individuality.

Isn’t There Something Strange About This?

People have two general reactions when we tell them that we make jewelry out of breast milk: they either like it or think it’s peculiar.

Yes, we understand. Breastfeeding Jewelry is instantly understood by many as a meaningful representation of a life-changing event. Others, however, might find it strange or even repulsive. This is one of the appreciative moments if people tell us it’s not for them.

Breastmilk jewelry may not be for everyone, but for those who understand and appreciate the sentiment, it can constantly remind them of a precious and fleeting time. 

It captures a profoundly meaningful connection at an emotional, even primal, level. Because of the care we took making it, it is just as sanitary and secure as any other piece of jewelry you may own.

What Should You Do to Preserve Your Breastfeeding Jewelry?

Like any other fine jewelry, breastmilk jewelry deserves special care and attention.

1. Stay Away from Humidity

Jewelry should be kept in the soft bag provided with each purchase, kept in a dark, cool place away from excessive humidity, and enjoyed for many years. Breast milk jewelry, in particular, should never be worn while tanning or in a sauna, and you should permanently remove all jewelry before engaging in either of these activities.

2. Keep It Away From Water

Breastfeeding Jewelry should be removed before swimming, bathing, or using soap and water. Breastmilk stones can lose luster over time due to contact with residue and chemicals in tap water or a swimming pool.

3. Clean with Regular Or Cold water

Breastfeeding Jewelry
Image Credit: Free Press Journal

Breastmilk jewelry should be cleaned with cool water and mild soap rather than jewelry cleaners or other harsh chemicals. 

Avoid perfume, as it is often formulated with alcohol, and alcohol, which helps clean the metal parts of jewelry, as both may damage the surface of your breastmilk jewelry stone. 

If your breastmilk stone loses its shine due to contact with chemicals or even your skin oils, polish it with a soft, clean rag to bring back its luster.

4. Taking Care From Scratches

And while your breastmilk stone will be tough as nails, that doesn’t mean it won’t get scratched. Be careful when handling abrasive items that might scratch the surface of your stone, and avoid piling on multiple layers of jewelry without giving each piece adequate space to prevent accidental wear.

Important Note: 

Finally, despite all of the above warnings, please don’t refrain from wearing and enjoying your breastmilk jewelry. If you take good care of it, your Breastfeeding Jewelry will last for generations, and you and your offspring can enjoy it for years.

Bring to the Closure…

Breastfeeding Jewelry is unique because each stone represents a different moment in your breastfeeding journey with your child. It’s a beautiful and meaningful way to remember this time in your life.

Breastfeeding is a profoundly intimate experience between mother and child. When it comes to nursing, no two kids have the same routine

Some infants adapt quickly, while others take more time. Sometimes breast milk production varies significantly between mothers; one may have plenty while the other may have none.

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