Do Negative Calorie Foods Really Help to Lose Weight Easily?

What are negative calorie foods

The theory of diet is quite simple – you consume lesser calories you lose weight. Meaning that if your calorie intake is lesser than what the body needs, you will lose weight and if it if the opposite, then your body will store the excess in the form of fats and you would gain weight.

But, saying so, have you all heard of the term ‘negative calorie’? Well, obviously it has to do with your food, but still if you have not, then let’s know it, as it could be the last resort for them, who have been struggling with their weight loss regimes for years unsuccessfully.

What is negative calorie foods or diet?

A negative calorie diet or foods are those foods that are very less in calorie contents and high in other nutrients. These foods being high in dietary fibers, requires a lot of calories in the body to get digested. In simple words – our body have to burn more calories in order for these foods to break don down and digest. These foods being rich in nutrients and antioxidants are very effective for weight loss.

Negative Calorie Foods and Weight Loss

As per the Sheela Seharawat, the founder member of Diet Clinic and the Best Dietitian in Delhi, there is no food without calories. All foods have calories and neither do any food have calories in negative. It is just that these foods have very less calories and are high in dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals.

As term suggests – negative calorie and weight loss, it sounds positive and means that it can do a lot of good for our health and weight loss. These are foods that have the ability to make us fit and stay healthy. Negative calorie foods are supposed to be healthy and helps in overcoming our health problems.

As per the best dietitian in Punjab, we must eat foods with nil calorie value so that we do not turn unhealthy and fat. To enjoy the benefits of these foods, we must first know which ones they are and how they work on our body. Let’s have a close look:


  • Foods low in calories


Sources of whole foods are always low in calories and are loaded with all other vital nutrients that makes us healthy and enables us to lose weight. But there is more to be considered in these foods rather than just calories.

Take for example – diet soda. It has zero calories but have other elements that could be detrimental to our health. On the other hand consider – avocado. It is very high in calories, but is loaded with nutrients and healthy fats.


  • Foods that makes us burn calories in chewing too


Foods that are high in dietary fibers not only takes more time to get digested, bit also takes more time to chew in the mouth, making us burn more calories and keeps us full and satiated. Similar foods that are high on dietary fibers takes more time in the stomach to get digested and hence the body has to spend more lot calories to break them down and absorbed.

So, when we say ‘negative calorie foods’, it actually means that these are foods that are low in calorie and also the body has to spend its energy or calorie store to break them down and digest. Some of these foods are:

  • Vegetables like spinach, kale, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, celery, zucchini, broccoli, tomatoes, French beans, okra, eggplant and radish.
  • Fruits like grapefruits, watermelon, apples, berries, lime, orange and tangerine.
  • Protein sources like chicken breasts, fish, eggs, legumes, lentils, bean and soy.
  • Healthy fats like nuts, seeds and olive oil.

The Health Benefits of a Negative Calorie Diet

According to the best dietician in India for weight loss, negative calories diets are recommended to people who are looking forward to shed weight and that too fast. But, apart from just losing weight, a negative calorie diet and foods have many other health benefits associated with it like:

  • Helps in reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases
  • Aids with weight loss
  • Improves digestion and also prevents constipation
  • Is a great help in lowering the risk of developing diabetes
  • May help in lowering the risk of metabolic syndrome
  • Is effective in fighting various types of cancers
  • Can help in improving your mood and other cognitive functions

In order to diet using negative calorie foods, do all your researches carefully. It is always better to take advice from an expert dietician on the same. It is imperative that you know and as well understand the calories that are associated with the foods you are going to include in your diet program.

As a normal norm, always look for whole foods, vegetables, and fruits. Make a list so that you know exactly what you’ll be eating for this short period of time and the calories you will ingest. At the same time, it is important to know how much calories you burn in a day. This will allow you to know that how much calories you should consume and how much you burn.


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