Does Microblading Hurt Without Numbing Cream or Anesthesia?

does microblading hurt

Does microblading hurt? This question may come to your mind before you decide to use the microblading technique. But first, you should know what the microblading technique is.  Microblading is a semi-permanent technique to make your eyebrows perfectly shaped.

It will add pigment to your skin through a small multiple needles attached tool. This microblading technique may hurt you, but it can enhance your look through this technique.

It has become one of the most popular beauty techniques now. If you have less hair in your eyebrows, you must be struggling every day with your makeup, eyebrow pencils, and brow gels to get perfect-looking eyebrows.

But the microblading method gives you relief from this day-to-day struggle. It will provide you with the best-shaped eyebrows and save your time every day.

Though the cost of the microblading method is much more than the makeup eyebrow pencil, the treatment is still worth your money. You must have observed that the eyebrows get focused in the world of beauty.

If you need a time-saving and struggle-free option for your eyebrows daily, then microblading treatment is the best option. We are providing information that is microblading painful. If you want to know how microblading hurts, you must read our article until last.

Does microblading hurt

Do you have light-colored or very thin eyebrows? Well, if yes, you don’t have to worry much. You can use the microblading technique to get fuller eyebrows.

It will help you to change your look for perfection. You will feel more confident and beautiful after taking the microblading technique. The whole process will take a minimum of 2 hours.

Microblading can hurt you even when the numbing cream usage is a part of the process. The amount of pain you will get from this process depends on your pain tolerance.

However, it will hurt you less than getting a tattoo. Your new eyebrows can stay for a maximum of 3 years, but you have to give touch-ups after 18 months to remain in the perfect condition.

Before taking the microblading treatment, you have to investigate the provider well. Try to check the provider’s work sample. You have to be careful and watch if the provider is using a topical numbing ointment or not.

Usually, the provider numbs the area of microblading. So, you can only feel the tool’s scratching sensation and pressure instead of extreme pain.

You can also get crunching or scratching sounds throughout the process. You will get extreme pain and hurt if your microblading technique provider does not use any anesthetic. It would help if you confirmed with your practitioner about the anesthetic before starting the technique.

does microblading hurt

There are some ways to reduce the pain and discomfort of the microblading technique. They are as follows:

  • Do not intake alcohol or caffeine on the microblading day
  • If you decide to take the microblading technique, avoid eyebrows pluck or wax from a few days before
  • Do not involve yourself in sunbathing or tanning before taking this microblading technique
  • It would help if you did not use vitamin A (retinol) at least a month before
  • You must avoid using any facial treatments, laser treatments, and chemical peels before the technique

Your skin can become a bit red after the procedure. You may get sunburn on your face for some days after the procedure. The whole healing process will take at least 10 days.

Taking care of your face is important after the microblading treatment. Therefore, you must know everything about the caring process and ensure that you can take care properly after the microblading treatment, then only go ahead with the treatment. You must follow some of the things to avoid further complications and infections. They are as follows:

  • You must use coconut oil on your eyebrows at least two times a day
  • Do not pick, rub, wet, or touch your eyebrow area for at least 7 days
  • Try not to use any makeup for 7 days after the procedure
  • Do not stay in the strong direct sunlight
  • Always keep the place dry and clean
  • You should not use harsh skin care products
  • Do not get involved in activities that can make you sweat for a few weeks

Your face is a very sensitive area, so you must carefully select a skincare provider. Otherwise, you might suffer unforeseen circumstances. Please do not resort to places that offer cheap services. Such dermatology treatments must be done by expert practitioners only.

Does microblading hurt without numbing cream

Does microblading hurt without numbing cream? Some of the providers use numbing cream before microblading, while others do not want to apply it before microblading.

If the provider does not use the numbing cream before the microblading process, you will get extreme pain, whereas if your provider uses numbing cream before the microblading process, you will get less pain.

So, if you have sensitive skin and don’t have much pain tolerance capacity, you must ask your provider to apply the numbing cream before the microblading process.

The numbing process varies from one person to another. Some of you can numb instantly, whereas some of you cannot. Some of them need time to get numb, whereas some of you get numb at once.

If your provider wants to use an anesthetic before microblading, then you should check the anesthetic for the eyebrow microblading and discuss it with the provider.

The right anesthetic for your microblading is a topical anesthetic. Ensure that the topical anesthetic has two active anesthetics like Lidocaine with Benzocaine, Lidocaine with Tetracaine, Tetracaine with Benzocaine.

They will be effective in the area of microblading and help you to control bleeding in that area. But the topical anesthetic application before the microblading process can break your skin and make it hard and watery.

If you look from pigment retention and precision perspectives, then microblading will become more difficult for the provider after using a topical anesthetic.

does microblading hurt

Does microblading eyebrows hurt

Does microblading hurt? It is known to you already from the above that microblading eyebrows can hurt you if the numbing cream is not used before the treatment. So, if you have the pain tolerance ability, you can avoid the numbing cream. It depends on what you want to do completely.

You have to take two sessions for the microblading treatment, or else the eyebrows can start fading after a few days. In the first session, you will get foundational strokes. After six weeks, you have to visit the same place for the second session. Both the sessions are necessary for the dye and strokes to set in properly.

The first session comprises 300 strokes in three stages for both sides of your eyebrows. The three stages are scratch, dye application, and take-off. The whole process will be repeated at least 4 times.  It will take a full hour and a half to complete.

The second session comprises 100 strokes for both the sides of your eyebrows. The process in the second session will take a maximum of half an hour to finish.

You have to keep the eyebrows dry and clean after the microblading treatment for two days. It takes 48 hours to set in the dye. You can use oil of emollients and vitamin E in the area two times every day.

Microblading cost

The cost of the microblading treatment can be expensive for you. But you will never regret spending money later. It is a very nice treatment for your regular life. This treatment will make you happy and satisfied. However, the high price doesn’t always guarantee you a  good service. Still, you can rely upon a good cost package for the best service.

It would help if you gained some confidence by observing the sample works of the microblading service provider before taking it. Choosing the right provider is important for getting the best possible treatment service.

Try to find out the best one for you. The microblading process will never hurt you if you know the right ways of treatment. You may ask some people who have already taken the microblading treatment before. Try to gain some ideas from their experience. The ideas and reviews will help you choose the right place for your service.

The microblading treatment and tattoo treatment may look similar to you. You may get confused between the tattoo and microblading treatment. But these two treatments are different altogether.

The provider uses pigment in the microblading treatment, whereas the provider uses ink in the tattoo process. He uses a tool with multiple needles and a microblade pen in the microblading process, whereas he uses an electric needle in the tattoo method. The semi-permanent method is microblading, whereas tattooing is the permanent method. Therefore, there are many differences between microblading treatment and tattoo treatment.

The microblading treatment will help you to stay in a positive attitude. If you take the microblading treatment, you won’t need to worry about your smudging and fading brows. Your morning will start with amazing eyebrows every day. Your perfectly shaped eyebrows will bring you a smile when you look into the mirror, and you will stay happy forever.

Now, you may think about how safe is the process of microblading for you. Usually, the process of microblading is safe for you. But still, you have some risk in this process. Your skin can be punctured.

If you have some allergic problem with anything. Then it would help if you spoke to your provider about your problem before taking the process because some microblading pigments can cause an allergic reaction. So, you must talk about your skin issues with the provider before microblading. If you think about the risk too much, you won’t be able to take the treatment and get perfect eyebrows.

Looking through microblading reviews

The reviews for the microblading treatment are essential for you.

All the reviews are good mostly. You must check all the reviews before visiting the place for treatment.  This will save you money and time. These reviews will help you get confidence about a particular place’s service. If you find any negative reviews about the place, you must investigate the place more and replace it with another if needed.

Nowadays, most women are working, and they don’t get enough time to do their makeup regularly. But still, they want to look good with perfectly shaped eyebrows.

So, the microblading treatment has made their life easy. You can also choose this treatment without any hesitation. If you have any fear of pain, you no need to worry because this treatment will not give you much pain.

But the pain you will get might be more than the pain you get during the threading. So, make sure about your pain tolerance capacity. Moreover, you can accept a little bit of pain to get a perfectly good look.

You have to keep patience during the treatment as you have to sit for hours to get it. Do not fail to visit the place after a few weeks for the next and final session.

Every woman longs for perfect eyebrows. Eyebrows are an important part of your face. Your face may look dull if you don’t have fuller eyebrows.

The makeup products won’t be able to help you always. Therefore, to enhance your look, you can go for microblading treatment. It is a safe and simple process for you. We have provided information about how microblading hurts in this article. Hopefully, our article does microblading hurt will come to your help.

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