ETH BTC: Comparison and Advantages

There are many different coins and tokens in the cryptocurrency market. However, the first choice for investors is Bitcoin or Ethereum. In this article, we will talk about these market leaders and give a reliable service where you can convert ETH to BTC

Bitcoin – the Industry’s Leader

BTC was the first cryptocurrency that drove the development of the entire industry. Bitcoin has a market capitalisation of more than $348 billion. Bitcoin has been called digital gold, and investors see it as a hedge against inflation. Although it is the most popular currency, it has some drawbacks we should mention here:

  • Environmental damage (caused by mining)
  • Complexity of mining and expenses on equipment for it
  • High fees
  • Time-consuming transactions.

The BTC price today is $18,042 (November 9., 2022).

 What is ETH?

Ethereum is the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of popularity and trading volume. Ethereum is traded on all crypto exchanges. The coin is an attractive investment, especially after its merge in autumn 2022. Since then, the Ethereum network has operated on the Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol, which means it provides:

  • much cheaper transactions;
  • much more speedy transactions;
  • low fees;
  • possibility to stake coins;
  • much less electricity consumption (since ETH is not mined anymore).

So the project will likely receive even more users after the merge, and it is likely that the ETH price will boost in the near future. Today the ETH value is $1,236.

Both projects – Bitcoin and Ethereum – are worth investing in, for they are the market leaders. And now that the market is bearish and the prices have dropped, it is the right time to buy BTC and ETH and hold them until the market trend changes. You can buy these and other popular crypto assets on the WhiteBIT platform. It is the largest crypto exchange in Europe, allowing you to swap, exchange, trade, convert crypto, buy it with fiat and withdraw to a bank card. 

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