Exercise to Get Periods Immediately When It Is About Time

Exercise to get periods immediately

Are you wondering about the exercise to get periods immediately? Well, there are several on how to induce period. Sometimes, you do not want to have the periods on your actual date. It can be due to any festival, occasion, vacation, or other related reasons. You want to get a period immediately so that you do not have to worry about the date of your event and remain carefree.

You may first think about getting your periods immediately, but some medicines have bad side effects. Therefore, if you want the safe process of having your periods before the exact date, exercise is the best way.

You can also maintain a proper diet for getting periods naturally. We are providing information about exercise to get periods immediately in this article. If you want to know more about exercise to get periods immediately, you must read our article until last.

Exercise to get periods immediately

Exercises affect your body in various ways. It helps in proper blood circulation, so your internal system becomes strong. Some exercises can also help you to secrete different types of hormones in your body.

Hormones control your menstrual cycle. So, if you know the proper exercises that secrete hormones in your body and do it, you will get periods immediately. But the results of all the exercises are not the same. Your body reacts to an exercise that varies from any other person.

If you want periods immediately, you have to exercise vigorously and intensely. Exercise has the power even to stop or delay your periods. So, you have to know the proper exercises for your actual purpose.

If you have delivered recently or suffering from any gynecological problem, then avoid doing these exercises. These exercises may worsen your condition, and your health may deteriorate. However, it is always better to discuss with your doctor before starting any exercise, which puts pressure on the lower part of your abdomen.

There are several exercises to get your periods immediately. They are as follows:

Spot jogging

Spot jogging is one of the best exercises to get periods immediately. When you are doing spot jogging, your menstruation hormones get stimulated, and your blood circulation in the lower part of the body improves.

Stand in a place and go jogging for a minimum of 15 minutes. This process helps you to get periods immediately. You can continue jogging two times every day to get the result.

Spot jogging

Abdominal twist

An abdominal twist is a good exercise to get periods immediately. If you want to do an abdominal twist exercise, first you have to lie down on the floor. Then, touch your hips with your heels by bending your knees.

Both your hands should remain below your head. After that, you have to pull your upper part of the body a little up from the floor and twist it to your left, but your lower part of the body and legs will get twisted to your right. You have to stretch the body as much as possible to get the proper benefits.

After holding the whole position for a minimum of 2 seconds, return to your beginning position and start doing the same thing again for your opposite side. This exercise creates pressure in your whole abdominal area, which results in a period immediately. Repeat the exercise a minimum of 10 times on each side of the body to get positive results.


Full sit-ups are an excellent exercise for immediate periods as they put pressure on your whole abdominal area. You have to stand straight in your legs with forwarding hands and a part shoulder. Then, you have to sit down without touching the ground.

After doing the sitting position, return to the standing position again. If you want to benefit, you have to repeat this exercise at least two times a day and do 20 sit-ups each time.



Arch is a very effective exercise to get your periods immediately. Firstly, you have to lie down on the floor. Then put the hands and feet on the floor. After that, keep the body weight on your feet and hands and slowly pull up your body from the floor.

You have to keep the balance while your body becomes an arch. Now, hold it and wait for 20 seconds, then return to the beginning position and repeat it a minimum of 15 times a day.

Reverse crunches

Reverse Crunches are a great exercise to get periods immediately. Firstly, you have to lie down on the floor. Then, bending your leg knees, use your legs to pull up the down part of your body.

After that, push your waist and hips region and place your legs bending on the abdomen. This exercise will pressure the down part of your abdomen, which results in your immediate periods.

Lying down bicycle

Lying down bicycle exercise helps you to get periods immediately. It creates pressure in the lower area of your abdomen and improves blood circulation in your uterine area. Firstly, you have to lie down on the ground. Then, put your bending hands below your head. After that, put your feet with bending knees on the ground.

Now, pressing the elbow of the right side, pull up your left side knee, and let them join in the corner. Then, please return to the starting posture again and repeat it with the left side elbow and right side knee. You have to continue the exercise fast two times a day for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Lying down bicycle

How to get your period in one hour

Are you searching for ways to get your periods in one hour? Well, you don’t have to worry about your period anymore. There are various ways to get periods fast. We share some of the natural ways to help you get your periods in one hour.

Eat raw papayas

Eating raw papaya is one of the best ways to get the periods in one hour. It creates a contraction of your uterus. Moreover, it contains carotene, which can activate the estrogen hormone in your body. This hormone is essential for getting periods fast.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is a very effective solution if you want to get the periods in one hour. It has effective emmenagogue properties in it. But it has a few side effects like acidity too. So, if you tend towards acidity, you must avoid having ginger tea and look out for some other alternatives.

You must know the process of making ginger tea. Firstly, you have to take a water pan and put some sliced ginger in it. Then, boil it for at least seven minutes. After that, put some sugar or honey in the tea, and after some time, your ginger tea is ready.

Ginger tea


You can use parsley to get your periods in one hour. It contains myristicin and apiol, which help in your uterus contractions. In addition, it is also rich in vitamin C. The presence of vitamin C, myristicin, and apiol make your periods fast.

Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds are an excellent way to get the periods in one hour. It contains beneficial emmenagogue properties, which help you in getting periods immediately.

You must know the process of making the solution of coriander seeds. Firstly, you have to take two cups of water and put them in a bowl. Then, put some coriander in the bowl and start boiling it. After that, you have to take off the coriander seeds from it.

Sesame seeds

You can eat a moderate amount of sesame seeds to get the period in one hour. But avoid eating in large amounts because your body will get hot since it produces too much heat. Eat it with hot water at least two times per day.


Pomegranate has a lot of health benefits. It contains a large amount of vitamin C in it. Vitamin C produces estrogen, which helps you get periods in an hour.


Foods with Vitamin C

Vitamin C foods enhance the estrogen levels of your body. If you eat a high amount of vitamin C, you will contract your uterine. Moreover, it also lowers progesterone amounts in your body.


Grapes is another best option for you. It contains a high amount of pantothenic acid, vitamin A, potassium, copper, pectin, and vitamin C, which will help you in the period process.


Pineapple can be an effective solution for getting periods in an hour. The fruit contains a high amount of bromelain. In addition, it is an enzyme that affects different hormones like estrogen.

Cumin seeds

You can consume cumin seeds in place of parsley to get your period immediately because they have similar effects.

How to make your period go away faster

You may have some occasions, festivals, or a vacation plan, and you want that your period must go fast. Your menstruation length differs from that of other women.

Your body mass index, stress, and hormones affect your menstruation length. The total average time of your periods varies between three to seven days. If you consume an oral contraceptive pill, the length of the flow can become short.

There are a lot of ways to make your periods go away faster. They are as follows:

Birth control pill

You can consume birth control pills to stop your period fast. But it has some side effects. Therefore, you must look for a safe way to get away from your period faster.

Exercise to get periods immediately


Exercise is one of the best ways to make your period go away faster. It will help you to decrease bloating and lighten your menstrual flow. Moreover, it will also decrease your water retention and cramps in your body. But you should avoid doing exercise and look out for any other option if you have painful and heavy periods.

Eat well

It would help if you ate a balanced diet to make your periods end quickly. Make sure your diet consists of many green vegetables and fruits for your good health benefits.

Red raspberry leaf tea

Red raspberry leaf tea is a wonder drug for you. It will stop heavy bleeding from menstruation and also enhance your egg quality. It has an alkaloid named fragarine and helps tighten and tone your pelvic area muscles.

This tea is rich in tannins, which will help you decrease heavy periods and strengthen the uterus.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C will help to end your periods quickly. It will decrease your levels of progesterone and break your uterus. But do not consume high amounts of vitamin C  because it has some side effects such as insomnia and diarrhea.

Do not use tampons

You may find tampons perfect for soaking up your blood. But tampons can block your blood flow. If you want to make your periods end quickly, you can use menstrual pads or cups. It will keep your private region clean.

Exercise to get periods immediately

Have an orgasm

Orgasms will help to go away your periods faster. Masturbation or sex makes the contraction of your uterus. You will find that heavy blood flow coming out from your vagina for some time. You may lose 16 teaspoons of blood. But this process will help you to end periods faster consequently.

Final thoughts

We have provided details about exercise to get periods immediately in this article. You have come to know that proper exercise and a healthy diet are the two most important ways to get the period quickly. You can follow our ways to get the immediate periods and stop it fast. Hopefully, our information about exercise to get periods immediately will come to your help.

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