Eye make ups

Eye make ups

Eyes are the most expressive part of anybody. You can slay with your eyes, say whatever you want without even saying a word.

Now when you know that eyes are the most important part of your face, along with the makeup looks, you should know about all the tricks and tips that will make your eyes more expressive, and killer.

But if you don’t know it, No worries.

We bring you some great ideas of Eye makeup styles that lift up your personality for office, gather the etc.

So without wasting time, let’s jump to it.

1: Different timings, different makeup.

If you’re going to your workplace, or somewhere in the morning, the eye makeup would be more natural and nude. And if you are going to a reception or party, eye makeup will be more glamorous.

You can’t wear the same makeup to different gatherings and timings.

2: Lashes are majors.

You may know about Hudabeauty, Huda believes that lashes are the most important part of makeup and will enhance your look even more. If you’re planning for a party or event, make it fake. Yes, fake lashes are the part of the makeup. But if you want natural, then curl it up before doing mascara.

It will definitely make a fine difference and make your eyes look bigger.

3: If you want to win it, then wing it!

Eyeliners are something that will never receive criticism. Since the early ’70s, eyeliner became the trends and never fails to impress. You can do your liner with a classical approach, or wing it up to have a look. Also, you can switch in different colours to make it pop.

4: Nudes are new trends.

Nude collections are the best editions for the no-makeup look.you can have makeup, by fooling others. All you have to do is to buy a nude eye pencil. Apply this pencil on the waterlines of your eyes.

5: Bright up the lids.

Eyelids should be light. It will create an impression of bright eyes.  The dark you do your lids, it will make your face dull and dark. For lighter or more natural looks, you can use highlighters. 

6: Master Your brows.

There was a time I remember when people use to pluck the hairs to make your brows thin. But as time passes and trend changes, natural brows became a style. If you’re having thick brows, I must say that you’re blessed. But if you don’t have, then pick an eyebrow pencil and strike it down. Trust me it looks so good.

7: Go Smokey.

It looks more sexy and bold when you go with smokey looks. Smokey eyes look good at night events more in my opinion. Also, it becomes more easy to achieve a brilliant smokey and smudge look by yourself. Just take kohl and black eye-shadow on the lid and take smash it all over your eye with a finger or brush. Neat it down, and you can glam it more by adding glitter. Complete the look by adding mascara and liner.

8: Pre makeup tips.

Makeup begins with foundations or bb creams. But you have to prepare your skin more. use an eye primer and concealers to prepare your eyes for the best results. Also, use powder when humidity increase.

9: scotch tape hack.

Believe me or not, but this hack actually saved my life. Tear a piece of tape from the lower part of the eye reaching towards brows. Now do your makeup. Remove the tape after and it will be surprising you by giving a very define shape of makeup.

10: Eye creams and serums.

This hack is actually for women with some ageing. Eye skin is the most delicate part. We have to apply different cream due to different skin around eyes. The correct applications of the eye serums should be inwards. Use eye masks and keep your sleep better to avoid circles. This will help you to make your wrinkles gone.

These were some hacks or tips or tricks from my experience. Maybe it won’t suit you the best. Try it on yourself to get a more subtle and easy look.

Make your eyes look best. You should go with good makeup products always.

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