Gallstones in kids: Symptoms, causes, and natural remedies

Gallstones in kids: Symptoms, causes, and natural remedies

Gallstones are not frequently seen in kids, unlike adults. Gallstones are the solid deposits of the digestive fluid (bile) that occurs in the gallbladder. The bile is made up of proteins, salt, fat, cholesterol, and bilirubin. Gallstones formed in the gallbladder is made up of either cholesterol or in the rare case bilirubin. 

The symptoms are not visibly seen, and hence the removal of gallstones is not required. Gallstones in kids are not caused due to any underlying medical condition. Certain risk factors such as overweight, genetic factors, family history of gallstones, or the use of certain medications may increase the risk of gallstones in kids. Now, let’s read through the article and find out the symptoms, causes of gallstones in kids, and a few natural remedies that your lid can follow to ease gallstones.  

Symptoms of gallstones in children:

Gallstones, even if present it doesn’t show up any signs and symptoms. But gallstones display the symptoms suddenly in the form of:

  • Sudden and severe pain in the belly
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • The blocked duct, which might cause the gallbladder to swell. This brings damages to the organs such as the liver, pancreas and may lead to organ failure.
  • Fever 
  • Chills or sweat
  • Jaundice, a yellowish tint in the skin and the eyes

Causes of gallbladder stones in children:

There are many factors can put your kids under the risk of developing gallstones and a few of them are discussed below:

  • Abnormalities in the production of red blood cells or due to blood disorders.
  • Risks of long-term malnutrition
  • Extended fasting due to illness
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Crohn’s disease

How gallstones are diagnosed?

The doctors often diagnose gallstones using any of the following techniques:

  • Gallbladder ultrasound 
  • Abdominal x-ray
  • MRCP (Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography)
  • ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography)
  • A blood test to find infection, obstruction, and jaundice.

When to see the doctor?

If you notice the symptoms like severe abdominal pain, fever, chills, nausea, pale stools, vomiting, or yellowing of your kid’s skin and eyes, then seek medical attention immediately. Also, if you have repeated bouts of intense pain or infection, then see your doctor right away. Your paediatric doctor may suggest blood tests or imaging test to find the cause of the pain before recommending the treatment. If medicines are prescribed, order the medicines online from any trusted online medicine site and get them delivered at your doorstep. 

Natural remedies to treat gallstones in children: 

Most frequently surgery or antibiotics are used as the first line of treatment to resolve gallstone in patients. A few natural alternatives can help to get rid of gallstones naturally. 

  • Consuming detox juice, a mix of apple and vegetable juice can help to cleanse gallbladder. Detox juice helps to flush toxins out of your body. 
  • Drinking dandelion tea or coffee may help to remove gallstones from the body.
  • Using castor oil pack on the abdomen may help to treat gallstones.
  • Pain in the abdomen can be relieved with acupuncture by easing the symptoms like abdomen pain, back pain, and nausea. 
  • Practicing a few poses believed to help people with gallstones. Try a few poses like bhujangasana (cobra pose), sarvangasana (shoulder stand), locust pose (shalabhasana), dhanurasana (bow pose) to name a few. 

Tips to prevent gallstones in children:

Here are a few tips which when followed can prevent the occurrence of gallstones in children:

Avoid high-fat and processed foods.

Include foods rich in fibres

Consume a lot of fruits and vegetables

Adding olive oil in the diet decreases the chance of developing gallstones in kids.

Intake of lecithin-rich foods like eggs, oatmeal, milk, soybeans, peanuts, cabbage a name a few helps to prevent the development of gallstones. It prevents by solidifying cholesterol present in the gallbladder. You may get lecithin from the foods you take, but you can also take lecithin supplements available in the market to prevent gallstone development. Order OTC supplements from the best online pharmacy store in India and avail amazing medicine discounts on every order you place.  

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