Get a Sleeper Sofa with a Chaise Attached

a Sleeper Sofa

A Sleeper sofa are multi-purpose pieces of furniture that are beneficial for small spaces. If you find one with a chaise lounge attached, you have three pieces: a loveseat, chaise, and a bed.That’s what makes them great choices for guest bedrooms, living rooms, finished basements, and studio apartments near Abilene.

There are two types of sleeper sofas you can purchase with a chaise attached to one end. They are the pop-up sleeper and traditional sleeper sofa. Let’s look and the pros and cons of each so you know which will fit your household’s lifestyle.

The traditional sleeper sofa with a chaise offers a three-seat couch or loveseat in addition to the lounge. Because of its size, this sleeper is often used in living and family rooms, dens, large guestrooms, or the primary bedroom. It’s a heavy piece of furniture with a built-in mattress when the mattress folds out, the arms and back of the sofa act as the headboard.

These can be found in full, and queen sizes and are constructed for long-term use. You can replace the mattress if needed over time. They are typically four to six inches thick and come with different fillings to meet your comfort needs. The memory foam mattress is very popular and perfect for relieving joint discomfort. 

Innerspring mattresses are filled with padding and coils and are an option for many sofa beds, but they aren’t as comfortable as memory foam.

Now, let’s look at the other type of sofa sleepers with chaise lounges, the pop-up sleeper. This is a loveseat with a chaise attached. Under the loveseat is a compartment that slides out and lifts up to meet the other cushions, creating a bed. This piece is made for long-term sleeping arrangements also. 

The chaise seating usually lifts to unveil a storage space where bedding can be kept. It’s also extremely comfortable to sleep on as the sofa’s cushions are already designed with maximum comfort in mind. This piece offers a loveseat for sitting, a chaise for lounging, a bed for sleeping, and a storage compartment. That makes it four pieces for the price of one. 

When it comes to purchasing bedding, it’s easy to find sheets and blankets as the mattress sizes are standard. However, it may be more challenging to locate fitted sheets for the pop-up sleeper as they don’t quite match the dimensions of a standard full or queen-sized bed. You can tuck a flat sheet in to cover the bed. 

Keep a mattress protector on the sleeper sofa’s mattress. That way, if you ever are eating on the couch and crumbs seep into the sleeper, you can easily wipe them off of the mattress when you pull it out for use. It will also protect the mattress from any spills that may seep in between the cushions. You won’t have to worry about jeopardizing the mattress’s integrity. 

You should now have enough information to choose the right sleeper sofa chaise combo for your home.

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