Goth Makeup Ideas With Jeffree Star Cosmetics Products

Goth Makeup

Goth makeup represents mysterious, dark, and old-fashioned makeup ideas. The members of the Goth subculture mostly wear this type of makeup.

The gothic fashion typically includes dark lipstick, dark clothes, and dyed black hair. Also, you can wear thick dark eyeliner and nail polish most of the time; they are in black.

Furthermore, male goths also use cosmetics and makeup more often than other men. Their styles mostly borrowed from punk culture, Elizabethans, and Victorians.

Many people confuse goth fashion with emo fashion and heavy metal fashion; however, there is a difference.

How to choose goth makeup?

The whole Goth culture is very much dependent on appearance. Hence, makeup is one of the factors which completes a classic Gothic look. Goth Makeup has to be dark and mysterious.

#1 Foundation

Foundation is the most important part of goth makeup. When buying a foundation, make sure it is 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone. Most gothic people have an almost dead look, and their skin looks very pale and almost white.

Hence, it is important to use a good foundation that will make your base look flawless. So, select a light shade of foundation to make yourself look as pale as possible. However, make sure the foundation does not look cakey and looks more like you are wearing a white mask.

Moreover, if you have a dusky skin tone, then you might want to choose a foundation that is 4-5 shades lighter than your skin tone. Also, you can buy a white makeup base or press powder which is white as well.

When you apply the foundation with the pressed powder, it will you a very greyish skin tone, and it will not look like a white mask which is very different from your skin tone.

Furthermore, you need to invest in a good makeup primer and make sure it has some SPF. Primers are good for prep the skin, and they will also help your foundation last longer than usual.

Besides, if you wear a primer with SPF, it will give you a paler look since sunblock prevents the skin from tan.

Goth Makeup foundation

#2 Eye Shadow

Pick an eye shadow palette that has a lot of darker tones. Goth makeup does not always mean you need to do a black smokey eye. You can play with different colors such as navy blue, red, and purple other than black.

Also, you can use a dark color like deep brown or black eye shadow over the eyeliner. This will give a theatrical appearance.

A lot of gothic people might want to highlight their eye shadow than their lipstick and vice versa. When you are buying your eyeshadow palette, make sure it goes with your overall look.

#3 Eye Pencil

If this is your first time applying eyeliner, use a black eye pencil instead of liquid eyeliner. So, if you are anxious about using liquid eyeliner and think you might mess it up, choose either eye pencil or gel eyeliner. You will have more control over it.

Moreover, if you make a mistake with a pencil, you can easily correct it with Q-tip. Just dip the Q-tip in micellar water and clean the edges.

Besides, while buying an eyeliner, make sure it is smudge-proof and long-lasting. Since you do not want your eyeliner to get on the face, use a smudgy eye pencil on the lash liner and waterline. On the waterline, you can smudge it with an eyeliner brush or Q-tip.

#4 Liquid Eyeliner

If you know how to apply liquid eyeliner, then go for it. Moreover, if you have been using an eye pencil or gel liner for a long time and want to try something new, buy black liquid eyeliner.

Also, liquid eyeliner gives a more defined look which is a lot like the 90s goth makeup. Furthermore, buy a waterproof and smudge-proof liquid eyeliner, especially if you have oily lids or sweats a lot. In this way, the eyeliner will stay on your eyes for a long time and won’t run down on the checks or other areas of your face.


#5 Mascara

Black mascara is a must when you are doing goth makeup. This will make your eye area darker, and you will look vampy. Also, go for a mascara that is lengthening and volumizing. If you are using black mascara, you go for false lashes for a more dramatic look.

Furthermore, if you want to play with colors, you can use colored mascara, such as red or purple. Moreover, you can use red mascara on your top lashes and black on the bottom lashes for a unique look.

#6 Lipstick

It will be incomplete whether you are doing traditional goth makeup or soft goth makeup without dark lipstick. You can use black lipsticks or play with dark colors such as violet, dark blue, red, chocolate brown, or marron.

You can buy different lipstick shades so you can change them depending on the mood. If you want a long-lasting lip product, then go for liquid lipsticks, as they stay way longer than bullet lipsticks.

Goth makeup male artist – Jeffree Star

Whenever we talk about male gothic makeup artists, the one name that comes to our mind is Jeffree Star. He is an American makeup artist, former singer and songwriter, YouTuber, and entrepreneur. Also, he is the owner and founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is an American makeup and cosmetics company founded and owned by Jeffree Star. He said that he invested all his life savings in this company. In 2014, he launched his first makeup product, which was 30 liquid lipsticks.

Furthermore, it is stated that the business is estimated to sell USD 100 million annually. All of their products are cruelty-free and vegan. Also, the company is co-owned by Jeff Cohen, who is Star’s business partner.

Goth Makeup

Products by Jeffree Star Cosmetics

If you want a goth makeup look and searching for goth makeup brands, then Jeffree Star Cosmetics is the one you should choose.

Moreover, the company produces lip products, mirrors, setting powders, concealers, jackets, lipsticks, and highlighters. Also, they randomly sell various mystery boxes on the website, such as deluxe boxes, mini boxes, and premium boxes.

According to Cosmopolitan, they have top 7 products which are fan favorites that are:

  • the “Thirsty” palette
  • the “Velour Liquid Lipstick”
  • the “Blood Sugar” palette
  • “Liquid Frost” highlighter
  • the “Magic Star”
  • the “Androgyny” palette
  • setting powder and concealer

How Jeffree Star Cosmetics grew year by year?


In 2016 in an interview with Nylon, Jeffree said that the first eyeshadow palette is called “Beauty Killer,” the same as his first and only studio album. Also, he revealed he wanted to expand the product range and include his foundation and moisturizer.


In 2017 January, he revealed that he would be launching another eyeshadow palette called “Androgyny.” The palette was released in March same year. He named this palette after his “theme of life.” The color pattern of the palette also changed a lot.

Furthermore, he revealed that he would launch another product, “skin frost highlighter palette.” Later in October, the company launched their “The Star Family Collection.” Few of the shade names from it were named after Jeffree’s pet Pomeranians.


In 2018 January, Jeffree announced his “Blood Sugar” palette. It is a red-themed palette with 18 shades. In the USA, it was released on January 29 and globally on February 10.

Furthermore, he revealed that he would launch another palette called “Thirsty for the summer collection.”

In 2018 August, Jeffree Star cosmetics were available offline in a Morphe store in New Jersey. In the same year, in October, they had more offline stores in Netherlands and Belgium, followed by France in the next month.

Also, in 2018 November, Jeffree launched his new palette, “Alien,” and it was a part of the Holiday Collection. “Alien” palette also has 18 shades like the “Blood Sugar” palette. The collection also has lip scrubs and liquid lipsticks.

In December, he released another highlighting palette called “Supreme Frost Pro.”


In 2019 March, he released the “Blue Blood” palette, the successor of the “Blood Sugar” eye palette. The palette was in a casket shape, and the color theme was blue-based.

Moreover, in 2019 May, Jeffree revealed that he would release his first lip gloss collection called “The Gloss.” Also, in August, he announced that he has collaborated with Morphe for a palette. With the palette, a brush set will also be released.

He stated that he collaborated to be a good quality eye shadow palette, which is cheaper than his other palettes. This palette has 30 shades.

In June, he released “Jawbreaker,” which was the biggest release to this date. It was included in the summer collection. Also, a small palette called “Mini Breaker” was released as well.

Furthermore, in October, the documentary series by Shane Dawson, “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star,” showed the behind-the-scenes of the company. Also, it showed the production of the new product, which Jeffree and Shane made.

On November 1, 2019, “The Conspiracy Collection” was released and was available on the official website and Morphe stores.

Furthermore, two mystery boxes were released on the site, and one of them was Halloween-themed. However, both these mystery boxes received complaints from the customers.

In the first mystery box, a lot of people said many products were missing. Whereas for Halloween mystery box, many criticized the company for sending broken products.

As of 2019 November, the products are available offline in Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Phillippines, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Norway, Australia, Finland, and Switzerland.


In 2020 February, Jeffree launched his “Blood Lust” palette and collection. Then in 2020 May, he revealed the “Cremated” palette and collection. But the launch of this collection faced delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2020 July, Morphe stopped collaborating and commercial activities with Jeffree Star Cosmetics due to the allegations of blackmail, manipulation, and racism against Star.

Furthermore, in 2020 August, Jeffree launched his “Orgy” collection. It was his first nude-color collection. Moreover, in the collection, things included are 30 pan eyeshadow palette, 25 mini lipstick vaults in nude color, illuminating setting powder, 6 new lip gloss, and a 9 pan mini eye shadow palette.

Also, in 2020 November, he launched the “Blood Money” collection. It was his 4th palette in his “Blood Collection.” The color theme of the palette was green.

Moreover, this collection included many other products such as accessories, his brand-new eyeliner, and 4 new shades of “The Gloss.”


In 2021 late January, Jeffree revealed his 2nd gloss formula in his brand, called “Supreme Gloss.” Some of the shades were brand-new whereas, others were the gloss version of “Velour Liquid Lipstick.”

Furthermore, in February, Jeffree declared the launch of another collection called “Blood Sugar Anniversary Collection.” It was in honor of the anniversary of the “Blood Sugar Collection.”

The collection had a new palette called “Mini Blood Sugar Palette,” “Cavity Skin Frost,” a highlighter palette, a relaunch of “Blood Sugar” palette, and a “Velour Liquid Lipstick,” which was red-themed. It was released on 26th February.

Moreover, in March, Jeffree released a brand-new product called mascara, called “F*** Proof Mascara.” Also, in May, he released more Velvet Trap lipsticks in 25 different shades, and in June, he extended his Velour Liquid Lipstick collection.

In July, he revealed his pink-themed  “Pink Religion Collection.” The palette has the “Holy Mist Smoothing Facial Spray,” the “Sacred Glass Extreme Frost Palette,” “18 pan Pink Religion palette”, “Hydrating Glitz Lip Balm” in 4 shades, and “Velvet Trap shades” in 8 new shades. This released on July 30.

Hence if you are looking to have a Goth makeup kit, you should check products from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Final thoughts

Goth makeup means wearing darker eyeliner shades, eye shadow, and lipsticks, but your foundation has to be lighter. If you want to achieve the perfect gothic look, then make sure you buy a lighter shade of foundation than your skin tone.

Also, gothic makeup does not mean it has to be all black; you can play with different dark tone products. Some of the dark shades popular among goths are red, blue, purple, dark brown, and maroon.

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