Here’s Why Kratom Extracts in Cosmetics Are Gaining Popularity

Kratom Extracts

If you’ve heard of Kratom, you might think of it as some sort of magical powder that typically provides a euphoric body-high sensation i.e. Kratom Extracts. And it’s true that kratom is known for its stimulating, psychoactive effects. Part of the coffee family native to Southeast Asia, the kratom tree’s leaves are dried and then turned into tea, supplements, or even smoked. Those who use kratom swear by its remedial effects, which have been known to alleviate an impressive range of symptoms for hundreds of years. Its introduction into mainstream culture has turned kratom into an at-home treatment that is easily accessible and readily incorporated into a daily routine. 

But did you know that Kratom Extracts also has a future in the beauty industry?

When it comes to cosmetics, kratom is slowly making its way into the limelight. Products like kratom powder cosmetics, essential oils, infused bathroom products, and more are sprouting up left and right, and are great for individuals who want to improve their quality skincare routine. There are undeniable benefits to using kratom as a tool for your skin, and its popularity is only increasing.
While it may feel taboo to use kratom as a beauty product because of its history with other facets of wellness, we’re here to show you why everyone will soon be hopping on the kratom train. First, let’s break down the three common types of Kratom you can spot in products. 

Types of Kratom

Typically, the three most popular forms of kratom you’ll find are: 

  1. Red Bali Kratom
    This is the most popular strain of red vein kratom because of its affordability and availability. Many kratom first-timers choose it for its immediate impact and regular users rely on it for its potent effects. It provides a small boost of energy, setting it apart from other well-known strains of red kratom. Often likened to wine, Red Bali Kratom is known for euphoric side effects that melt away the stresses of the day. Many praise this strain for its ability to uplift and motivate. 
  2. Green Malay Kratom
    Rich in alkaloids, this type of kratom is popular because of its pain-relieving properties. Many kratom enthusiasts also go for the green when seeking focus or enhanced cognition—it’s a great brain stimulant that stretches the potential of the user’s day. Green Malay Kratom provides a natural balance that can otherwise be hard to find. 
  3. Maeng Da Kratom
    One of the most well-known kratom strains, Maeng Da is praised for its potency. It’s a special blend of kratom that results in exceptional focus, extreme euphoria, and significant relief for aches and pains. Its extremely high levels of alkaloids make this strain of Kratom a sure-fire way to improve your day. 

Learning the basics about the power of Kratom Extracts is important to understanding why its journey into the beauty industry is significant. In years that it’s become more mainstream, kratom has been used almost exclusively for relief and energy-boosting purposes—but now people are realizing that it provides benefits beyond that. All of the ingredients that make up each strain can actually support other parts of the body, and are even said to have de-aging properties.
While the most popular methods of kratom consumption remain its tea and supplement forms, there is a different reaction when it is applied topically. The alkaloids found in Kratom are able to seep into the body’s pores in a way that differs from ingestion. This application creates a direct line of access for the healing properties to protect the skin, and may very well change the game for the beauty industry.


Kratom is still at the beginning of its cosmetic industry journey. While we don’t have decades of research backing the skincare benefits of kratom, the science continues to develop and show signs of significant improvement. There’s no doubt about the antioxidant, antibacterial benefits that make Kratom Extracts worthy of incorporating into your daily life. Soon, kratom will be as mainstream in beauty products as CBD or hemp-infused products. While research continues to develop on the subject, there have been strong signs of the beauty benefits of kratom.  

Skincare Benefits- Kratom Extracts

Anti-Aging: Eliminate wrinkles, harsh lines, free radicals, and other signs of aging with kratom. The antioxidants found in kratom are similar to those found in green tea, also known for energizing properties that tighten the skin. These antioxidants help delay signs of aging and promote the development of collagen. Don’t be surprised if kratom begins to be positioned as a daily skincare must-have for mature women—with its anti-aging properties and ability to relieve achy muscles, it’s a double whammy for women looking to maintain youthful skin that always glows. 

Another option for keeping energy high and skin tight can be found in white Maeng Da Kratom. Not only does it combat tiredness, but it will provide you with the boost of energy that you and your skin deserve. 

Skin Healing: Eczema, psoriasis, itchy or flaky skin—these are all real skin irritations that can be alleviated with the help of kratom extract. Various skin diseases can be mitigated with the moisturizing, toning help of kratom. It can also help combat the urge to scratch or pick at zits or pimples, helping to minimize breakouts and the possibility of scarring. Many kratom users with sensitive skin seem to enjoy its benefits without fear of irritation. 

Even Complexion: Kratom has anti-inflammatory properties that make it a dream for people seeking a better complexion. Kratom-infused cleaners or sugar treatments are an excellent way to achieve even skin. By improving tissue health and eliminating dead skin cells, kratom increases blood flow, minimizing patches of uneven skin or signs of acne. Nourish your skin with a natural botanical solution that provides visible results. 

Struggle with oily skin? Kratom can help with that. Its facilitation of healthy blood flow to the skin promotes only healthy oils that don’t cause harm or breakouts. Enjoy a naturally attractive face that doesn’t require makeup to bring you confidence.

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A Cosmetic Dose

Kratom-infused creams, lotions, and balms are some of the most universally accepted ways people use kratom to achieve the skin benefits they desire. Just a dollop of lotion or a lather of infused cleanser and you’re in business. Kratom does it all–it hydrates, balances, smoothes, energizes, and tightens the skin. Kratom is an easy-to-apply topical treatment that could help you achieve the radiant skin of your dreams

What’s Next

Remember—Kratom Extracts has been around for a long time. Before you think about its future in the beauty industry, you must consider its past. Many are not yet convinced about the beauty benefits of Kratom because they tend to fixate its psychoactive associations, but the cosmetic potential is undeniable. Not only is it easily accessible for those seeking a new treatment to upgrade their daily skincare routine, but it also manages to soothe some of life’s stress. As products with kratom extract infusions continue to roll out, the future of kratom cosmetics will become more apparent.

As with any new skincare product, it’s always best to watch how your body reacts. Never overindulge in a serum, or you run the risk of an allergic reaction. Moderation is key. Experiment with a kratom treatment once or twice a week and see how the results affect your skin. You may find yourself feeling ahead of the curve!

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