Smile line fillers are the most popular in the aesthetic industry. But what do they do, and are they effective? Find out more about smile line fillers below.

What are smile lines?

As the name suggests, smile lines are the wrinkles that appear around the edges of your mouth when you smile. They are also known as laugh or laughter lines. They may also appear in the corner of your eyes when you smile. You don’t have to worry about smile lines, but if they affect your confidence, smile line fillers can eliminate them.

What causes smile lines?

As you age, your face reveals your facial movements and expressions due to gravity and sun exposure. Scientifically smile lines are known as nasolabial folds that result from repeated facial expressions, and they are more prominent if you are a smiley and happy person. With time the effect of the facial movements reduces the facial skin’s thickness leaving smile lines even after you have ceased smiling.

You may start to notice nasolabial folds at the age of 25years, and they may increase as you age. Typically the aging process reduces the skin collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, responsible for keeping the skin smooth and youthful. When the skin loses such components, it begins to sag, and deep folds may become visible.

Smile line fillers

Although smile lines may be unavoidable as you age, smile line fillers help reduce their appearance, enhancing your natural look. They contain hyaluronic acid, which naturally occurs on the skin, a vital component of the skin’s extracellular matrix. 

When injected below the skin surface, the hyaluronic-based smile line filler volumizes the skin to produce a more youthful appearance with more rounded and smoother contours. 

They are administered through injection along the creases and lines, resulting in a smoother and rejuvenated complexion. Before injecting the smile fillers, the doctor assesses your face to develop an effective treatment plan. The best thing about smile line fillers is that you can pop in for the treatment in some minutes and return to your normal activities afterward.

The doctor administers the injection in the dermis, and the injection site depends on whether you seek a solution for wrinkles, creases, folds, or fine lines. The efficacy of the treatment relies on the amount of smile line filler injected and the severity of the smile lines.

How effective are smile line fillers?

According to research, smile line fillers can immediately add volume and plumpness to the skin resulting in a well-rounded look. The condition of the skin pretreatment and the amount of smile line filler required determine the efficacy of the treatment. Note that the treatment is not permanent as it lasts up to 12months.

The doctor can provide you with information on how to maximize the effectiveness of smile line fillers, including the use of sunscreen and avoiding smoking is possible. Additionally, a good moisturization regime helps plump the skin and reduce the visibility of the fine lines.

Final word

If worried about your smile lines, you should book a consultation with aesthetic treatment experts and discuss whether smile fillers can help your skin.

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