How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last When Planning to Do Nail Art?

How long do acrylic nails last

How long do acrylic nails last? Is it one week or three? Can the duration last for months? Let us find out in this blog!

If you are only a beginner and want to know how long acrylic nails last, now is the time. Maintaining acrylic nails is not an easy job, and sometimes it can cause a headache. This is why we decided to come up with this article about how long acrylic nails last.

Acrylic nails are part of a costly and time-eating procedure to create synthetic nails. But again, with great power comes great responsibilities. Doing nail art isn’t enough; you have to maintain it properly.

If you don’t, those nails won’t last long, and all your money would be a complete waste. You don’t want that, do you?

For how long your fake nails would be your best friend, that relies on some facts. In this section, we are going to talk about those facts. Pay attention so that you can make your acrylic nails long-lasting in the future.

They say that acrylic nails may remain intact for 6 to 8 long weeks. But this number is not absolute. You have to see your nail stylist very often. That’s because your nails continue to grow even after you recreate them.

So it would help if you went to a salon where they will do something to complete the void originated by the growth of your nails. But for how long they will remain unchanged, it differs from one person to the other. However, it is advised that it would be best if you decide to see a stylist within 3 weeks or else your nails won’t last long.

How long do acrylic nails last

Is it bad if the acrylic paint remains for long?

The answer is yes.

The acrylic paint does cause some problems whenever it remains on the nails for a long time after application. There is a good chance that your nails could get infected.

Whenever your nails collide with something, a void forms within the artificial nails and the God-given ones. This void moistens the nails, which after that becomes the perfect place for the fungus to grow.

If you sit there and do nothing about your nails for 3 long months, this will happen.

Some chemicals are generally applied when manufacturing these acrylic nails. Those chemicals could cause damage to your skin. You are more likely to get an allergy if the fake paints remain longer than necessary.

You could also get itching, redness, or swelling in the infected area. Also, the natural oil on your nails from the very beginning could get destroyed. If it does, then your nails would become dry and break easily.

So, how long do acrylic nails last? We guess that you might have found the answer. But definitely, you need to know more than that.

Read further to find out more about how long do acrylic nails last.

How long do acrylic nails last

How much do acrylic nails cost?

Now that you know how long acrylic nails last, you would want to know more about them. So read this section to learn more.

If you are one of those lucky women who can quickly grow their nails, there’s nothing to worry about. But not all of us have that particular privilege. Some of us don’t have strong nails, or our nails always want to remain baby-like.

It’s not very uncommon that the lady next to you has fabulous nails, and you can go to any extent to get the nails like her. But again, not everything is easy in life. You need to lose some to gain some, right?

So, stop whining as we are here to help you. Let’s see what we have in store for you.

The cost

If you want to give a brand new look to your nails, you have to spend more money than you usually spend on nail polishes. We can’t tell you the total amount of it as it depends on your location and to which salon you’re going.

But what we can do is provide you with a good idea about how much acrylic nails cost. Get ready to spend more than $50. Some places could charge you even $75.

As we said earlier, only doing your nails once is not enough. It would help if you revisited the salon, and this could charge you $55. The charge of a gel nail polish is extra if that’s your preference.

What is the way to take the acrylic nails off?

If you want to take those acrylic nails off, that should not be a problem. The procedure is not quite diverse from how we take off gel manicures. So, what is the easy way?

First, wet the nails with the help of acetone. Once they get tender, slowly and carefully take the acrylic nails off. Then you are good to go.

Though we advise you that if you are a novice, go to an expert for help. Otherwise, your nails could get damaged.

How to make acrylic nails last longer?

Well, once you give a complete makeover to your nails, you want them to last longer. But how are you planning to do that? No idea?

Do you know how to make acrylic nails last longer? If you don’t, then you are lucky that you have found this article. Here we will tell you what you can do about it.

The acrylic nails are nothing but a mixture of liquid and powder. Whenever mixed simultaneously, it creates a kind of lump which is stuck to your nails. Then the experts provide the proper form by reshaping it according to your choice.

Most people have breakage on their nails, or they tend to bite the nails. As a result, they are in desperate need to get help from acrylic nails. Other people want to get larger nails to flaunt.

There isn’t any risk if you want to furnish your nails. But in case you left them uncared and not well guarded, things could go wrong. So you need to take care of them properly.

How long do acrylic nails last

Ways of making the acrylic nails last long

Before jumping to any conclusion, make sure to know the world of acrylic nails in detail. Look for the best nail stylists where you live and discuss with them thoroughly. This could be a headache for you, but remember that there is a bigger picture here.

Once your homework is done, the rest of the job will get relatively easy for you.

Select a renowned salon where the equipment is adequately cleaned, and the experts know what they are doing. Take a look on the internet to find the best salon.

Maintain the nails

This is the essential part of getting acrylic nails, and that is about maintaining them properly. That’s because your original nails won’t stop their growth just because you put on acrylic nails. So you need to fulfill the void formed because of this growth.

You can get it done from the comfort of your home, or you can contact an expert who will direct you to the right path.

Generally, the acrylic nails should be refilled every two weeks. But if your nails grow slower than usual, then you may delay the refilling. Though it is best not to leave it for later as that could break or damage the nails.

Cleanse the nails regularly

The problem is that acrylic nails are supposed to be a playground for bacteria. That’s why you have to clean the nails as perfectly as possible. Take a tender brush to wash them and pat dry your hand after washing.

Apply moisturizer

If you want to keep your acrylic nails firm, you have to be more careful with your natural nails. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer on both your hands and on the nails. It will prevent them from drying.

Use a pair of gloves when you’re working

Well, nothing lasts forever and your acrylic nails are no exception. But at this point your job is delaying the inevitable. Always remember to use gloves whenever you are doing some work at home.

Some chemicals and warm temperatures are not good for acrylic nails. So as long as you avoid those things the better.

Go easy on the nails

Just because your new nails are long and shiny doesn’t mean that they can withstand anything. If you want to do something heroic with your nails, don’t say we didn’t warn you. There could be breakages, or your natural nails could get damaged.

So no matter what you do with your nails, go easy.

Tell your nails to rest for a bit

Well, nails aren’t a living organism. So we are not talking about breathing literally. But you need to free them from all the artificialities from time to time. It’s good for the overall health of the nails.

Do acrylics ruin your nails?

So how long do acrylic nails last, that was your earlier concern! But now, after reading all this, you have another question. Do acrylics ruin your nails for real, or is this just a myth?

Well, acrylic paint is not supposed to destroy the nails. But anything can destroy anything after being misused.

If you consult a nail expert about how to paint your nails correctly, that should cause no problems. But in case you don’t care for the nails properly after that, the damage will happen.

Most of the time, the damage occurs because of the mistakes made by us. We often don’t understand what we are doing and try to take off the nails on our own. That’s when the damage is done.

This taking-off procedure is much more complicated than that. The experts know the perfect timing for trimming the nails. If you trim them early, the nails might get fragile.

We stated earlier that the nails could get infected. The first sign of infection occurs when the nails start discoloration or swell or go red. That’s when you know that something is wrong.

If you are an expert, always remember to clean up your styling tools after using them. That’s because a person could have an infection after visiting the salon. So it is best not to take any risks.

In case you decide to furnish the nails on your own, always do it under the protocols. Read the instruction manuals thoroughly before you get ready to put on the acrylic nails. Be careful with the skin which surrounds the nails.

There could be harmful chemicals from which you need to protect your skin. So do it before the chemicals start playing their parts.

It is better to go to a salon so that the experts can take a good look at your nails. They will decide what is best for you and suggest what to do.

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Final thoughts

So how do you know which salon is best? Well, we cannot tell you that. But we can tell you the features to look up to whenever you search for a salon.

Check whether the salon has a license. The stylists of that salon should also have licenses to practice this work.

Now you know it all. You know how long do acrylic nails last or how to make them last longer. So it is up to you whether you are going to do something about it or not.

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