How Long Does Brow Lamination Last and Why You Should Do It

how long does brow lamination last

Eyebrows define our entire face but often goes uncared for, especially by those who are blessed with great brows. While some have bushy brows that can be easily trimmed and maintained, many lack adequate hair in the brow area. In such cases, looking for treatments like brow lamination is only natural. But you need to know how long does brow lamination last to know if it is worth the money you pay for it.

What is eyebrow lamination?

As new beauty treatment, eyebrow lamination gives people preconceived notions. Will it be good? Will it be safe? Well the goal here is to create shiny and smooth brows.

Eyebrow perm and lamination are the same thing. The treatment is a perfect solution for women with unruly or thin brows.

But how is it different from microblading then? It neither uses colors nor needles.

The similarity? They both make your eyebrows look great!

How does brow lamination work? It is a chemical procedure that uses a perm solution, moisturizing treatment, and neutralizing lotion.

It redirects the hairs on your brow upwards.

Once chemically straightened, it becomes easy to reposition the brows. This creates the illusion of longer brows, so it creates desired brow shape.

Your brow hair becomes more pliable as an outcome of brow lamination. It removes the natural downward curve of the brows. So, whether your brow hairs are unruly or curly, brow lamination will fix your problem.

how long does brow lamination last

Benefits of brow lamination

Curious to discover how long does brow lamination last? But do you have a clear idea about its advantages?

Eyebrow lamination addresses a range of concerns people have with their brows in general. These include:

  • Gaps in the brows (resulting from over-waxing or overplucking in the past)
  • Thinning hair (due to aging)
  • Unevenness or a lack of shape
  • Unruly hair going in different directions even after brushing them

Overall, brow lamination gives fuller and denser-looking eyebrows in half an hour.

As it pulls the hair up, it will appear like there’s new growth in your brows. The process is non-invasive and highly recommended for people who do not like face surgeries.

Side effects of brow lamination

Are there any side effects of laminating your brows? Brow lamination is not the same as brow surgery or tattooing.

As stated already, it is not invasive. So, the side effects are minor, nothing like the ones you experience after brow surgery. However, you might experience irritation on your skin due to the application of chemicals. The common side effects are:

  • Peeling
  • Bumps
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Swelling

The side effects generally occur above or beneath the eyebrows. Sometimes, they may extend to the eyelids as well. Note that these are temporary and will vanish in a few days. People won’t be able to stop complimenting your gorgeous eyes once done!

How long does brow lamination last?

Once the procedure is over, the effects of brow lamination will be immediate. The lamination will last at least a month. You can keep your newly shaped brows intact for even eight weeks if you maintain them properly.

If you love how they make you appear prettier, you have to repeat the process once every three months.

Brow lamination and aftercare

You must be mindful of a few things after eyebrow lamination. Don’t end up applying nourishing oils to soothe the skin. They will remove the chemicals from the brows. So, use a water-based product.

It is also important that you apply a gentle cream or moisturizer after the treatment. This is essential to keep your brows damage-free and healthy.

How do you know if you are an ideal candidate for this treatment?

Now that you have learnt how long does brow lamination last, is it meant for you?

Will it enhance your beauty and make you feel confident?

If you need brow gel to tame your brow hairs, then you should go for it.

If you have thin brows and you want them to appear thicker, you won’t regret paying for brow lamination.

So, brow lamination is suitable for people whose eyebrows are on the thinner side. The brows will instantly look fuller. Likewise, if your brows are shapeless, brow lamination will work like magic.

Your dermatologist will say no to brow lamination if you have eczema or rosacea. You should also discuss with them if you have suffered from contact dermatitis in the past.

Are you still not sure whether you should opt for brow lamination? You may consult a certified beautician to clear your doubts.

how long does brow lamination last

What should you do before brow lamination?

Before the lamination process, make some conscious efforts to treat the brow area with care.

Stay away from prescription retinoids for a minimum of two weeks.

Avoid microblading and any kind of chemical peel one month prior to the brow lamination appointment.

If you tinted your brows, wait for 6 weeks and then schedule the brow lamination.

These steps are necessary to keep complications and skin conditions at bay.

How long will you have to be at the salon for brow lamination?

A brow lamination treatment should not take more than 15-20 minutes. If your hair is on the coarser side, it might take a little longer.

Is brow lamination expensive?

Brow lamination is an affordable treatment that anybody can do. It costs less than other popular procedures as it is non-invasive. The price you pay depends on where you prefer to visit for this service.

It might cost more if done in a reputed salon in a big city. So, ask about the price beforehand. But beauty parlors often give impressive discounts in the festive seasons. So, you might get complimentary tweezing or waxing if you book a brow lamination service.

Wil you experience pain during brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a pain-free treatment. That’s the reason why many people prefer it to tattooing or microblading.

How safe is it?

It can be unsettling for some people to allow chemicals close to their eyes. If the chemicals enter the eyes, they can cause damage. That’s why you must always trust a trained professional. Expert beauticians can complete the process with utmost safety.

There’s no denying that brow lamination if done right, will give a stunning makeover to your face. But in the end, it is a chemical process. So, it is for you to decide if you feel comfortable doing it.

If you have a sensitive skin, doing a patch test is mandatory. You must not proceed if the solution reacts with your skin. You should also contact a dermatologist if you have some chronic skin problem.

The skin problem might worsen due to the effect of chemicals used in brow lamination.

How to choose a provider for your brow lamination?

Once you’ve made up your mind for brow lamination, you will require a makeup artist or an aesthetician. It will be wise to trust someone who has experience working on brow lamination.

You will also find brow artists or brow studios in your locality. These facilities provide all kinds of brow treatments. They will also be able to suggest what will be most beneficial for you. Irrespective of the provider you select, don’t forget to take note of their:

  • Credentials and licensing
  • Work portfolio
  • Experience
  • Costs

Can you try brow lamination at home?

Brow lamination is not a complicated procedure. A lot of people do it at home. They can get similar-looking outcomes at home. Brow lamination kits are available online, but they contain harsh chemicals. They can damage your brow hair and make it coarse. So, it is better to leave something like this to professionals.

One advantage of doing it at a well-known salon is that it will last longer.


After understanding ‘brow lamination how long does it last’, everyone should compare it with other brow treatments. Here is a preview of the alternatives to eyebrow lamination:

Brow tinting

Brow tinting is a minimally invasive method to gift voluminous eyebrows to yourself. It involves applying tinted color at a beauty salon. The results will be there for multiple weeks. You may repeat the process whenever you feel like.


Microblading is a cosmetic procedure. It means making tiny cuts through fine needles into the skin under your eyebrows. After that, they insert pigments into these cuts.

It might take some time to heal, but the results last the longest. Your eyebrows will look visibly fuller for at least 18 months. The color will gradually fade and require retreatment.

Permanent tattooing

Do you want the results to be more permanent than what microblading can offer? In that case, you may consider permanent tattooing. Note that your pain tolerance has to be high to withstand this. The bony parts in our body feels more pain when tattoo is done over it. Your forehead is a sensitive area so you have to take a call accordingly.

Even with tattooing, the color will begin to fade after some years. It is also a bit risky compared to the other procedures. That’s because in tattooing the needles will usually penetrate deeper layers of your skin.


Most women around the globe fill in their sparse brows with the help of a brow pencil. It also adds volume to the brows. Colored powder is equally popular as an eye pencil as a brow thickener.

For awesome results, pick a shade that matches the original color of your brows. Make sure to keep using light strokes until you are happy.

how long does brow lamination last

Brow gel

Brow gel is the cheapest alternative that won’t cause any harm to your brow hairs or skin. It will address the unruly hairs on your brow and fill in the gaps. These gels are waterproof in nature. The applicator looks like a mascara brush and you can apply it directly to your brows in a slow, upward motion.

But how long do brow gels last? Like penciling, the gel will remain until you rinse your face.


Microshading has similarities with microblading. In this procedure, the aesthetician will insert pigments into your skin through small dots. He/she will do it throughout your eyebrows. Microshading results are semi-permanent. So, you have to repeat the treatment after a few months.

You can check out the before and after photos of all these procedures to get a glimpse of how your appearance will change.

Final Thoughts

Brow lamination is an excellent brow enhancement treatment for women of all age groups. But it is not recommended for kids. Most clinics might not accomodate people below the age of 16 or 18. So, you must keep such safety concerns in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do brows go back to normal after lamination?

Brow hair is like the hair on your lashes, it has growth cycles and sheds. So, after around six weeks, you will notice them slowly returning to their normal shape.

2. Can I wash my laminated brows?

Your brow hairs need 24 hours to set into their altered shape. After that, you can wash your face daily.

3. Can I put makeup on laminated brows?

Makeup artists advise their clients to not mess with their eyebrows for 24 hours after the lamination. You can neither apply makeup nor any tanning product on your brows. Be patient and let the lamination products work their magic.

4. Is brow lamination high maintenance?

No, brow maintenance is a zero-maintenance treatment. You won’t have to apply anything or treat your brows delicately. Simply brush the lashes each morning and you are good to go.

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