How Much Toothpaste Should You Be Using For Kids?

Taking care of your child’s milk teeth is very important because the health of milk teeth also determines their permanent teeth in the years to come. Brushing your little one’s teeth is a must, but along with brushing twice a day, you also need to keep certain things in mind.

These involve using the right toothpaste, technique and more. When it comes to brushing your child’s teeth, their fuss usually makes it near impossible for you to brush properly. It can be quite stressful to run after a toddler with a toothbrush early in the morning. This is why it’s vital to make brushing fun for your child and more importantly, fuss-free for you!

Most mothers also have doubts as to how much toothpaste they should use for their kids’ teeth, so here’s a guide to using the right quantity of toothpaste:

Fluoride Content

The main reason to use toothpaste is to kill germs and give your child the required dosage of fluoride to strengthen and protect teeth. It is important to use toothpaste that is made with the expertise of pediatric dentists, like Colgate Kids Toothpaste, because an optimal fluoride content is safer and more effective for your child.

‣ Studies have shown that using fluoride toothpaste is effective at protecting teeth from dental caries.

‣ Fluoride also counteracts the acids formed in the mouth by the food we eat, thus protecting teeth from erosion.

Appropriate Quantity

With adult teeth, it’s pretty simple, but when it comes to kids teeth, we are often unsure how much toothpaste is safe. Dentists recommend the following quantities of toothpaste usage:

‣ For children below 2 years of age, use a rice-grain-sized smear of toothpaste. This helps keep your little one safe from excessive fluoride. It is also suggested based on little children’s tendency to swallow a small part of the toothpaste.

‣ Between the ages of 2-5 years, you can use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste, which will be enough now that all or most of the teeth have erupted, and your child has learnt to properly spit out the toothpaste.

‣ When your child is over 5 years, you can start to let them brush on their own, but with your supervision. Increase their toothpaste quantity slightly to around half the quantity used by an adult.

Using the right amount of toothpaste helps keep kids’ teeth safe from fluorosis, which is when teeth have white spots due to excessive exposure of the milk teeth to fluoride.

Of course, this guide is only useful if you are able to brush your child’s teeth with the correct technique for the recommended 2 minutes – and the way to do that is by making brushing fun so your child will let you. This will make it much easier for you to ensure your child’s dental care. The simplest way to do it? Using a toothpaste that tastes fruity rather than minty – it will make your child look forward to brushing instead of hating it! Flavours like Strawberry and Bubblefruit, and your child’s favourite characters – Motu Patlu, Spiderman and Barbie, make Colgate Kids Toothpaste a fun toothpaste that your child will want to use every day!

With the right information and the right tools, your child’s dental care will get easier as time passes. So take the pledge to make brushing fun for your child, ensuring healthy milk teeth and fuss-free mornings!

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