How Technology Is Making Your Bedroom More Exciting


With smart home technology, the modern world means we are able to do everything from tracking our sleep at night to even spicing up our intimacy levels with a fucking machine. By incorporating new technologies that can make your bedroom into your perfect little cosy corner, it is a great way to automate your living space and take convenience to the next level. 

The range of modern devices which are on hand to offer varying benefits to our lifestyle, there are endless products out there to choose from. Here are just a handful of the bedroom technologies that can bring your bedroom to the next level and make it as cozy as the bedrooms in these apartments for rent in Los Angeles, CA:

A smart light

Create the mood lighting of dreams with a smart light, transforming the lighting in your bedroom by offering various lighting solutions to help you choose the lighting style. You can even link your voice assistant to the light bulb so you can turn your lights on and off without having to move an inch, perfect for early mornings or even when things are starting to get steamy with a partner. With smart light bulbs, you can simulate natural lighting in your bedroom to help you fall asleep faster and also help you wake up easier, being able to switch between a dim setting late at night or a more warm-toned white when you are getting ready for the day. 

A smart pillow

Being one of the more underrated bedroom gadgets, smart pillows provide you with handy features like preventing snoring, monitoring your sleep, and acting as a personal audio solution. By being able to track your sleeping pattern and work out when is the optimum sleeping time for your body, you can enjoy a new lease of life every day. Smart pillows are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes which contain electronics that have been cleverly embedded right in, or alternatively, you can get small electronic inserts for your pre-existing pillows, but this is less likely to utilise all of the additional features such as a handy bedside controller. 

A smart blind

Being a great addition to the bedroom, you can set your blinds or curtains to automatically open the next day to help you wake up with natural light. You can also integrate the blinds or curtains with your alarm clock and easily control them using your voice, setting them up to align with your daily routines. With smart curtains or blinds, you have the power to operate them from the comfort of your bed as and when you like, taking convenience to the next level.

A smart speakerA smart speaker is the one device that could instantly transform your bedroom into a smart one, being able to do all sorts of things for you. From controlling your other smart devices, filling you in on the latest weather and traffic reports, and setting your alarm for the morning, the embedded digital assistant only needs your voice to automate almost everything in your room. 


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