How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally After Having Unprotected Sex

How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally

While having sex without using protection is the most pleasurable experience, unwanted pregnancy can spoil all the fun. Taking birth control pills is one way of avoiding pregnancy but having them frequently can cause long-term health complications. What if we shared with you some excellent tips on how to avoid pregnancy naturally?

Sounds too good to be true? That’s the magic of natural remedies! So, stay tuned till the end and you won’t have to take stress after engaging in coitus.

Tips to not get pregnant after intercourse

Have you taken an impulsive decision in the heat of the moment and now you’re regretting it? Sometimes, a broken condom can make you equally panicky if you aren’t ready to become a mother. Whatever has happened in your case, the sooner you address the situation, the lower the chances of your pregnancy. So, take a deep breath and have a look at these things that you can do:

Rush to the bathroom

What do you do when you just had sex and then you realize you forgot about protection? First, you should run to the washroom and pee. After that, wash your insides thoroughly with lukewarm water. Keep in mind that some little swimmers can be too fast and hence, this method isn’t completely reliable.

Clearing out all residual fluids is important not just to avoid pregnancy but to prevent urinary tract infections. UTIs can be painful and so, maintaining sexual hygiene is crucial for men and women.

Have papaya

Has there been a condom mishap and now isn’t a suitable time to welcome a child to the world? Luckily, some ripe papayas can come to your rescue.

Papaya is a delicious fruit known for its amazing health benefits. However, the same fruit can be used as safe birth control. But how to avoid pregnancy naturally after 1 week with papaya? Eat some papaya slices twice a day and keep doing it for 4-5 days. It will make implantation unsuccessful and hence, a woman eager to conceive should not include papaya in her diet.

Have Apricot

Decades ago, when contraceptives weren’t so popular, women used to have apricot. The fruit’s effectiveness in preventing implantation is not unknown. So, how to avoid pregnancy after sex naturally with a handful of apricots?

Take 100 grams of apricots (dried), a cup of water, and 2 spoons of honey. Boil all the ingredients together for nearly 20 minutes and then drink the water after cooling it down. You can also blend all the items or have 5 apricots directly. Keep doing this from the day you had sex until you get your period.

Consume pineapple

Papaya is not the only thing you can eat to stop the sperm from fertilizing your mature eggs. Pineapple, the juicy and tasty fruit, should also be eaten regularly.

Indigenous people have been using this technique for centuries and there’s no harm in giving it a shot. So, have some ripe pineapple along with papaya for at least 3 days from the day you have sex.

Try lemon juice

If you ask your grandmother, ‘How to avoid pregnancy naturally?’, she might hand you a lemon. A rich source of vitamin C, this citrus fruit may assist you in keeping pregnancy out of question.

As lemon is acidic, many people believe that it is capable of killing sperm. See if it works for you.

Useful tips to avoid pregnancy in the future

You will agree that nothing can be more stressful than an unplanned pregnancy.  So, instead of losing your calm after having intercourse, you can take some steps beforehand. Here is some practical advice given by healthcare providers to adventurous people like you:

Withdrawal technique

Millions of couples who like to engage in unprotected sexual activities practice the withdrawal technique and so should you. However, you need to discuss this with your partner as it is in the hands of the male. The method is simple, and its success depends on your paramor’s self-control.

However, according to doctors, the chance of implantation is 22% with this smart approach. The fluid that’s secreted before a man ejaculate is called pre-cum. Sometimes, sperm cells can be present in pre-cum as well.

Observing cervical mucus

Did you know that monitoring vaginal mucus can help you have blissful sexual intercourse without worrying about pregnancy? Interested to find out more about it?

Cervical mucus is more slippery and transparent before and during you ovulate. This means you are the most fertile when your vaginal mucus looks like the white portion of an egg. If you maintain an ovulation calendar and abstain from intercourse during this time, the risk of conceiving will be minimal.

Get tested

If you have tried some home remedies and yet you missed your period, don’t delay taking the test. If the results show negative and there is still no sign of your period, it can indicate some underlying health concern. So, visit a gynecologist and they will run some tests to understand the reason behind your irregular menstrual cycle.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to avoid pregnancy naturally, which method are you going to try first? We may conclude by saying that relying on home remedies may not always be the best idea. While many people find these tricks effective, there is no surety that you won’t conceive.

So, if you cannot have a baby now due to financial, personal, or health-related issues, don’t take any chances. Book an appointment with an accomplished medical professional who will provide you with the best guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to avoid pregnancy after missing period naturally?

After you have missed your period, you can still take some steps to deal with unplanned pregnancy. Ginger, pineapple, bitter gourd, eggplant, papaya, parsley, and eggplant are some highly recommended foods you should eat daily.

2. What is 100% effective way to avoid pregnancy?

Sexual abstinence is the only way through which your chances of not conceiving will be 100 percent. It means refraining from any type of genital contact with a man.

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