How to choose the right Facewash for your skin?

How to choose the right Facewash for your skin

Be it Instagram reels, Zoom meetings, a real-time date, or a casual get-together, we want our faces to look gorgeous all the time. And, how ironic is this new trend of the no-makeup look. Like, you have to put on a lot of makeup to look like you have not put it on at all. You apply layers of makeup and beauty products daily just to give that natural glowing face look in public. But, forget to give personal care to your skin. If we dig into the reasons, then the biggest one will be our hectic busy routine. We have no time to give our face the nourishment which it deserves. So, why not choose products which are nourishing in themselves? Especially the face wash. After all, it has to do the hardest job in the room of all skincare products. Cleansing your face and at the same time, maintaining its natural glow by providing the required nourishment. So, the next time you are buying a facewash for your skin, keep a few little things in your mind.

Listen to your skin

You need to listen to your skin vigilantly. This is the most important advice one can ever give you. Listening to your skin carefully will let you know a lot about it. Understand your skin type.

If your skin is prone to dryness, then you seek a hydrating face wash. Whereas some look for face washes that have cleansing and refreshing effects, you will choose your facewash with respective ingredients.

If your face starts sweating instantly, then your skin type is oily. You need a foaming face wash for it. For combination skin types, we suggest being a little bit more careful before choosing a face wash.

You know your skin more than anybody else in this world. So, instead of wholly relying on some person or the internet, do your research. Without setting a goal and understanding what you need from your skincare products, you will end up buying useless random products. Instead of giving you benefits, they will harm your skin. So, don’t do that.

Look for Vitamin C in your face wash

Look for Vitamin C in your face wash

We will be short of words if we start telling you the benefits of Vitamin C. No matter what your skin type is, Vitamin C is a golden ingredient that must be there in your face wash. It revives your skin and brightens your face instantly. The antioxidants present in vitamin C work against the damage caused by UV light rays. The products having Vitamin C in them miraculously remove dark spots which are also known as hyperpigmentation. It is a must-have ingredient to fine lines and wrinkles.

Uniqaya Vitamin C foaming facewash has all these explicit properties. It cleanses your skin deeply and at the same time, locks moisture in your skin. This prevents your face from becoming dull and dry. Vitamin C has a unique quality of restoring lost smoothness and glow. So, every time you wash your face, it will become even more glowing and soft.

Natural Ingredients are Best

Natural Ingredients are best for every skincare product. They help in getting instant glow and brightness. Choose Ingredients like Kakadu Plum, Seaweed Lettuce, Milk Thistle, Aloe vera & Licorice. They are good for all skin types. They help your face to shed dead cells and meanwhile, hydrates your skin. Try to use as many chemical-free products as possible for the well-being of your skin in the long run.

Skin-Friendly  Fragrance

There is a myth that products with fragrances are bad for your skin. No, not in every case. All you must know is to differentiate between natural and artificial fragrances. Prefer buying face wash with natural fragrance. Some love their products with a little fragrance as this adds a little aromatherapy too to the skincare routine. It helps in balancing the olfactory system of our body which leads to feeling really refreshed every morning & evening.


To be on the safer side, go for foaming face wash that is loaded with natural and plant-based ingredients. Just like you take care of your inner health so diligently, take care of skin health too.  The foaming face wash has the basic nature of not stripping away the natural moisture and keeps the skin hydrated and refreshed.


When we talk about skincare and beauty products, generally big brands come to mind. We forget that there are other important things as well. Running after brands blindly is stupidity. Maybe, a particular product that is doing wonders on your friend’s face might not suit your skin in the first place. So, while buying products for your skin, do good research. Believe us! You won’t regret it!

Uniqaya has an amazing face wash that will make your skin softer and healthier. The best is Vitamin C face Wash which deeply cleanses your skin and gives your face natural brightness. It protects the skin from aging and pigmentation. It has all the natural ingredients like Kakadu Plum, Seaweed Lettuce, Milk Thistle, Aloe vera & Licorice which work wonders for your skin.

Your face wash is a part of your everyday routine, so it is okay for you to be a tad bit picky about it. But, you cannot go wrong with this Uniqaya Vitamin C foaming face wash as it does as it promises.

Tip: Make your face cleansing time soothing and relaxing with an affirmation to yourself. “Every time I wash my face, I glow from within.”  Cleanse away the skin and feel yourself radiating. #consistency_is_the_key

So, now that you know how to choose the right face wash for your skin, buy the best for you. Happy Shopping!

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