How to get clothes white without bleach…Really without Bleach!!!

I so much rely on using bleach that I almost get surprised when I come to know that I have many other options as well. But how to get clothes white without bleach? Well let me explain you in this article.

Keeping the garments white is like an endless struggle. Light colored clothes are more gentle and be likely to fade with time. You have to frequently dry-clean your white garments so that they look bright and clean. Ah!!! Life is tough!!! Isn’t it? When you have to dress up for office with the white jeans or shirt, you must feel confident and fresh with the new look whites. At least I used to wish when I really don’t have the new whites with me to wear. However, when I tried the tips I was happy with the results so I thought to share here. There are few easy methods to keep your whites bright even if you wear it many times

  • Stain Stick must be Handy

Just keep it handy with you. You can take it from any brand like from Resolve’s Stain Stick and Tide to Go. It would work best for minor coffee stains that you spill on you in the morning 😛

  • Care for Your Whites in Advance 

This is for you if you always slicks during your lunch. You can use sprays to protect your clothes from future tints. That would take only few seconds and it would make a lot easier to remove that sauce stain when it ensues.

  • Air-dry the White Pants

    To keep white pants bright and durable place them on a placing them on get dry on a sunny day. Do not throw them in the dryer that will make them lose their life. Through the natural drying process, the color of jeans will be white and shine like a new piece.

  • Make Your Detergent Better

    This really answers your question How to get clothes white without bleach…Use of chlorine bleach can result in yellowishness and starching; unless the clothes are cent percent cotton, (mostly jeans are made up of mixed fabrics). Try using some good additive with your detergent to make clothes bright and new.

  • Baking Soda is a Friend in Need

Instead of trying every new product on your clothes, why don’t you try the item present in your kitchen? Make a mix of half cup of baking soda and half cup of hydrogen peroxide, mix it with a little water and use it on marks and stains of clothes.

  • Makeup is for your face not for your clothes

While doing makeup, I, at minimum once a week spill foundation on my clothes, or it sometimes stained my clothes through just a chin touch. Most easy thing for this is to make the mixture of water and white vinegar and apply directly onto the mark and let seep it in. Just dab that mixture and not rub. This works for powder foundation while for oil foundation, use shaving cream on the stain instantly.

  • Collar stains must be focused

A yellowish ring can form up all over the wrist and collar for the reason that of sweat or it can be dirt. This would become tough for you to remove. Just use some good quality spray or a toothbrush to clean the ring.

  • The Last Resort to Fix Your Mistake

You can use some bluing agent to fix the yellowish starchy color of your white jeans.

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