How to Get Fake Blood Off Skin and Clothes After Halloween

How to Get Fake Blood Off Skin and Clothes After Halloween

If you’re not planning to scare the kids like Claire Dunphy from Modern Family, you might not have to struggle to get fake blood off skin. But if you’re really planning something gruesome for Halloween, you will need this guide for assistance.

When it comes to getting Halloween-ready, your makeup plays a crucial role in how frightening you appear. Long nails, terrifying masks, and fake wounds are mandatory to accessorize your unique costume.

But nothing equals the horror of waking up on November 1 to find your bedsheets and pillows stained with red paint. Naturally, how to get fake blood off skin becomes the first thing to figure post all the trick or treat fun.

So, as much as you love dressing up for Halloween, removing the stubborn makeup is the most frustrating task. But that should not stop you from unleashing your creative self and having unlimited fun.

There are several hacks to remove unreal blood stains from clothes and the skin. Keep reading to learn all about the tried-and-tested methods that work extremely well.

How to get fake blood off skin safely

Getting rid of fake blood might not be easy especially if you’re looking for how to remove dry blood from skin. While oily to normal skin types have less to worry here, people will dry skin might need to walk an extra mile.

You will find all types of suggestions in Google but do they work and are they safe?

You have to be extra cautious when removing fake blood from the skin or clothes of your kids. So, maintaining safety is of utmost importance.

How to Get Fake Blood Off Skin

Keep the following things handy before you begin the self-cleaning process at home:

Cotton balls

Cotton pads or balls will be useful not just to remove fake blood but makeup from your face. You should also have Q-tips as they are the best for getting into tight crevices. If you don’t have these things already, order them online to keep yourself ready in advance.

Microfiber cloths

Are you drenched in fake blood from tip to toe? This happens with actors while shooting fight sequences.

To clean so much fake blood, you will require microfiber cleaning rags or cloths.  An old towel will also do but you must not use the uncleaned towels that you use to dry yourself after bath.

Don’t forget to transfer the towels and rags directly to your washing machine if you don’t want further mess.

Makeup remover

Your regular makeup remover comes handy when you struggle to rub off fake blood. Whether you have it in the form of liquid or wipes – the makeup remover will work fine. It will sufficiently erase the first layer of blood from your skin.

But you need to use the makeup remover according to the amount of blood. If it’s a lot of blood, you will need multiple wipes to target all the areas.

Shower gel and face wash

Based on where the blood is located in your body, you should choose the cleaner.

If it’s on your scalp and hair, shampooing is compulsory. If the blood is on your body, use your shower gel or body wash while taking a bath.

You cannot use a body wash or soap on your face as the skin is delicate in this part of the body.

So, even if you are in a hurry to clear away the fake blood and go to bed, make sure you use the right product.

Olive oil or Vaseline

Another magical ingredient you might use to make fake blood vanish is olive oil. Its skin-friendly properties are not unknown and it will soothe your skin during the scrub.

Any other oil-based product can also be of help. These products break up the blood particles, making it less challenging to remove them.

Step-by-step instructions on how to get fake blood off skin

Is this the first time you are applying fake blood on your skin?

Using face wash directly on the stains is a mistake that most people commit. It ends up making the fake blood stickier.

To avoid such errors, knowing the right steps is necessary. Here’s how to get fake blood off skin quickly:

Always start with makeup remover

When it comes to removing makeup, nothing beats makeup-removing pads. They also do an excellent job of eliminating bloody makeup from your body. You can take makeup-removing wipes or pads as both give similar results.

Refrain from scrubbing at this stage as it will not clean off the fake blood but leave your skin irritated. Makeup remover will absorb all the blood on your skin’s surface and you will only have stained skin.

Wash yourself

Once you have properly wiped off the fake blood with makeup remover, what remains is the stain. Wash the area with plenty of water if there is any leftover residue. You may scrub the skin but do it gently to avoid irritation.

Use baby oil or Vaseline

If some blood particles are still there on your body or face, you will require baby oil or Vaseline. Cover the area with petroleum jelly or oil and scrub away in circular motions. You can repeat this step multiple times until 90% of the blood stain fades.

Wash again and dry

The final step involves washing the skin with mild soap which is essential to deal with the oil residue. Do you still notice bothersome stains on some parts of your body? In that case, repeat the steps mentioned above all over again.

How to get fake blood out of clothes?

Now that your skin is spotless again, are you wondering if fake blood wash out of clothes? Here are some tips to tackle the most annoying Samhain stains:

Wear a washable garment

Are you sure the dress you plan on wearing for the Halloween party is washable?

If the fabric is delicate, it will have the cleaning instruction: ‘Dry clean only’.

Then you cannot throw it into the washing machine. That will cause irrevocable damages. So, you should look for laundry services in the neighborhood.

How to Get Fake Blood Off Clothes

Soak the dress with water at the earliest

When you are sure you are wearing a washable dress, you need to wash off the color as soon as possible.

The longer you allow the dye to sit on your garment, the more it will penetrate deeper layers. So, even if you can’t take off your clothes right away, wash the stained area with water.

When soaking the dress, wait for the fabric to soak properly. This will make it easy for you to work on the remaining stain when you are home.

Note that time is precious

As explained already, the longer you leave the stain, the more it will set in. Then you will panic and search for home remedies. So, always make an effort to clean the dress within a few hours. This same rule applies to food stains, real blood, and mud.

Don’t put your stained outfits in the dryer

If you want your dress to be devoid of stains, you must not expose it to excess heat. Heat sets in the stain, making it impossible for you to retrieve the dress later. Hence, do not put the dress in a dryer right away as it will worsen the stain.

Try soaking the garments in color-safe bleach

Not all bleaches are suitable for dyed fabric. Only oxygen-based bleaches are color-safe.

The wrong bleach might remove the stain but can make your clothes extremely shabby. So, you have to be mindful of these things to expand the life of your favorite dresses.

Take the help of a professional

Reputable laundry services are helpful in removing tough stains. So, be it fake blood or some powdered color, consider taking the dress to a professional.

It will save you time and effort and probably, the nice dress. You need to tell them what you’ve already tried.

Using chlorine bleach should be your last option

Chlorine bleaches are appropriate for white clothes only. But are you thinking of washing a bright-colored dress with chlorine bleach? Then you should know that there is a risk of ruining the dress.

Understand that all stains are not removable

When none of the tips and trick give you the desired result, don’t be heartbroken. You never know if a stain will disappear completely unless you make attempts. So, the best you can do is not wear expensive clothes on Halloween.

Instead of taking chances, choose your Halloween attire beforehand.

Things to remember when cleaning blood stain from clothes

Here are a few more things to keep in mind when cleaning clothes off fake blood:

Staying safe

Be cautious when working with detergents, bleaches, or chemicals to remove stains. Always go through the product instructions and protect your eyes and skin.

If you have used fake blood which is detergent-based, the stains will come out quickly. However, keep in mind that detergent-based unreal blood can have toxic elements. So, it must not come in contact with your eyes or mouth and if it does, wash off immediately.

You should also keep the fake blood out of the reach of kids.

Using good detergent

Many strong detergents contain chemicals that can damage your clothes permanently. So, before trying something new, it’ll be wise to test the product. Apply a small portion of it to a specific area to observe if it affects the fabric. If there’s no reaction, you can wash the garment without any worries.

The above-mentioned methods may not remove blood stains entirely. Sometimes, the stain of fake blood is so bad that it can be incredibly difficult to remove it. So, the information provided in the previous section represents the best chances of eliminating as much stain as you can.

Check fake blood product

Lastly, check the product description before buying fake blood products to simplify the process. Good products are available that don’t stain clothes.

Then the color of fake blood with come out after one wash. All you need to do is soak the clothes in warm water and clean them with mild detergent.

Tips to avoid skin problems

How do you look scary on Halloween if you don’t do your makeup? And while makeup will transform your looks, it can lead to breakouts and skin irritation.

So, here are some skin-care tips to ensure you can have fun and keep your skin healthy:

  • Before drawing all over your face, create a barrier with primer and moisturizer
  • Never buy cheap Halloween makeup and it can cause rashes and itchiness
  • Make sure the fake blood you order doesn’t have glue in it
  • No matter how exhausted you are, do not go to bed unless you have removed the fake blood
  • Instead of buying fake blood containing harsh chemicals, use red food color and corn syrup to complete your look
  • For a stunning mid-autumn luster, revitalizing your skin with a rejuvenating facial after Halloween is a great idea

Final thoughts

So, Halloween is all about wearing a terrifying outfit and scaring everyone with your ghostly looks. Now you also know how to get fake blood off skin and dresses. So, nothing should stand in your way of smearing red paint on your body to become the scariest witch.

Remember that the stains will go away sooner or later, but you’ll cherish the exciting memories forever. So, are you ready to become the spookiest version of yourself?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I remove fake blood from skin?

To remove fake blood and other Halloween makeup from your face, use petroleum jelly and makeup remover. Take a scrubber and wash thoroughly with a gentle body wash.

2. Do fake blood stains come out?

Fake blood stains will be gone from your skin within a few days even if you don’t do anything. It’s more challenging to remove the color from clothes and sometimes, 100% of it might not go away.

3. Why does fake blood stain clothes?

The ingredients used in making fake blood are hard to eliminate from clothes. For instance, some fake blood products contain food dye, which is difficult to remove from white clothes.

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