How To Get The Perfect Lip Shape

Lips are one of the most attractive yet sensitive parts of our body. How lips are defined enhances our looks to a great extent. Maintaining hydrated and nourished lips ensures that your lips never look dry and flaky.

Why Should We Care For Our Lips?

How To Get The Perfect Lip Shape

Lips are known to emphasize one’s beauty. However, we can’t do much about altering the natural shape of our lips, unless we go in for a cosmetic lip surgical makeover (which could actually be an extreme step with results that might not be in our favour sometimes). Nevertheless, there is makeup that you can use to play around with how well your pout looks.

So, if you have thin or uneven lips, you will no longer need to worry. Through the below-mentioned step by step guide, you can accentuate your lips. Makeup gives you the power to redefine your lips. Apart from using the right lip balm, you can use makeup to ensure that your lips always look luscious. Read on to know how you can achieve that beautiful pout that you have always desired.

How to Apply Lipstick DIY: Perfect Lipstick

How To Get Perfect Lip Shape With Makeup?

The things that you would require to get the perfect lip shape are:

• A lipstick

• A lip pencil

• A lip primer or a lip conditioner

• A concealer

Below is the step-by-step guide that would help you attain the perfect lip shape using makeup.

1. Know the shape of your lips:

The primary thing that you need to understand is the shape of your lip. Making your lips balanced will be an easier task once you have analyzed the shape of your lip. Applying makeup effectively will help you achieve even, perfect and beautiful lips.

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2. Hydrating your lips:

Begin with the application of a lip balm or a lip conditioner. This will keep your lips hydrated. Allow this to settle onto the lips. It would roughly take three to four minutes. In case your lips tend to be very dry and flaky, then you can use a lip scrub before applying the lip balm. This is one thing that every makeup artist would always recommend. A lip scrub works wonders on dry lips by eliminating dryness, dry flakes and chapped bits of skin from the lips. This would make the application of lipstick easier. Post the application of a lip scrub, your lips acquire a unique smoothness. The next steps involve the application of lip makeup, which begins with the use of a lip pencil.

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3. Lining your lips:

You can use a lip pencil of your choice. Ensure that the lip pencil is well sharpened such that it adds precision to your lips. Begin lining the lips from the Cupid’s bow and then proceed to the corners. This ensures that you follow the natural lip shape. You can also choose to under-draw or overdraw your lip’s shape. This would be based on how balanced you want your lips to look. That is if you have a thinner upper lip when compared to the lower lip, then overdraw over the lip shape. But make sure that you do not go way too above the natural lip line, which might then make your lips look quite artificial. To line the corners of your lips, you can tilt your head sideways. This allows you to see the corners clearly. Repeat the same lining of lip steps for the lower lip. Begin from the centre of the lip and continue until you have lined and defined the corners well. When outlining your lips using the lip pencil, you can also use the pencil to simultaneously fill your lips. This would work as a base for your lip colour. Application of the lip pencil to fill the lips has shown to make lipstick on the lips last longer.

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4. Applying lipstick:

Use a thin lip brush to apply the lipstick. Fill your entire lip with the lip colour. Fill in along the lip shape evenly.

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5. Check for flaws and rectify them:

After you have applied the lipstick, check if there are any flaws. You will need to look for crooked outlines or unfinished looks. You can rectify these flaws using a flat, small brush. A concealer or foundation can be used to rectify the flaws. Ensure that the concealer or foundation that you use matches your skin tone. Now, correct the outer edges of the lips. Give them a proper balance.

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6. A perfect look:

Following the above steps ensure that you achieve the perfect lip shape. So, now you would never ever need to think about going in for a botox to achieve the perfect lips

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Follow the below tips to ensure long-lasting good health of your lips:

• Always the carry a lip balm with you when travelling so that you can use it whenever you feel that your lips are turning dry.

• Have a diet that is rich in vitamins. Nutritious food reflects directly in the form of nourished-looking lips.

• Drink plenty of water to keep your lips well hydrated.

• Remove the lip makeup before you hit the bed daily. This ensures that your lips are able to breathe freely.

• You can apply a hydrating lip cream or petroleum jelly onto your lips before going to bed.

• Massage your lips often using nourishing oils. This will improve the blood circulation in your lips.

• Scrub your lips to ensure removal of dead skin cells and so that your lips are not subjected to any form of infection. You can use rock sugar to prepare a lip scrub at home.

• Do not lick or touch your lips too often. Licking your lips make them hydrated temporarily. When the saliva evaporates, your lips become even drier. Enzymes of the saliva are way too harsh for your delicate lips.

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