How to Get Your Period in One Hour Naturally at Home

how to get your period in one hour

If you feel weird about looking for ways to get your period in one hour, I feel you! There are times when delayed periods make us want to bleed right here, right now!

But is that even possible?

Well, we can try!

Today, I am going to share some ways to help you bring your periods closer.

Periods play an important role in maintaining the female hormonal cycle. However, delayed periods are not that big of an issue because sometimes you may miss a week or so.

Now there are times when we feel desperate to have our periods quickly. You could be preparing for a romantic date night for the following week or packing for your first international trip.

Apart from pregnancy there are more reasons that might delay your period. These sometimes could be handled at home without involving doctors. Let’s do the deep dive to understand how this works and the success parameter of doing so.

How to get periods overnight doing certain activities

There are some physical activities that answers how to get your period in one hour. Check out the following:


One of the most important factors that could be why you are having delayed periods is workouts. This is because you either work out a lot or not at all. Working out is great, but it should be done in moderation. Working out too much may stress your muscles which in turn may delay your periods.

Right now, one exercise that can get you mensurating is pelvis thrusts. It is an easy exercise that you can do without equipment. Here are the steps:

  • use a bench to sit on it with feet touching the ground
  • put both hands at the back to hold the bench as support
  • exert pressure on hands to bring your legs up in the air
  • thrust your hips by pushing them forward and let your knees bend
  • continue the activity by straightening and bending your knees for 10 times

It is a basic pelvic thrust exercise that I have personally tried to induce periods. It worked like magic and got my cycle running from the following day.

Getting laid

Putting that thing in can help induce your periods! No matter how unbelievable it sounds, but this does work.

If you wondering how this work, remember Rachel and Ross?

When Rachel was pregnant in FRIENDS, the only thing that she did not try was having sex. Although her water broke just when she was done luring Ross into her, the concept of getting the baby out was similar.

Once the male organ is inside your cervix, it dilates and makes the menstrual blood flow downward.

A nice sauna or not water bath

Getting a nice sauna can help you relax your body and muscles, resulting in good blood flow. Try a hot water bath by adding your favourite essential oils, which can lift your mood and make you relax.

Don’t stress over it

Do not stress over it. It would be best if you let it be for some time. Thinking about it repeatedly and stressing about it will only make things worse.

Instead choose a physical activity that you like. It could be dance or cardiovascular routines. These activities will help loosen your muscles and relax your mind.

How to get your period in one hour with the help of yoga

Did you know yoga proves to be one of the most effective ways to induce periods?

Yoga has various ways to cure health issues without the use of medicines.

Likewise, it has helped in inducing periods.

Even if you have PCOS, yoga has its ways to cure it.

So how to get your period in one hour with the help of yoga? Find out the asanas now!


This yoga posture will help you with your period cramps and regulate your cycles. This practice helps strengthen the spine and shoulder. It also works on your hamstrings, glutes, abdomen and chest.

All you need to do is go on your knees and do a backward bend. Ensure you hold on to your heels and hips forward. If done correctly, you will feel tension in your abdomen, arms and shoulders. This is also known as the camel pose.

how to get your period in one hour with Ustrasana

Baddha konasana

Now, this asana ideally should be called the period asana. If you want to know how to get your period in one hour, just give it a shot.

Sit down, and fold your legs. Place your soles together, and starts fluttering like a butterfly. This is also known as the butterfly pose.

Now if you need any kind of help, just find out the correct posture on the internet.


In this asana, you will pose like a bow hence also known as a bow pose. This is one of the most effective postures to induce your periods. Since this posture enhances blood circulation around your abdomen and uterus, try it yourself now.

In this posture, you will have to be on your tummy and then try to hold your ankles with your arms stretching backwards.

how to get your period in one hour with Dhanurasana

How to get your period in one hour at home

Did you know that there are easy ways to get your periods in line?

Well, just dig in your kitchen, and you will find some magical items to induce your periods in an hour’s time!

Fenugreek tea

This one is said to be the most beneficial drink to induce your periods. Just take a pot, add about a glass of water along with 1tsp of fenugreek seeds, and bring it to a boil.

Now once the quantity becomes half, sip it in. If you are near your cycle and you are not pregnant, this drink will surely induce your period in the next hour.

Turmeric Milk

This one has a lot of benefits other than curing colds and coughs. Having hot turmeric milk every day can regularize your period.


You must have heard that dates are an amazing source of iron. But little did you know that it can help you induce your periods. Dates produce warmth in the body, which also induces contractions in your uterus, resulting in early periods.


This fruit is a big no-no for all pregnant women. However, if you want to induce your periods, this fruit is going to work like magic. This fruit is filled with carotene, with promotes estrogen, resulting in inducing periods.


Ginger tea

This one is great for digestion, but it also works great for inducing periods. Just heat a pan and add some water with a few fillets of ginger and bring it to a boil. You may also add a few mint leaves to that.

Now if you like a lemony taste, just add a few drops of lemon juice to that. You may add some honey for the sweetness, and it’s done.

How to get your period in one hour with the help of medicines

Certain drugs can help you induce periods.

Mifepristone is a drug combined with misoprostol that blocks progesterone which will manage unwanted pregnancies. Now if your periods aren’t coming and you are worried that it may be due to unwanted pregnancy, then this might help you.

But you must consult the doctor before you take any medication as it may cause various side effects like diarrhea, nausea and cramps. Never start any medication without consultation. The dosage will also depend on your body’s medical condition.

For example, if you consume any medicine that has magnesium, you may have severe side effects.

Always remember if you have been sexually active, you have a high chance of an unwanted pregnancy, so you must see a doctor. The first step that you must take is to get an at-home pregnancy test kit and get it checked.

You must call up for an appointment with your doctor. If you aren’t pregnant, there must be some underlying condition that needs to be addressed.

Main causes of your delayed period

The solution to the question of how to get your period in one hour can have various ways, but have you thought about its causes?

Once you know the causes, you may work on ways to solve them. This will help you to regularize the periods.

Main causes of your delayed period are mentioned below:


In this condition, your body tends to produce male hormones, which restrain you from getting regular periods. For PCOS, you must consult your gynae for proper medication and diet. The doctor may also ask you to include certain workouts for better results.


One of the most common causes of delayed periods is stress. Due to stress, you may face hormonal disbalance in your body, causing delayed periods.

If you think something has been bothering you for a while, it is better to take help. Your stress levels could take a toll on your health hence be careful.


Being overweight could make your body produce too much estrogen, which delays your period. Hence just try losing the extra weight by switching to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Can you eat fast food and still lose weight


If you have been facing disorders like bulimia or anorexia nervosa, you may get delayed cycles. Did you know even less fat in your body could pause your ovulation?

Birth control medicines

Birth control pills can stop your periods for almost three months. If you are on birth control pills and having late periods, just stop the meds. You will see your periods get back in a couple of months.

Birth control medicines


Do have a regular check on your thyroid levels. An under or overactive gland causes delayed periods. The thyroid needs medication. Hence you will have to see a doctor if a thyroid is detected.

Lifestyle changes to get regular periods

Do you know small lifestyle changes can also help you regularize your periods?

Let’s check out some simple ways to get regular periods:

Doing yoga

Every day, dedicate 30-45mins of your day to yoga. Within a month’s time, you will feel the difference. Not only periods, but you will also feel lighter from within. Remember, a healthy mind is a healthy body.

Avoid the three white things

Sugar, refined flour, and sodium are the three things that you must avoid to see a major change in yourself.

Of course, sodium is hard to avoid as there is sodium in almost everything. Hence, you cannot completely avoid it but reduce the amount.

Healthy diet

You must stick to a healthy diet for a healthy body. Changing your diet plays a major role in inducing your periods. For example, green leafy vegetables could be a great source of fiber for a healthy gut, which increases metabolism.

As you lose the extra weight, it will help you to reduce testosterone in your body and regularize insulin levels.

Keeping healthy mind

Don’t take mental stress lightly. You must seek help if you feel you need treatment. Mental health is very important for your body’s overall health.

Apart from the regularizing periods, you must also find a cure for your mental stress. Involve yourself in doing things that make you happy. Be around people who motivate and inspire you. Once you fix your mind, eventually, everything will fall into place.

Body massage

Did you know there are a few pressure points that can help you induce periods? There are many places that offer body spas and massages that can help you induce your periods real soon. You can try getting an appointment prior to your dates for a painless period.

Final Thoughts

As you have come to the end of this article, I hope it clears all your doubts about periods. Now you know how to get your period in one hour and the major causes of its delay. Working on its cause can help you regularize your cycles in the long run. Late periods are normal, and there’s a cure for everything. Regularizing your periods probably just needs a few tunings in certain areas. Don’t stress about it, may be it’s already on its way while you are reading this article!

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