How to Look Sick With Makeup by Following Simple Steps

how to look sick with makeup

The list of reasons a person wants to know how to look sick with makeup is long!

You could search for one because you want to skip work on a Monday morning after a long week, or you might want to get the look on for a Halloween party.

Well, you might want to play a bad prank and act like you have COVID! Mean one, right?

No matter the reason, to think of it somehow, it is really fun to know how to look sick with makeup on, isn’t it?

In this article, we have mentioned in detail the steps to look pale, tired, and sick with makeup on in just a few simple steps. Read on to know all of them.

How to look sick with makeup

In case you are wondering how to make yourself look sick with makeup on in just a few simple steps, we will tell you how.

Start with doing the base

The first and foremost step in getting a look where you look sick is to ace your makeup base. Unlike setting the base of any other makeup, this would require you to go a little differently. Are you wondering what the trick is? Could you have a read to know them?

Step 1: Clean your face

The first step on how to look sick with makeup is to prepare the base. The trick to getting sick makeup is to go base-free, unlike other times when we go for a full coverage base.

This is because when you do your makeup on a pale face, it looks more believable. If you wonder why people who are not keeping well generally do not take any effort to look good or put makeup on.

To get a pale look, you must clean your face well by washing it with a gentle cleanser. This is to get rid of any mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, powder, or anything else that is there on your face. Ensure that your face is completely naked so that you can get a blank canvas to put the makeup on.

Step 2: Apply the foundation

The next step is to apply a foundation to your otherwise naked face. The trick to how to look sick with makeup is to apply a foundation that is two to three shades lighter than your original skin tone.

The reason for choosing a foundation of a lighter shade is to make your face look pale and drained out of all its luster and color.

Take the foundation and apply it to your cheeks, forehead, under eyes, and chin. Do not skip adding a little foundation to your lips to ensure that it looks pale.

With the help of a sponge, blend it evenly throughout your face to look natural and real. However, do remember not to go overboard with the foundation and apply too much. Do not also go for a shade that is way too lighter than your original skin tone. This could make the sickly makeup look fake.

how to look sick with makeup

Step 3: Start with contouring your face

Next on the steps of how to look sick with makeup comes contouring. To ensure the sickly makeup look is perfect, we contour our cheeks with a brown or a maroon eyeshadow.

If you know how to contour your face, you know the drill. In case you are new to this and do not know how to contour your face, here are the steps:

Take a brush, preferably a contouring brush, and dip it in some maroon or brown eye shadow. Before applying it to your skin, dust off the excess eye shadow that the brush might have taken.

The next step would be to take the brush and make a straight line along the length of your cheekbones. The line would come from your mouth’s corners and would stretch till your earlobes

Once the line is made, we will blend the line. For this, you can either take another separate brush or the same one as per your choice

For the next step, slowly start to blend it. Once you notice that the line is gone and the eye shadow has blended perfectly with your skin, your contouring is done.

The intensity of the darkness of the eye shadow you used for contouring depends on how sick you want to show yourself. You can also dab some eye shadow along your laugh lines and blend it well to put more impact.

Step 4: Apply blush

To add more meaning and effect to your complete look and enhance your look altogether, add blush to your face. To own the tired makeup, look like a pro; choose any colors between red, magenta, or subtle pink.

Add a little blush on the center of your nose, your cheekbones, and on your forehead. With the tip of your finger or with another brush, dab the brush gently.

Try not to use the one you used for contouring your face. However, remember not to overdo it.

Overdoing it might make you look like a clown or, worse, a doll, and we are sure you do not want that.

You would want to give yourself a tired makeup look or a look to show you have a fever. Thus, a little blush gently dabbed on the skin would work wonders.

how to look sick with makeup

Work on the eyes

Once you are done with the base, the next step on how to look sick with makeup is to work on the eyes to make the complete look more realistic. Here are the steps to do the same:

Step 1: Make the dark circles

Take a little shimmery less or matt reddish-brown or purple eye shadow or blush to elevate your complete look.

With the help of your fingertip, draw a line under both your eyes.

The line should be under the eyes from one point to another.

Next, with your fingers or with your fingertip or brush, start blending it under the line disappear completely.

Blend it downwards until you are just a top of your cheekbones. However, remember not to go any lower than your cheekbones since that would make it look unreal and thus suspicious.

Step 2: Make eyebags

Many people tend to get eye bags when they are not keeping well

You can too create a similar effect to make your makeup look more real.

The eyebags are done with the help of a simple trick.

The trick is to keep your eyelid exposed and not apply blush or eye shadow. When you keep the eyelid under your eyes exposed, it looks swollen or puffy. Thus it serves its purpose.

Step 3: Circle your eyes to give them a swollen feel

An additional step that makes the completely tired makeup more believable is making the eyes look swollen. You may also skip if you wish to show you are a little sick. When we are ill or cry, the rim or corners of our eyes tend to be red and swollen. This step would give just the look and feel.

To achieve this look, take a little red blush or eye shadow (or some lipstick) on your fingertip and put a small dot beside your eyes lids at a corner. With your fingertip or with cotton, blend it gently along the rim of your eyes. Remember to mix properly and ensure that the makeup is not too red. Keep the blush close to the eyelids only.

Step 4: Add some fake tears to the eyes

As weird as it may sound, adding fake tears to your eyes will complete the whole eye makeup. When we are sick, our eyes remain watery and reddish.  By simply applying steps, you can slay your sick makeup look.

For this, all you need is a simple saline eyedrop. Squeeze two to three drops of saline eyedrop in both your eyes. This will make you look like you have been sneezing or are under the weather extremely badly. However, please do not overdo it. It might put all your efforts in vain by washing them away as the water drops flow out of your eyes.

Work on your nose and lips

The next steps are additional. You might do them in case you want to ace the sick makeup look like a pro. Read on to know the steps:

Step 1: Make a runny nose

If you want to show that you have a cough and cold, then this is just the right thing for you to do. To slay this look, take a little amount of lipstick, eye shadow, or blush.

Could you put it on the tip of your nose? With your fingertip or a soft brush, blend it gently throughout your nostrils. Do not forget to blend it evenly along with all its corners. However, please do not overdo it as then you might look like a clown, and you do not want that for sure.

Step 2: Work on the lips to make them look dry and pale

The last step on how to look sick with makeup is to work on the lips and make them look pale and dry.

For that, take some foundation and put it on both lips.

Once done, take a sponge and dab them to your lips. This is to give it an effect like it has creaks and cracks.

Do not forget to spread the foundation on the sides and inside corners of the lips to make it look more realistic.

Remember that the color of the lips should be similar to the color on your face. To elevate your lips, you can also take a soft eye pencil and trace the lines of your lips with the help of it. Blend it a little, and your lips would look to being lifeless and pale.

Give it a finishing touch

You want to ensure that all the efforts that you just put in to give yourself that bomb-tired makeup look does not go in vain.

For this reason, finish your complete makeup by spraying some dewy setting spray.

A setting spray will protect your makeup from getting smudged or becoming faint.

Additionally, the setting spray will give a little luster to your whole makeup look. It would thus elevate the eye and make it look more realistic.

how to look sick with makeup

Final Thoughts

If you want to learn how to look dead with makeup or how to look sick with makeup, then following these simple steps will make you look sick like a pro. Once the makeup is complete, ensure that you do not touch your face frequently or the best at all. This can mess your makeup, revealing that it is not true and putting all your efforts down the drain.

Instead, reapply your makeup as and when needed by giving it a retouch. Identify the areas where the makeup has faded little. Dab a little bit of foundation, blush, or eyeshadow as required. This is to maintain the look for a longer period. However, do not forget to blend whatever you apply nicely. This is to ensure that it matches with the rest of the makeup on your face.

However, whatever you may do, do not overdo anything. Overdoing the makeup might get you busted as it might look overdone and not so realistic. To ensure that the makeup looks realistic go really smooth following each and every step one by one.

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