How to Make Your Areola Smaller at Home Naturally?

How to Make Your Areola Smaller at Home Naturally?

Every woman dreams of having a perfect body. And this is a dream that women wish to have irrespective of the body parts being exposed or covered within the layers of clothes. Even though the nipples, areola, breasts, vagina stays hidden, the desire to have a perfect shape and size prevails in all women.
It might sound weird, but there is nothing such as perfect. Each woman has a different type of body shape, varied breast, areola, and nipples sizes. However, some women indeed have bigger nipples than usual. And that makes a difference in their areola size as well.
So, if you are also among those women who have big nipples or areola, read ahead! Today we will tell you how to make your areola smaller at home without any surgery and much more. Hang in there if you wish to fulfill your wish of having the desired nipple and areola size!

How to make your areola smaller at home?

Here is a list of ways that you can try to make your areola smaller at home:

Breast exercise

Your entire chest is divided into two parts – upper and lower. The presence of glandular tissues makes your breast and nipples puffy, thus making your areola looking bigger.

So, you can reduce the size of your areola by reducing the size of your nipples. Diamond pushups and dumbbell pullovers can be the best exercises to reduce the size of your nipples.

And to get effective results, you have to try out these at least three times a day. In that way, you can reduce the size of your nipples, consequently reducing the areola diameter.

How to Make Your Areola Smaller at Home Naturally?

Do not consume wheat and sodium-rich foods

To make your areola smaller at home, it is best you make some significant changes in your diet. If you wish to reduce your nipple and areola size, you have to leave out having wheat.

Also, try to consume foods that do not contain sodium. Mostly, you will find that junk food has a high amount of sugar present in them. So, avoiding them can leave a direct impact on your areola size. Pasta, cookies, pizzas, pastries, bread, and beer are not the right foods.

All the foods mentioned above are unhealthy and can leave an impact on your breast. Also, try to mix as much less salt as possible in your foods.

Meats, fishes, brown rice, fresh veggies, leafy greens, and fruits can help in reducing the size of your nipples, further controlling your areola size.

Shed off those extra pounds

When you gain weight, your breast size also increases. Once that becomes bigger, your areola size also becomes big. This happens because fats get deposited in the chest, making the nipples and areola much bigger than usual.

So, try to shed off those extra pounds if you want to make your areola smaller at home. Keep a check on your calorie intake and also incorporate ways to reduce weight. Within a span of time, you are sure to see miraculous results.

Consume the miraculous green tea

One of the miraculous teas is green tea. It leaves good effects on your health and keeps you away from several illnesses. By drinking green tea, you are providing yourself with a vast amount of nutrients.

Green tea contributes massively to your weight loss process, further affecting your nipple size as well. So, boil a cup of water and add some green tea leaves. Let it steep for a while and strain the tea through a sieve. And your miraculous beverage is ready!

You may drink around two to three cups of this tea daily for effective results. However, do not expect the results to show overnight! It will take about a month or two to start showing its spell on your body!

Remove the pigmented skin

Your nipple size might increase when there are layers of dead skin accumulating on them. So, it is essential to remove the pigmented skin from your nipples.

However, it is best you do not scrub the skin too much as it may leave some scar marks on the areola. But removing the pigmented skin might affect the color as it removes the darkish tint.

How to scrub nipples at home?

If you want to remove your pigmented skin, you can use facial scrubs. Take a sufficient amount of it on your fingertips and apply it to your areola. Then, take some water and scrub it. You can even use a pumice stone to remove the dead skin.

However, be careful you do not scrub it too much as you may bruise yourself.

Reduce your estrogen levels

Many times, the increase in estrogen level may affect your areola and nipple size. So, it is crucial that it would be best if you don’t trigger it further by consuming things that worsen the effect.

Drinking filtered water and vitamins are effective on your estrogen levels. Supplements containing magnesium, zinc, fish oil, and vitamin B are great to keep a check on your estrogen levels.

Even consuming contraceptive pills can leave an effect on your nipple and areola size. So, keep a check on how frequently you consume these pills. The safest option is to stop consuming them completely.

Sprouts, cabbage, and broccoli possess an enzyme that can help to keep your nipple size small. So, now you know how effective veggies are for your health!

When to consult a doctor?

Once you notice areola changes and the remedies at home do not work, it is time you start thinking of taking expert advice. Leaving the areola size untreated might make things worse. So, before it aggravates, speak to your doctor!

You can always speak to a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist if you think the areola is bigger than usual. He/she might have options for you to avail yourself of. However, don’t miss trying out the remedies we have given above.

How can you make areola changes using medications?

Well, now that you know how to make your areola smaller at home, let us discuss options your doctor might suggest you with:

Topical skin creams

Some topical skin creams contain skin-lightening effects. By applying these, you can reduce the dark color and also reduce the size of your areolas. However, this is something that you must not try out on your own.

Without consulting your dermatologist, it is best you do not use these medicated creams. Doctors prescribe creams that contain retinol and hydroquinone for hyperpigmentation.

But to see the desired results, you have to use these creams for a minimum of six months. Only using these consistently will give you the best results.

The doctor might prescribe an over-the-counter salve that contains:

  • Vitamin C
  • Kojic acid
  • Azelaic acid
  • Retinol
  • Hydroquinone – 2%

But we recommend you not to buy such creams on your own. That is because these creams might contain bleaching agents that might aggravate your problem and even cause more damage to your health overall.

Hormonal injection

Changes in nipple and areola size can be due to hormonal changes. Any changes in hormone secretion might affect your breast.

If he/she finds out that you have an unusual hormonal secretion, he/she might prescribe injections. Through these injections, your hormone will get balanced, further altering your nipple and areola size.

Plastic surgery

At times, through cosmetic or plastic surgery, one might alter their breast and nipple size. This might, in turn, change the size of your areola. By this method, they will change the nipple and areola size and give it the desired look.

However, it would be best to keep in mind that there may be chances of marks remaining on the breast. But some famous plastic surgeons can do this method so flawlessly that there are no marks left on the breast.

Areola reduction surgery

First, we would want to tell you that since this is an optional surgery, you may not get insurance for this. And this method may be costly. So, measure your pockets well before you go through this procedure.

Through the areola reduction surgery, the doctors remove your pigmented tissue and restore a small areola. Also, they make a permanent stich that does not allow the areola to stretch anymore.

All the incisions are made on the areola margin of the new one. And that makes the areola operation marks not visible anymore. Additionally, it takes a short span of time to heal as well.

Some people do areola reduction surgery along with breast augmentation. However, it can be alone as well. When it is done alone, doctors generally do local anesthesia.

However, the side effects of this surgery are that you might lose out on your nipple feeling and breastfeeding ability.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

As we have excavated deep into how to make your areola smaller at home and some methods do, we thought of highlighting a few frequently asked questions. Check out the following:

Why are my nipples bigger than usual?

Well, this is a question that many women have in their minds. But let us tell you, the size of your nipple can vary from being tiny as a penny or as big as a pepperoni. Since there is nothing as perfect, each woman can have a varied size of the areola.

Generally, the areola size, on average, is around four centimeters in its diameter. However, it’s best you keep in mind that it might vary due to the weight, size of the breast, and body type.

Why is my areola getting bigger?

Another question that comes to mind is, why is my areola getting bigger? Well, let us tell you that there might be changes in your body in your entire life.

When you hit puberty, the ovaries start to produce estrogen hormone. And that is responsible for making your areolas darker. In the beginning, you might find that you have a tiny fat mound below the areolas.

But as your breasts start growing, the areolas will start to appear. In this stage, the proportion might be small.

Another time when your nipples and areolas change is when you conceive. Since your body is preparing itself for breastfeeding, the size of your areolas might change. Also, keep note that it might also darken.

If you happen to gain weight, the size of your breast increases along with your body. At that time, your areolas might become more prominent as well. However, keep note that your breast might not go back to its usual size, even if you shed off that excess fat.

Do the areola changes in size leave an effect on its color?

Another question that women often wonder about!

Generally, the nipple and areola hue vary widely. Women who have a darker complexion tend to have dark nipples than ladies who have a lighter skin tone. However, this might not be the case all the time.

The color of the areolas and nipples can even differ among the people who belong to the same origin. However, the most effective thing that affects the areola color and size is when you are pregnant. Some doctors around the world even claim that both the areolas and nipples become darker to make them more visible for infants.

Final Thoughts

Now, don’t you have enough ways to make your areola smaller at home? You can make some dietary changes, try out some exercises and easily alter the size of your areola. But it would be best if you kept in mind that these will take time. So, hold onto that patience! And it is always best to stick to the ones you can do at home instead of indulging in surgeries.

These surgeries may give you the desired look, but it does have few side effects and cannot compensate the original look you have! However, if your areola size changes massively, you can consult a doctor and try out the methods that do not involve surgery! Because always remember, areola reduction surgery is your last resort!

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