How to Measure Bra Size to Get your Perfect Fit

How to Measure Bra Size to Get your Perfect Fit

  Finding a perfect bra is hard to find because of a size issue. Many women don’t know the exact size of their bra and purchase a bra which doesn’t offer comfort and a perfect look. Sometimes, it is very frustrating for women to find the perfect fitting bra size. To ease their process of finding the perfect bra, we have created this blog article. In this article, we are going to tell you the steps of measuring bra size that fits better and offers you a high level of comfort. 

Steps to measure bra size:

  The first step of measuring the size is standing in front of the mirror. Use a tape measure. You can measure the bust size by yourself via tape, or you can take the help of your friend. Make sure the bra you wear that fits you well. 

Band Measurement: Pull the tape around your bust, just below the chest. You want the tape measure to be firm against your body, make sure you do not squeeze your body. In this way, you can measure the bust size. 

Bust measurement: 

  Use the tap and pull around the full part of the bust loosely.

Cup size: When you subtract your band measurement, from your bust measurement you will get the cup size. For example, if your band measurement is 46 inch and your bust size is 51 then your cup size 5. 

There is no average bra size or style:

  Every woman bra size is unique. Two women have different weight, height and shape, and that’s why same size bra doesn’t work for both. There is no universal average bra size and style is available for women. You need to measure your bra size with tape and then purchase it. 

  Just like jeans size, every brand has sizes will vary slightly from one another. So, before purchasing a bra of a new brand, always check their fit code. Their bra size calculator will tell you which size of bra fits you. 

Tips for finding the right bra size:

  • When it comes to supporting bands and cups, play an important role. So, before purchasing a bra, make sure the band and cups perfectly fit your body or not. If they are, then it’s the right bra size for you. 
  • Your bra size is the ratio of measurement of cup size and band size. It isn’t very straightforward to measure the band and cup size by yourself; you can go to a boutique to get the right size of your bra. 
  • It’s normal that one breast size is more significant than another. If the difference is enormous, then it is very tricky to get the perfect fit bra. As per the lingerie experts, if you want even appearance, you can add the small cup to the small breast. 

Final Say:

  We hope this comprehensive blog on how to measure the bra size that perfectly fits your body will help you a lot. You can also take the help of bra size calculator online to get the actual size of your bra. 

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