How to Pop Your Ears Without It Hurting

how to pop your ears

How to pop your ears without it hurting is what you will find out in this blog!

There are plenty of methods to pop your ears easily. It is only normal to have a sense of irritation that makes you want to pop them quickly and efficiently.

You must pop your ears to regulate your middle ear pressure and clear the eustachian tubes. If you do not know what that means, you must read this blog until the very end!

How to pop your ears safely

Pop your ears soft and properly, so they don’t harm inside your ear. You can pop your ears by using various methods. They are as follows:


Swallowing is a good way of clearing your ears. Your eustachian tube opens when you swallow.

The process of swallowing revitalizes your ear muscle. You can sip water or suck anything if you want to raise your swallow needs. Therefore, as a result of swallowing, your ear becomes clear.

However, let us admit, this might not be the most efficient way how to make your ears pop.

Toynbee maneuver

Toynbee maneuver is an effective way and works most of the time. If you want to do the Toynbee maneuver, you must close your mouth and nose before swallowing.

However, if you find it difficult to do, you must fill your mouth with water. If you can do this process, you will be able to get rid of your ear problem.


If you want to open your eustachian tubes, you must yawn. One time yawning may not open your eustachian tube; you may have to do it several times to get the actual result.

Valsalva maneuver

You should do the Valsalva maneuver very carefully. Otherwise, you can cause damage to your eardrum. If you find swallowing and yawning are not working for you, then only you can try this Valsalva maneuver. In this process, you have to shut your mouth and use your nose to take out the air softly.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum is a great way of clearing your ear blockage. You can chew gums to clear your Eustachian tubes because this motion will increase your saliva production and allow you to swallow well.

Frenzel Maneuver

It would help if you used your tongue and nose for Frenzel Maneuver. Close your nose and create the K sound, or click with your tongue for this process. This method helps you to get rid of your ear wax.


Do you know there are many devices too for opening your ears? Well, yes.

There are various devices like special earplugs, Otovent, and ear popper. If you fail to use the maneuvers properly, you can use these devices easily to clear your ear.

how to pop your ears

Special earplugs

You can use special earplugs to maintain normal airflow in your ear from the outside. It is cheap and safe for you. But it has not been confirmed yet whether those are useful.

Ear popper is best an airplane ear

You can use an ear popper to clear your eustachian tubes. You have to put an ear popper in one of your two nostrils.

Do not forget to close your other nostril. Then, if you push one switch, you will find that a small amount of air is going in your eustachian tubes and coming out from your nose device. This ear popper is useful and safe to use.

how to pop your ears


Otovent is another method of popping your ear. You must know that the Valsalva maneuver’s motions are similar to the Otovent’s motion. If you want to use Otovent you have to take the nozzle inside your one nostril.

You will find a punctured balloon on the other side. Then, close your other nostril and try to use that nozzle to blow up the balloon. You can give your children to use as it is easier than Valsalva.


Even some of the medications can answer how to pop your ears and give you relief.

You can use intranasal sprays and oral medicines for your ear popping. If you intake the medicines before 30 minutes of your landing or take off, you will find that both your eustachian tubes and mucous membranes of the nose shrink from making your ears open.

During this time, try not to sleep because sleeping will not help you get the result. The infant’s face feels troubled as they are too small to pop their ears. Depending on age, you can feed infants with either a pacifier, bottle, or breast. So, they can swallow easily, and as a result, their ears will get clear.

How to get your ears to pop

By now, you have already understood some of the important methods for your ear popping. But if you are looking for complete safety or expertise, here are some ways to resolve the issue:


Microsuction is a very safe process for you, and it is painless too. In this process, your doctor will first use a microscope for the wax’s snapshot and then use a suction tool to remove the wax from your ear gently.

If your ear wax has become complicated or infected, the micro-suction will not work. You have to use other methods like syringes or irrigation.

Water gargle

This seems to be the easiest way of clearing your ear if it has become full due to cold. You can gargle with hot water to get the effect. Add some salt to it for a better result if you want. Your ear is clogged due to the cold. Gargling with water will open the blockage of your ears.

Hot spicy food

You may be surprised to know how your favorite hot and spicy food cures your ear irritation. But you can eat hot spicy food to eliminate your ear blockage. This is because hot and spicy food makes your mucus thin, clearing the blockage in your ear.

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Inhale steam

You can inhale steam to clear your ear. If your ear blockage is due to cold, inhaling steam will work best. You will find that ear blockage is clearing slowly. You can take steam at least twice a day to get the result soon.

Hair dryer technique

You can use the hair dryer technique to clear your ear. Do not forget to keep the heat of your hair dryer at the lowest while using it for your ear. Maintain a minimum distance from it from your ear for safety. The hot air of the hair dryer will remove the ear blockage and make it clear perfectly.

Note that this is not the best thing to do, as the results can be hazardous! We do not recommend you do it until you are absolutely sure how to go about it.

The vacuum technique

In this process, you have to put the palm of your hand on the affected side of your ear. Then, press the hand on your ear slowly for a few seconds. This method will help to clear your ear thoroughly. Repeat the process until you get full relief from the ear problem.

How to pop your ears without it hurting

Your ear fullness can annoy and hinder you from hearing. So, you have to pop your ear to get total relief. Though this is a safe procedure, you may sometimes face trouble, and the condition may worsen.

Make sure to be gentle enough while popping your ear. Don’t take the prescribed medication and over-the-counter (OTC) for a long time without doctor consultation and package instruction.

You may find that your ear has clogged naturally. If you wait for some time, you will see that your ear has also naturally unclogged. The cause of your condition is the air pressure changes around us. You will experience this when you are on an airplane, in high mountains, or underwater.

You should contact a doctor if you are experiencing hearing loss, ear pain, pus, fever, and ringing inside your ears. If there is an underlying cause, your doctor can diagnose.

You may also suffer from perforated eardrums in which you have to keep some patience and wait for some weeks. In some extreme conditions, your doctor may suggest surgery.

You must have felt irritated when your ear was full. This condition may happen due to excessive ear wax formation in your Eustachian tube, altitude change, clean fluids gathering in your ear, allergies, infections, enlarged adenoids, temporomandibular disorders of joint, common cold, and sinus, etc.

You can follow some of the home remedies to clean your ear. These remedies are quick and easy for you. They are as follows:

Hydrogen Peroxide

Use some hydrogen peroxide inside your ear to eliminate your ear wax and dirt. If you want to use hydrogen peroxide inside your ear, you must take an eyedropper, some warm water, a bowl, and hydrogen peroxide.

Then, put some hydrogen peroxide and warm water into the bowl. Now, take two drops of it by using an eyedropper and put it inside your ear. You have to tilt your head to the other side to clear the ear wax of the affected side.

Warm compression

You can use warm compression in your ear to get rid of your ear problem. You can also take a hot water bath to clear your ear wax. Make sure to take the hot water steam for a minimum of 10 minutes to get a positive result.

Ear Irrigation

The ear irrigation process is used to eliminate excess wax inside your ear. You can execute this process at your home. You have to do it for a maximum of thrice in one day. Follow the instructions on the kit.

Take a warm water syringe and use it to clear your ear wax. Be cautious while using the water syringe. Do it in front of the experienced and expert elders to stay safe.

Use oils

Oil can help you to clean your ear. You can use olive oil or baby oil to get the result. Apply the oil to your infected ear and tilt your head to the other side. You have to wait for a minimum of 15 seconds and repeat it till you get relief.

How to pop your ears by pulling on them

If you pull your ears, they can become clear. The movement of the ears affects your ear, and the ear wax gets removed. Make sure to do it carefully, or else it can cause damage to your ear, and as a result, you may have to do surgery. Consult with the doctor if you are experiencing pain, irritation, or an injury after using this ear pulling technique.

The ear block can remain for three months if it is caused by fluid. After that, it will clear, but if the block is due to airplane pressure or underwater diving, your ear will clear and return to normal after landing.

How to pop your ears chiropractic

How to pop your ears chiropractic care helps you have a chiropractor who can help you pop your ears. It is not an activity that we recommend you do by yourself. Why? Because it is simply done through years of expertise. Moreover, chiropractors have the kind of knowledge you need them to help you go through this process.

If you want to know what it is like, you can check out a YouTube video that shows you the kind of treatment you can expert. It clears us your sinuses and makes you feel good just by a single pop!

Final thoughts

Popping your ear correctly is important as you may often experience the ear blockage condition. Firstly, you must figure out which method is best for you. No matter which method you use to pop your ear, you must use it softly. In case of any infection, you should not take the risk of popping your ear.

Please consult your doctor and take his help to clear the blockage of your ears. We have provided information about how to pop your ears in this article. Hopefully, our information about how to pop your ears will come to your help.

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