How to Prevent Hair Loss and What Food to Eat for Hair Growth

How to prevent hair loss

The urge to prevent hair loss comes right after people start losing their first few strands of hair. It can happen as early as teenage or even to younger kids. Due to growing pollution and lack of nutrition, hair loss issues are much more common than before. We need to maintain our hair by using good products, home remedies, and eat the right food.

One thing people don’t realize is that hair fall is the first indication of your body going wrong in some form. It is one of the earliest symptoms of major diseases that you’re contributing to every day. For example, if you have poor gut health due to eating the wrong kind of food regularly, the first effect shows on our hair. It is a natural way our body reacts, which is why good hair reflects good health.

How to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally

Here we will share some of the home remedies that will answer how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally. We will follow it up with a list of food you need to eat to maintain good hair health.

Coconut oil and curry leaves

Do you know that Ayurveda recommends us to eat raw curry leaves every morning to boost hair growth? The herb is filled with essential nutrients like beta-carotene, nicotinic acid, proteins, and phosphorous. These work together to strengthen your roots and prevent hair loss. If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for your follicle health and remove dead skin build-up, curry leaves are ideal for you.

You might not be able to consume it every morning, but you can always make a paste of it and use the juice. Create such consistency and add one tablespoon of coconut oil to it. Apply the mix from your roots to tips, and let it sit for 30 minutes. Wash your hair with cold water and repeat once again that week. Do this for at least two months to get positive results.

Onions to prevent hair loss

Onions for hair growth is the most preached remedy. You will find tons of YouTube videos that give you tutorials and show results to prove that they work. Don’t let the smell of onion bother you. This ingredient fights scalp infections and improves blood circulation.

Extract the juice of one onion and apply it directly to your scalp. Let it sit for 30 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. Shampoo your hair to remove the smell and repeat remedy once more that week. Do this at least for two months and start counting new strands!

Prevent hair loss with vitamins

To prevent hair loss, you need to consume enough vitamin D, E, and H. These vitamins help restore the deficiencies that block hair growth. However, it would help if you did not have too much of vitamins like vitamin A as it can promote alopecia.

Indian gooseberry

Amla or Indian gooseberry is a superfood that comes with miraculous properties. It is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. These are essential for hair growth and builds collagen. You can search for the powder form of amla if you cannot have the raw ones.

For the remedy, you will need amla powder mixed with one whole egg. It would help if you blended till there are no lumps and the paste forms bubbles. Add one cup of fresh lemon juice and create a thick paste. It will reduce the pungent smell of egg and add more nutrients to your hair pack. Apply this on your hair and let it sit for one hour. Once it dries up, wash it off with water and shampoo.

amla to prevent hair loss

Apple cider vinegar

Clogged hair follicles are often a reason for hair fall. It forms due to dirt, bacteria, and makes your scalp unclean. Dirt on your scalp prevents natural oils from reaching the roots, and that causes hair loss. You have to unclog your follicles, and apple cider vinegar can help you through this.

After you wash your hair, use ACV rinse of your hair. It is a quick and easy remedy to unclog your pores and helps promote hair growth. You need to mix ACV with water and rinse your hair. Do it twice a week for best results.

Prevent hair loss with fenugreek hair mask

One of the most effective hair loss solutions is using fenugreek or methi seeds. You need to soak them in water overnight and make a paste by grinding them the next morning. Apply it to your scalp and hair, and let it dry up. Wash off with lukewarm water and use a mild shampoo.

Hair spa with coconut

Coconut milk has lots of protein that can improve hair growth. It is one of the natural remedies that can resolve your hair thinning problems in an instant. All you need to do is apply fresh coconut milk on the scalp and spread it evenly with a hairbrush. Cover your hair for 20 minutes and wash off. You can also use pure coconut oil for your hair instead of using any other type of hair oil. It will be far more effective compared to chemically processed oils.

Hair mask with aloe vera

Aloe vera is an effective ingredient for several home remedies. Many people like to plant these at home to use them whenever they need to. Aloe vera can improve your scalp health as well. You need to extract the pulp of the leaf and apply it to your scalp directly. Run it through your long tresses and see how it works. Let it sit for at least 25 minutes and rinse it with cool water.

Prevent hair loss with an avocado mask

Scoop out a ripe and fresh avocado and add one tablespoon of olive oil. Whisk it well and add one lemon extract to it. Now apply the mix to your hair, right from scalp to roots. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then wash it off with shampoo. Avocado includes biotin that makes your nails and hair grow fast. You should have in your diet if the hair mask seems challenging to make.

Jojoba oil

Dry scalp lacks luster and has more chances of hair fall. To stop hair fall, you have to keep your scalp clean and healthy. If you have dandruff issues, you have to fix the problem right away. Massage your scalp with warm jojoba oil to your hair roots to promote blood circulation and enhance hair growth. Make sure it doesn’t leave behind greasy residue, and your scalp absorbs all the oil. Replace your regular oil with this and try this remedy twice a week.

Licorice Root

Licorice has amazing properties to treat hair loss. It opens pores of your roots and strengthens weak follicles. You can consume licorice tea by replacing it with any other hot beverage. You can apply it to your scalp once a week as well.

licorice for hair loss

What to eat to stop hair fall

The phrase that suggests “you are what you eat” is correct and only the people who maintain a balanced diet and exercise will know why. The food you eat determines how healthy you are and how every part of your body looks. For good hair health, you not only need to eat things that are good for your hair but also some things that are healthy in general. Find out what are the things you must add to your diet to have healthier tresses:

Prevent hair loss with biotin

Biotin is a vitamin B complex that is crucial for healthy hair. If you are looking for one solution to make your hair lustrous again, add biotin to your diet. For this, you can include fatty acids in the forms of foods like flaxseeds, eggs, fishes, whole grain, soya bean. These will improve your hair gradually and bring back the lost shine. You can also have biotin supplements, but it is better to ask a doctor if it is feasible or not.

Beetroot juice

Beetroots are one of the healthiest vegetables for hair growth. It includes vitamin B and C, along with calcium, potassium, protein, carbohydrates, and phosphorous. These are essential for healthy hair growth and can be easily added in salads.

beetroot for hair loss


Are you looking for something that helps you lose weight and grow your hair? Well, spinach is one ingredient that can do both. It comes with loves of protein and iron. The iron content includes sebum and works as a conditioner for your hair. Spinach contains omega-3 acids, potassium, and calcium. Add spinach to your diet not only for your hair goals but also for fitness goals.

Carrots and sweet potatoes

Add carrots to your diet to improve your eyesight and grow longer hair. It includes vitamin A that serves both and keeps your digestive health well. Sweet potatoes also come with vitamin A through beta-carotene conversion in one’s body. If you have an itchy and dry scalp, add vitamin A to your diet.

Berries to prevent hair loss

Berries are loaded with vitamins for hair growth and antioxidants properties. These protect our follicles from damage against the harmful free radicals. Such molecules are present in our body organically and need constant regulation.

One cup of strawberries can give you 141% of vitamin C you need per day. Vitamin C produces collagen that acts as a protein for our hair and stops them from breakage. Moreover, vitamin C absorbs iron from your diet. Having low iron can lead to anemia that is harmful to your health and hair.

Fatty fish

Fatty fishes have omega-3 that is good for hair. Such fishes include salmons, mackerel, herring, and more. There was a study done on 120 women who were consuming omega-3 and omega-6 along with antioxidants every day. The results showed much less hair fall and great density of hair growth.

If you don’t consume fish, you can try a fish oil supplement to reduce hair fall problems. However, you must speak to your doctor before adding them to your regular diet. Fatty fishes also include selenium, protein, vitamin B and D3 – all these promote healthier and longer hair.


Nuts make tasty snacks that can be eaten on the go, and give lots of health benefits, including hair growth. Around 28 grams of almond include 37% of vitamin E you need. They also contain zinc, vitamin V, and fatty acids. If you have a deficiency of any of these, you can have hair fall issues. Nuts can also reduce inflammation and lower risks of heart diseases.

Sweet Peppers

Sweet peppers have high vitamin C that helps hair grow. One yellow pepper will give you 5.5 times of vitamin C compared to an orange. It promotes collagen production and strengthens the strands. It also includes antioxidants that protect your hair from oxidative stress.

You might face oxidative stress when free radicals overpower your defense system. It leads to hair loss and graying of hair, which reflects in your appearance drastically. Sweet peppers have vitamin A and stimulate sebum production that keeps hair health well.


When looking for plant-based proteins, you must include beans in your diet. These are great for your hair growth and work as much as oysters would. Zinc-rich foods repair hair cycle, and 100 grams of beans will give your 7% of daily zinc needs. Beans also include nutrients like iron, folate, and biotin.

Final thoughts

You can see how hair loss prevention is directly linked to what you eat. No matter how many hair masks or expensive products you try, until your stomach is healthy, nothing will work. It would help if you first focused on improving your diet and then move onto resolving hair fall problems.

Although many conditions like heredity issues, alopecia, and disease-based hair loss have different impacts, most hair loss issues happen due to poor lifestyle and diet. Thus, when you start getting healthy, you will find a visible difference that will last long.

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