How to Reduce Body Heat and What Are the Symptoms?

How to Reduce Body Heat

Here we will be sharing with you some quick and efficient ways to reduce body heat. All of the methods that we share with you are safe to use. However, to be on the safe side, always consult your general physician before trying out these methods. Different people have different systems, and some may have unusual allergies to certain substances mentioned. Now, before we discuss how to reduce body heat, let us learn why the body heat rises in the first place.

Why do you have body heat? What are the symptoms?

  • Fever due to an inflammatory infection might be a cause.
  • Production of many thyroid hormones due to hyperthyroidism can be a reason for elevated internal body heat.
  • Physical activities or spending a lot of time soaking in the sun
  • Wearing synthetic body fitted clothes reduce airflow and trap moisture making the body warm.
  • Eating excessive chilis or spicy food, also high protein food and nuts, raise body temperature.
  • Consumption of alcohol or caffeine
  • Intense physical exercise causes the temperature to rise in the body due to muscles and blood circulation activity.
  • Having diseases like Arthritis, Pneumonia, Leukemia, etc., can elevate body heat temperatures.
  • Intake of drugs such as antihistamines, antibiotics, opioids can raise the temperature of the body.
  • Dehydration can cause body temperature to rise as it lowers the body’s ability to cool down through sweating.

Another very vital reason why the body might be overheating is because of heat exhaustion. Let us learn some of the internal body heat symptoms in such cases; heavy sweating, feeling faint, dizziness, fatigue are some of the symptoms. Other symptoms might include feeling weak, low blood pressure, cramping muscles, severe headaches, and nausea. Excessive intake of alcohol and overdressing can also be other internal body heat symptoms due to heat exhaustion.

The body’s inability to cool itself on certain occasions also contributes to internal body heat symptoms. Our body cools itself down by sweating. The evaporation of sweat is what regulates our body temperature. When our body gets overheated due to excessive exercise or time out in the sun, our body cannot regulate its temperature. Then the body shows some of the heat exhaustion symptoms mentioned above. This can be treated by hydrating the body and stepping into cooler places.

How to reduce body heat by including the following food in your

Now that we have discussed why the body might show internal body heat symptoms let us discuss how to reduce body heat. There is certain body food that allows reducing body heat safely and swiftly. These are:

Coconut Water

Coconut water is a good way to refresh the body and hydrate it at the same time. It contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. These ingredients help regulate body temperature.


Peppermint has cooling properties and the ability to cool down the body. The high menthol content that it contains allows it to do so. It is advisable to make some hot peppermint tea. It is believed that hot liquids can further raise the body temperature, but this is not true. The hot peppermint tea will encourage the body to sweat, regulating the temperature of the body. The peppermint in the tea quickens this process.


Foods that hydrate

Increase the intake of food high in water content. This will help hydrate your body and cool it down. Fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries are good for this purpose. Some vegetable options include cucumber, cauliflower, and celery. Making this into an iced smoothie might be beneficial. This is because both ice and yogurt have cooling properties and will help cool the body.

Aloe vera

Even though a plant and not a food, Aloe vera has been included here because it is safe to consume the gel. It has multiple beneficial properties apart from just regulating the temperature of the body. The gel of aloe vera can be internally consumed as well. The plant’s gel has cooling properties, and having two tablespoons of aloe vera in water and milk helps regulate body temperature.


Drinking buttermilk not only regulates body heat but also improves the metabolism of the body. Traditional buttermilk is packed with probiotics, minerals, and vitamins. This helps give a boost to the body and regulate its temperature when it is feeling drained. Adding yogurt to the buttermilk works exceptionally well because both the buttermilk and yogurt work to cool the body temperature. You can also add honey to this to add some flavor to it.

How to Reduce Body Heat


Seeds of fenugreek are useful in detoxifying the body and getting rid of excess fluids in the body. Fenugreek tea can allow the body to sweat and thereby lower the temperature of the body.


Chili is a very effective way of regulating the body temperate. The spice in the chili makes the body feel warm, which is beneficial in cooling down the body. The capsaicin seeds in the chili send a signal to the brain that the body is overheated. When the brain gets this signal, it causes the body to sweat more, thereby cooling it.



Curd, as already discussed above, is a remarkably efficient way to regulate body temperature if consumed. It is consumed any time during the summer is healthy and beneficial for the body. You can add curd to raita, salads, smoothies, lassi, and fruit juices.

Lime Water

Lime water is a popular and delicious way of cooling the body during summer. All you will need is lime, water, and very little sugar for making lime juice. Be conscious of not going overboard with the sugar in the lime juice as it is not considered healthy and can adversely affect the body. Lime water is also a good way for you to hydrate yourself in the process in case plain water bores you.

Lime Water

Avocados, bananas,  and popsicles are other body cooling foods that will contribute to your learning of reducing body heat when required.

Effective Heat Regulating Supplements

After trying out all of the body cooling foods above, if your body cannot regulate its temperature, try out these heat-regulating supplements. Do so with permission and administration of your doctor. Your doctor will be best able to tell you if the below-mentioned supplements are safe and beneficial for your body. Even though all of the supplements are safe, do not try these without medical supervision. In the rare possibility that you may be allergic to it, you would not want to take a chance. These are a few of the heat regulating supplements that will help you regulate your body temperature:


Substances such as iodine or potassium are electrolytes. These dissolve in a liquid to become ionic conductors. They are essential to the body as they help send electrical impulses to other cells in the body. When the body seats heavily, these electrolytes are lost. Replenishing these electrolytes into your system becomes essential then. Even though replenishing electrolytes does not directly help regulate body temperature but manages the side effect of it.

The easiest way to reintroduce them into the system is to drink beverages that contain them. The best possible option would be to consume the ones formulated for children. This is because they are low on sugar content and therefore a tad bit healthier than other available options in the market.

Adrenal Adaptogenic Herbs

Obesity is a common side effect of overheating and heat intolerance. High cortisol levels usually accompany obesity. Therefore lowering cortisol levels in the body could be one way of regulating body temperature. People suffering from stress and depression usually have high cortisol levels, which is again a by-product of overheating the body and weight gain. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that regulating the cortisol level would help bring down the body temperature.

This is where Adrenal Adaptogenic Herbs are useful. They are recommended for treating stress and bringing down high cortisol levels. Asian ginseng, suma, licorice root are some examples of Adrenal Adaptogenic Herbs. You should consult a doctor to check which of these or if any of these are suitable for your body’s consumption.


Magnesium is proved useful for reducing anxiety and restful sleep. As discussed above, stress can lead to a lot of issues, including obesity and anxiety. Anxiety can, in turn, increase the heart rate of your body, make you sweat excessively, and make you feel flushed. Now, these are also symptoms of the body overheating. Therefore by treating stress and anxiety, you will also be able to treat your body from overheating. Furthermore, you will be able to regulate its temperature better.

The intake of magnesium will help combat stress and anxiety and lower the body’s temperature in the process. Cashew, pumpkin seed, brazil nuts, rice bran, buckwheat, coconut water, and kelp are all rich magnesium sources. Even after all this, if the body is not meeting its magnesium requirements, small doses of magnesium supplements can be tried. This should be done under the doctor’s administration as magnesium is known to cause loose bowel movements.

Black Cohosh

A hot flash is a common problem in menopausal women. This contributes to the overheating of the body. Hot flashes can be referred to as irregular episodes of body warmth paired with discomfort.  A rapidly beating heart, flushed skin, and heavy sweating are symptoms of hot flashes.

Black Cohosh is a herb in the family of buttercup. It is one such supplement which successfully helps woman tackle hot flashes and overheating of the body. Multiple trials have been conducted on Black Cohosh’s effectiveness as a combatant of overheating and hot flashes.

Vitamin E

This is another supplement that helps tackle overheating and hot flashes. Hot flashes are common symptoms of overheating. Vitamin E has been observed to ease hot flash occurrences in menopausal women. Health experts have now started recommending it to menopausal women. It is not known whether Vitamin E is beneficial in treating overheating symptoms in non-menopausal women and men. However, it is advisable to start with small doses if you are considering it as a supplement option to reduce body heat. Do not do so without the approval of your doctor.

Tips and Tricks on How to Reduce Body Heat

Here are a few other effective tips that will help regulate your body heat problem:

  • Try a cold foot bath, where you can just lay back and immerse your feet in a bucket full of cold water filled with ice cubes. This will help to bring down your body temperature.
  • Carry an umbrella or a hat for when you will be under direct sunlight. This will prevent overheating of the body to a certain extent.
  • Wear light-colored clothes that reflect the sunlight instead of absorbing it.
  • Try to avoid the hours of peak sunlight. Take a shade under trees or apartments if impossible to avoid during that time.
  • Take baths or cold showers on days that are too hot to avoid overheating the body.
  • Try out Yogic Sitali breathing. Yoga is an effective way to have control over your body and regulate its temperature.

Make sure you follow all of these to know how to reduce body heat. In case you have followed all of the above and still see no improvement, please get yourself checked by your doctor immediately. All of the above work only when the body is not suffering from something more serious that requires medical attention. If you have been running a temperature for days, then getting yourself examined medically is always the best way to go. We hope that we could help you out and that you found all of our tips useful.

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