7 Tips on How to Stand Out In An Interview

Sweaty hands and a nervous wreck in your heart? Quite understandable when you are preparing for that one job which can change your life and set your career. Often, the dilemma remains how to stand out in an interview filled with experienced candidates and make an impression on the panel. You are piled up with worries and anxieties, and you don’t land the job in the worst-case scenario. 

But this possibility shouldn’t worry you!

With some tricks and guidelines, you will ace the interview and secure your dream job. 

While your resume is undoubtedly a solid indication of your credentials and experience, how you come across in an interview is just as crucial in showcasing your skills. This article will provide you with 7 tips on how to stand out in an interview.

From behaviour to clothes, this article has it all for you.

1. Arrive Early For Your Interview

One of the most important aspect to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the interview. By arriving early, you allow your body to relax, compose and prepare for the interview. You can read over your notes, questions and answers. By arriving late, you will be in a hurry and sink your chances of getting selected.

2. Dress Well

Do not take interviews at a coffee place with your friends. Clothes create an everlasting impression; nothing speaks professionalism more than a well-dressed person. Dress in formal–make sure they are clean and properly ironed. Your outfit should speak your personality–you can add a touch of a bold-colour tie or shirt, but it should match the whole outfit. If you’re choosing bold, be ready to explain how it matches your personality.

How to Stand Out In An Interview

3. Research the Company

Don’t go uninformed about the prospective company. It will reflect badly on your overall performance, and you will get rejected outrightly.

You can respond to inquiries about the organisation you’re interviewing with by researching your potential employer. Review the organisation’s history, target market, and mission statement to boost your confidence in offering a succinct and clear response. That way, the panel will know you are prepared and have a zeal to be part of the company.

For example, if you’re interviewing for an advertising position, know the company’s clients, their growth rate and campaigns conducted to achieve that growth. 

4. Give them examples of prior work with a story

Every company loves employees who can bring on board some experience from the past to help the company grow. Present a hard copy of a project you worked on to the interviewer. Describe the project’s importance, the outcomes you achieved, and how they affected the business. If it’s only accessible online, you could send them a link. Create a website to house your prior efforts to enhance your strategy.

Further, you can improvise it by telling it through a story. It will attract the interest of the panel and keep them hooked on how you solved a problem, your thinking process and the end product.

For example, if you are applying for a Copywriter, showcase some of the copies you have created before and the companies you have worked with. In this case, highlight how your work contributed to the overall campaign’s success.

5. Highlight Your Unique Skills

While professional skills must be there, bring to the table your skills that other prospective employees don’t possess.  For example, they display skills outside the core requirements but can be valuable to the job.

For example, if you are applying for a data analysis job, analyse the company or its competitors and bring the data to the interview. This will shine among all the other candidates and increase your chances of being selected.

6. Ask Meaningful Questions

One of the best ways to stand out in the interview, be present. Most applicants concentrate on the responses they want to provide to the hiring committee when getting ready for an interview. While this kind of preparation may seem obvious, few candidates take the initiative, which might help you stand out from the competition. Because asking inquiries demonstrates your want to comprehend important aspects of the position, businesses like responding to them. 

How to Stand Out In An Interview

Ask only questions related to the duties and requirements of the position. Check to determine whether the interviewers are interested in learning more about your qualifications and experience before bringing a list of questions to ask.

Sample Questions that can be asked:

  • Describe some of the challenges a candidate may face in this position.
  • What training opportunities do you offer to employees?
  • What is the most exciting part about working in this role?
  • How will it contribute to my overall career growth?

7. Engage in Casual Conversation

Briefly discuss your interests and activities outside of work with the interviewer. This conversation demonstrates your efforts to establish a genuine relationship with them.


Now, with these tips on how to stand out in an interview, you can incorporate them into your life and be ready for the interview of your dreams. Most importantly, don’t forget to shine and stand out in an interview; your confidence and communication skills will be the topmost priority. Thereby, keep it in handy and trust the process.

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